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VII/198/matfile3 Mark III Catalog of Galaxy Peculiar Velocities (Willick+ 1997)
Mark 3 3rd Mathewson data file (1355 rows)
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ColumnValue  Explain   (UCD)
651recno 651  Record number assigned by the VizieR team. Should Not be used for identification. (meta.record)

Catnum 651  (i) Unique number in Mark 3 MAT catalog (Note 1)   (;meta.main)
B-I_cat1  mag B_RC3 minus I_MAT, extinc-corr (Note 2)   (phot.color)
B-I_cat2 1.39 mag B_ESO-LV minus I_MAT, extinc-corr (Note 2)   (phot.color)
R-I_cat2  mag R_ESO-LV minus I_MAT, extinc-corr (Note 2)   (phot.color)
LogD_ESO 1.26 [.1arcmin] Log Maj axis, ESO eye measures (Note 3)   (phys.angSize)
LogD_ELV 1.25 [.1arcmin] Log Maj axis, ESO_LV (Note 3)   (phys.angSize)
Lg(a/b)E 0.95   Log (a/b), ESO-LV measures (Note 3)   (arith.zp)
D-a/b1-0.99   Log(a/b)RC3 minus Log(a/b)MAT (Note 4)   (meta.note)
D-a/b2 0.38   Log(a/b)ESO minus Log(a/b)MAT (Note 4)   (meta.note)
D-a/b3 0.38   Log(a/b)ESO-LV minus Log(a/b)MAT (Note 4)   (meta.note)
q_Incl0   [0,1] MAT inclination quality 1 (Note 5)   (meta.code.qual)
q_Incl20   [0,3] MAT inclination quality 2 (Note 5)   (meta.code.qual)
q_DelV1   [0,1] Indication of low Delta(V/2) (Note 6)   (meta.code.qual)
f_type0   [0,2] Indication of peculiar RC3_type (Note 7)   (meta.code)
q_Incl_30   [0,1] MAT inclination quality 3 (Note 5)   (meta.code.qual)
DB_type160  Burstein numerical morphological type (Note 8)   (src.morph.type)
RC3_type   Morphological type from RC3 (src.morph.type)
ESO_typeSc  Morphological type from ESO (src.morph.type)
elapse time 0

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