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  Revised catalog of GALEX UV sources (GUVcat_AIS GR6+7) (Bianchi+ 2017)
    II/335/galex_ais(c)Sample of the revised GALEX catalog of UV sources (GUVcat_AIS) from GR6+7 (82,992,086 sources) (original column names in green) (82992086 rows)
    II/335/table2(c)List of clusters included in the GUVcat footprint (381 rows)
    II/335/table3(c)List of galaxies larger than 1' included in the GUVcat footprint (15659 rows)
    II/335/table4(c)List of AIS GALEX fields used to construct the GUVcat AIS catalog (29535 rows)
    II/335/table5(c)List of AIS eliminated bad coadds, and their associated visits (2004 rows)

       (c)  indicates tables which contain celestial coordinates 
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