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  Einstein extended deep survey (Primini+, 1991)
    IX/22/targets(c)EDS Target Information (43 rows)
    IX/22/hfield(c)EDS Field Parameters for HRI Observations (34 rows)
    IX/22/hfluxesEDS Secondary HRI Source Parameters (210 rows)
    IX/22/hsrc(c)EDS HRI Source Positions and Count Rates (210 rows)
    IX/22/hris_sepEDS Separations Between HRI Srcs in a Single Field (380 rows)
    IX/22/ifield(c)EDS IPC Field Parameters (9 rows)
    IX/22/isrc(c)EDS IPC Source Parameters (178 rows)
    IX/22/ispecEDS Spectral Parameters for IPC Sources (178 rows)
    IX/22/icompEDS IPC Source Component Parameters (453 rows)
    IX/22/ipchri(c)EDS Separations Between IPC and HRI Sources (5861 rows)
    IX/22/ihsampleEDS Cross-Reference of HRI and IPC Sources (45 rows)
    IX/22/sample(c)EDS IPC, HRI + Optical Data for 4.5Sigma IPC Sample (45 rows)
    IX/22/optinfoEDS Optical Data for Srcs in the 4.5 Sigma Sample (25 rows)

       (c)  indicates tables which contain celestial coordinates 
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