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  X-ray and IR sources in RCW 38 (Wolk+, 2006)
    J/AJ/132/1100/table1(c)X-ray sources detected in the RCW 38 field (460 rows)
    J/AJ/132/1100/q25Quartile Values of probable members and non-members (tables 2 and 3 of paper) (453 rows)
    J/AJ/132/1100/fitX-ray spectral fits (tables 6, 7, 8 and 9 of paper) (439 rows)
    J/AJ/132/1100/photIR photometry of X-ray sources (tables 10 and 11 of paper) (348 rows)
    J/AJ/132/1100/table12(c)IR Photometry in the VLT field (non-X-ray sources) (364 rows)
    J/AJ/132/1100/table13(c)Candidate OB stars in RCW 38 (31 rows)

       (c)  indicates tables which contain celestial coordinates 
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