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  SBS/Zwicky cluster relation (Gyulzadian+, 2008)
    VII/251/table1SBS galaxies which are real members of the Zwicky clusters with only one redshift value determined with more than one galaxy (counting SBS galaxies) (112 rows)
    VII/251/table2Cases in which clusters have two or more values of mean velocity in B-PPV (Baieisi-Pillastrini et al., 1984A&AS...56..363B) and their differences are more the 2000km/s. SBS galaxies is a member of one subgroup (158 rows)
    VII/251/table3Cases of SBS galaxies which are members of foreground or background groups containing more than one galaxy. All these groups are from the notes of B-PPV (87 rows)
    VII/251/table4Cases in which SBS galaxy is the only object with measured redshift in the cluster (79 rows)
    VII/251/table5SBS galaxies which are probable members of clusters (2000km/s<ΔV<4000km/s) (24 rows)
    VII/251/table6SBS galaxies which are projected on the cluster (V>4000km/s) (110 rows)
    VII/251/table7All cases in which SBS galaxy is positioned within the contours given in the Zwicky catalogue, but there are no velocities either for the cluster or for the galaxy or for either of them (487 rows)
    VII/251/sbs(c)SBS positions and redshift. (1861 rows)

       (c)  indicates tables which contain celestial coordinates 
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