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  Catalogue of eclipsing variables. Version 2 (Avvakumova+, 2013)
    J/AN/334/860/catalogf(c)Catalogue main table - extended format version (7179 rows)
    J/AN/334/860/contradList of stars with contradictory data about evolutionary class (273 rows)
    J/AN/334/860/alternList of alternative solutions for classified systems (6168 rows)
    J/AN/334/860/lackList of stars with lack of observational data (589 rows)
    J/AN/334/860/marginalList of stars with extreme or unusual stage of evolution (338 rows)
    J/AN/334/860/non_eb(c)List of non eclipsing stars (not included in the main table) (30 rows)
    J/AN/334/860/refsList of references (3323 rows)
    J/AN/334/860/bibList of bibliographic information (390 rows)

       (c)  indicates tables which contain celestial coordinates 
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