PN G279.1-03.1
PN G222.9-01.1
PN G227.1+00.5
The MASH Catalog of Planetary Nebulae
The Macquarie/AAO/Strasbourg Hα Planetary Galactic Catalog (MASH) contains 905 true, likely and possible new galactic planetary nebulae discovered in the AAO/UKST Hα survey of the Southern galactic plane. The MASH catalog represents the result of a 7-year programme of identification and confirmatory spectroscopy. A key strength is that the entire sample has been derived from the same, uniform observational data. The 60% increase in known Galactic planetary nebulae represents the largest ever incremental sample of such discoveries and offers many new opportunities for research.

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Associated InstitutesThe authors:   Quentin A. Parker, Agnès Acker, D.J. Frew, M. Hartley, A.E.J. Peyaud, François Ochsenbein, S. Phillipps, D. Russeil, S.F. Beaulieu, M. Cohen, J. Köppen, B. Miszalski, D.H. Morgan, R.A.H. Morris, M.J. Pierce, A.E. Vaughan

PN G307.3+02.0
PN G325.9-01.7
PN G333.9+00.6