CDS Catalogues. IX. High-Energy data

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(IX/46)  XMM-Newton Serendipitous Source Catalogue 3XMM-DR5 (XMM-SSC, 2016)  (3XMM-DR5,3XMM,XMM)
(IX/45)  The Chandra Source Catalog, Release 1.1 (Evans+ 2012)  (CSC,CXO,Chandra)
(IX/44)  XMM-Newton Serendipitous Source Catalogue 3XMM-DR4 (XMM-SSC, 2013)  (3XMM-DR4,3XMM,XMM)
(IX/43)  1SXPS Swift X-ray telescope point source catalogue (Evans+ 2014)  (1SXPS)
(IX/42)  The XMM-Newton serendipitous ultraviolet source survey catalogue (Page M.J., Brindle C., Talavera A., Still M., Rosen S.R., Yershov V.N., Ziaeepour H., Mason K.O., Cropper M.S., Breeveld A.A., Loiseau N., Mignani R., Smith A., Murdin P.)  (XMM-SUSS,XMM-OM-SUSS)
(IX/41)  XMM-Newton Serendipitous Source Catalogue 2XMMi-DR3 (XMM-SSC, 2010)  (2XMM-DR3,2XMMi-DR3,2XMM,XMM)
(IX/40)  The XMM-Newton 2nd Incremental Source Catalogue (2XMMi) (XMM-SSC, 2008)  (2XMMi,2XMMDR-2,2XMM,XMM)  (obsolete)
(IX/39)  The XMM-Newton 2nd Serendipitous Source Catalogue (2XMM) (XMM-SSC, 2007)  (2XMM-DR1,2XMM,XMM)  (obsolete)
(IX/38)  ROSAT Sources for the PSPC with filter (2RXF) (ROSAT Team, 2001)  (2RXF)
(IX/37)  XMM-Newton Serendipitous Source Catalogue (1XMM) (XMM-SSC, 2003)  (1XMM,XMM)
(IX/36)  GRANAT/PHEBUS catalog of cosmic gamma-ray bursts (Terekhov+, 1994-2002)
(IX/35)  Second EUVE Catalogues (Bowyer+, 1996-99)  (2EUVE,EUVE)
(IX/34)  The BMW-HRI source catalogue (Panzera+, 2003)  (BMW-HRI)
(IX/32)  ROSAT Bright Survey (Fischer+, 1998-2000)  (RBS,RHS)
(IX/31)  The WGACAT version of ROSAT sources (White+ 2000)  (WGACAT,1WGA,WGA)
(IX/30)  Second ROSAT PSPC Catalog (ROSAT, 2000)  (2RXP,2XRP)
(IX/29)  ROSAT All-Sky Survey Faint Source Catalog (Voges+ 2000)  (RASS-FSC,1RXS)
(IX/28A)  ROSAT HRI Pointed Observations (1RXH) (ROSAT Team, 2000)  (ROSHRI,1RXH)
(IX/27)  Einstein Observatory Catalog (OCAT) (Yellow Book) (Seward+, 1986)  (OCAT)
(IX/26)  Einstein Observatory, Revision 1B. Processings (Giacconi+, 1979)
(IX/25)  Einstein Observatory IPC Parameters (HEAO-2, 1978-1981)  (Einstein-IPC,IPC)
(IX/24)  The Einstein Observatory HRI Source List (Giacconi+, 1979)
(IX/22)  Einstein extended deep survey (Primini+, 1991)  (EDS)
(IX/21)  ROSAT Results Archive Sources for the HRI  (ROSHRI,1RXH)  (obsolete)
(IX/20A)  The Fourth BATSE Burst Revised Catalog (Paciesas+ 1999)  (4B,4Br,BATSE)
(IX/19)  X-ray lightcurves of bright AGNs from Ginga (Hayashida+ 1998)
(IX/18)  EINSTEIN extended source survey (EXSS) (Oppenheimer+ 1997)  (EXSS)
(IX/16)  Third Ariel X-Ray Catalogue (3A) (Warwick+ 1981)  (3A,VII/58)
(IX/15)  Einstein EMSS Survey (Gioia+ 1990, Stocke+ 1991)  (EMSS)
(IX/13)  The 2E Catalogue (Harris+ 1994)  (2E)
(IX/12)  The WGACAT version of ROSAT sources (White+ 1995)  (WGACAT,1WGA,WGA)  (obsolete)
(IX/11)  ROSAT Source Catalog (Voges+ 1994)  (1RXP)  (obsolete)
(IX/10A)  ROSAT All-Sky Bright Source Catalogue (1RXS) (Voges+ 1999)  (1RXS,RASS-BSC)
(IX/9)  SAS-2 Gamma-Ray Observations (Fichtel+ 1990)
(IX/8)  Second Catalogue of X-ray Sources (Amnuel+ 1982)  (2XRS)
(IX/6)  Positions of X-Ray Sources, 2nd ed. (Dolan 1983)  (4U)
(IX/4)  Fourth UHURU Catalogue (4U) (Forman+ 1978)  (4U)
(IX/3)  Selected Data from the Third UHURU X-Ray Catalog (Share, 1975)  (3U)  (obsolete)
(IX/2)  Second Ariel X-Ray Catalogue (2A) (Cooke+ 1978)  (2A,VII/19)
(IX/1)  Wisconsin soft X-ray diffuse background all-sky Survey (McCammon+ 1983)  (VII/43)