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Astronomische Nachrichten

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(J/AN/336/70)  Velocities and proper motions of Galactic Cepheids (Mel'nik+, 2015)
(J/AN/336/590)  Bochum Galactic Disk Survey: II (Hackstein+, 2015)

(J/AN/334/673)  The stellar content of Trumpler 37 (Errmann+, 2013)
(J/AN/334/860)  Catalogue of eclipsing variables. Version 2 (Avvakumova+, 2013)

(J/AN/333/60)  Colour indices of selected OB stars (Krelowski+, 2012)
(J/AN/333/209)  Effective area of X-ray microcalorimeter (Schartel+, 2012)
(J/AN/333/242)  Recent photometry of symbiotic stars (Skopal+, 2012)
(J/AN/333/634)  Torun methanol source catalogue (Szymczak+, 2012)
(J/AN/333/706)  Bochum survey of the southern Galactic disk (Haas+, 2012)  ([HHR2012])

(J/AN/332/616)  V444 Cyg BV differential light curves (Eris+, 2011)

(J/AN/331/274)  UBV photometry of early-type stars (Mayer+, 2010)
(J/AN/331/349)  O, B-type + red supergiant masses and luminosities (Hohle+, 2010)
(J/AN/331/474)  Abundances of metal-poor stars (Frebel, 2010)
(J/AN/331/852)  Bessel (1825) calculation for geodesic measurements (Karney+, 2010)

(J/AN/330/55)  PISCO speckle observations in 2006 (Scardia+, 2009)
(J/AN/330/223)  High frequency peakers. The faint sample (Stanghellini+, 2009)

(J/AN/329/4)  Elemental abundance analyses of nu Her + 41 Cyg (Adelman+, 2008)
(J/AN/329/418)  UBVRcIc photometry in fields of Seyfert galaxies (Mihov+, 2008)  ([MS2008])
(J/AN/329/609)  Red giant candidates in 10 open clusters (Claria+, 2008)
(J/AN/329/790)  SDSS and Johnson-Cousins photometry of F-K stars (Just+, 2008)
(J/AN/329/801)  Agglomerate of early-type Hipparcos stars (Caballero+, 2008)  (Escorial)

(J/AN/328/889)  Mean Radial Velocities of open clusters (Kharchenko+, 2007)  (CRVOCA)
(J/AN/328/938)  Teff/line-depth ratio for ELODIE spectra (Biazzo+, 2007)

(J/AN/327/365)  Clusters and groups of galaxies in 2dF (Tago+, 2006)

(J/AN/326/3)  BVRI photometry of 4 open clusters (Ahumada+, 2005)
(J/AN/326/321)  Absolute magnitudes for late-type dwarfs (Bilir+, 2005)

(J/AN/325/307)  UBVIc photometry of NGC 3077 center (Notni+, 2004)
(J/AN/325/424)  SV Cam VB differential photometry (Patkos+, 2004)
(J/AN/325/439=III/239)  Radial Velocities with Astrometric Data (Kharchenko+ 2004)
(J/AN/325/705)  RIJHKs of low-mass stars in sigma Ori (Bejar+, 2004)  ([BMZ2001])
(J/AN/325/740)  Astrophysical supplements to ASCC-2.5 (Kharchenko+, 2004)  (CSOCA)

(J/AN/324/219)  Extinction of OB stars (Wegner, 2003)
(J/AN/324/437)  Halpha emission stars toward Bulge (Kohoutek+, 2003)  (KW)

(J/AN/323/31)  UBVR light curves of ER Vul and RT And (Ekmekci+, 2002)
(J/AN/323/139)  Velocities of Popother/.II binray stars (Sperauskas+, 2002)
(J/AN/323/484)  Accurate coordinates of Planetary Nebulae (Kohoutek+, 2002)

(J/AN/322/73)  BVIc photometry in NGC 2976 (Notni+, 2001)

(J/AN/321/1=IX/32)  ROSAT Bright Survey (Fischer+, 1998-2000)
(J/AN/321/81)  Orion Trapezium area ROSAT PSPC obs. II. (Lohother/mann+, 2000)
(J/AN/321/101)  Compact groups of galaxies in LCRS (Allam+, 2000)  (LCCG)
(J/AN/321/277)  Effective temperatures of K-M giants (Strassmeier+, 2000)

(J/AN/320/105)  Spectrophotometry of 26 supergiants in the LMC (Oestreicher+ 1999)

(J/AN/319/201)  Alpha Per cluster low-mass members. I. (Prosser+, 1998)
(J/AN/319/215)  Alpha Per cluster low-mass members. II. (Prosser+, 1998)  (APX)
(J/AN/319/347=IX/32)  ROSAT Bright Survey (Fischer+, 1998-2000)

(J/AN/318/7=VII/196)  Shakhbazian compact groups of galaxies (Stoll+ 1993-97)
(J/AN/318/35)  New and Misclassified Planetary Nebulae (Kohoutek, 1997)

(J/AN/317/239=VII/196)  Shakhbazian compact groups of galaxies (Stoll+ 1993-97)

(J/AN/316/39)  Diameter-limited Northern sky galaxies catalog (Bardelli+, 1995)
(J/AN/316/225)  UBVR photoelectric survey (Andruk+ 1995)  (AKS95)

(J/AN/315/11=VII/196)  Shakhbazian compact groups of galaxies (Stoll+ 1993-97)

(J/AN/314/371=VII/161)  Nearby Galaxies (Schmidt+ 1993)

(J/AN/313/189=VII/161)  Nearby Galaxies (Schmidt+ 1993)

(J/AN/298/167)  UBV sequence in NGC 5823 (Schnur+, 1977)

(J/AN/283/109)  Star positions in the region of alpha Per (Heckmann+, 1956)