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(J/PASP/127/31)  CCD photometry of NGC 2482 (Krisciunas+, 2015)  ([KMD2015])
(J/PASP/127/143)  WASP-39b and WASP-43b light curves (Ricci+, 2015)

(J/PASP/126/219)  Southern Galactic Be star candidates (Sabogal+, 2014)
(J/PASP/126/469)  PolarBase catalogue of stellar spectra (Petit+, 2014)
(J/PASP/126/509)  Double-mode RR Lyrae stars in LINEAR (Poleski+, 2014)
(J/PASP/126/521)  UBVRIJHK photometry of RR Lyrae in M4 (Stetson+, 2014)
(J/PASP/126/616)  Variable stars in Leo I dSph (Stetson+, 2014)  ([SFB2014])
(J/PASP/126/733)  BVI photometry of M15 stars (Feuillet+, 2014)  ([FPC2014])
(J/PASP/126/914)  Kepler eclipsing binary stars. V. (Conroy+, 2014)

(J/PASP/125/2)  Galaxy Zoo: A catalog of overlapping galaxy pairs (Keel+, 2013)
(J/PASP/125/17)  RU Eri UBV differential light curves (Williamon+, 2013)
(J/PASP/125/126)  Light curve of CR Boo over 1990-2012 (Honeycutt+, 2013)
(J/PASP/125/477)  Gas Survey of Protoplanetary Systems. I. (Dent+, 2013)
(J/PASP/125/636)  Newly identified star clusters in M 31 (Krienke+, 2013)  (KHM31)
(J/PASP/125/639)  Times of Maxima for the SX Phe star BL Cam (Conidis+, 2013)
(J/PASP/125/809)  New nearby M, L, and T dwarfs (Thompson+, 2013)

(J/PASP/124/128)  Galactic structure toward the Carina tangent (Kaltcheva+, 2012)
(J/PASP/124/140)  UBVRI Hp BT and VT photonic responses (Bessell+, 2012)
(J/PASP/124/164)  New lithium measurements in metal-poor stars (Schaeuble+, 2012)
(J/PASP/124/297)  GRB spectral lags (Li+, 2012)
(J/PASP/124/401)  Chemical composition of BE Lyn (Kim+, 2012)
(J/PASP/124/411)  YY Cet UBV differential light curves (Williamon+, 2012)
(J/PASP/124/519)  Iron abundances of red giants in Carina gal. (Fabrizio+, 2012)  ([FMT2012])
(J/PASP/124/693)  HO Psc UBV(RI)c light curves (Samec+, 2012)
(J/PASP/124/854=II/313)  Palomar Transient Factory (PTF) photometric catalog 1.0 (Ofek+, 2012)
(J/PASP/124/1279)  Q3 Kepler's combined photometry (Christiansen+, 2012)

(J/PASP/123/26)  Time of Maxima for the SX Phe star XX Cyg (Conidis+ 2011)
(J/PASP/123/412)  Exoplanet Orbit Database (Wright+, 2011)
(J/PASP/123/519)  C,T1 photometry of 6 LMC clusters (Piatti+, 2011)
(J/PASP/123/649)  HII regions in OB associations (Hodge+, 2011)  ([HKB2011])
(J/PASP/123/659)  Analysis of flares of V1285 Aql (Dal+, 2011)
(J/PASP/123/671)  Variable stars in NGC 7039 field (Hu+, 2011)  ([HCC2011])
(J/PASP/123/895)  EH Cnc RV light curves (Yang+, 2011)
(J/PASP/123/1011)  Star Formation Reference Survey (SFRS) (Ashby+, 2011)  (SFRS)
(J/PASP/123/1062)  BF Cyg 2006 outburst spectrum (McKeever+, 2011)
(J/PASP/123/1149)  NSV 11154 BVRI light curves (Kijbunchoo+, 2011)

(J/PASP/122/1)  BVRI light curves of SN 2007gi (Zhang+, 2010)
(J/PASP/122/17)  BV light curves of 2MASS J06451725+4122158 (Jeon+, 2010)
(J/PASP/122/35)  Symbiotic stars on Asiago archive plates (Jurdana-Sepic+, 2010)
(J/PASP/122/144)  Multiband photometry of V725 Sgr (Battinelli+, 2010)
(J/PASP/122/162)  Direct imaging of exoplanets (Beichman+, 2010)
(J/PASP/122/261)  Herschel Reference Survey Sample (Boselli+, 2010)  (HRS)
(J/PASP/122/288)  UBVI_KC_ photometry in NGC 2309 (Piatti+, 2010)
(J/PASP/122/347)  Chinese Small Telescope ARray (CSTAR) (Zhou+, 2010)  (CSTAR)
(J/PASP/122/516)  Hogg 12 and NGC 3590 (Piatti+, 2010)
(J/PASP/122/524)  Planetary nebulae in MACHO Galactic Bulge (Lutz+, 2010)
(J/PASP/122/683)  SAGE-Spec Spitzer legacy program (Kemper+, 2010)  (SSTISAGE)
(J/PASP/122/745)  HST WFPC2 star clusters in M31. III. (Hodge+, 2010)  ([HKB2010])
(J/PASP/122/885)  Gliese catalog star/2MASS cross identifications (Stauffer+, 2010)
(J/PASP/122/1285)  Radial-velocities of 20 cataclysmic var. (Thorstensen+, 2010)
(J/PASP/122/1397)  Spitzer Survey of Stellar Structure in Galaxies (Sheth+, 2010)  (S4G)
(J/PASP/122/1437=VI/135)  All-sky spectrally matched Tycho2 stars (Pickles+, 2010)

(J/PASP/121/104)  BVRI differential photometry of GW Gem (Lee+, 2009)
(J/PASP/121/117)  Fe and Ti abundances of 12 low-metallicity M stars (Woolf+, 2009)
(J/PASP/121/634)  FUSE observations in Magellanic Clouds (Blair+, 2009)
(J/PASP/121/699)  BVR photometry of V343 Ori (Yang+, 2009)
(J/PASP/121/827)  NIR fluxes for 35 HR late-type stars (Taylor, 2009)
(J/PASP/121/1065)  High-resolution spectrum of Vega: 3850-6860AA (Kim+, 2009)
(J/PASP/121/1070)  UBV photometry of 2006-2008 outburst of AG Dra (Munari+, 2009)
(J/PASP/121/1180)  Color panorama image of the Milky Way (Mellinger+, 2009)
(J/PASP/121/1188)  Periodic variables in NGC 2301 (Sukhbold+, 2009)
(J/PASP/121/1326)  uvbybeta photometry in Norma (Kaltcheva+, 2009)
(J/PASP/121/1366)  BVR light curves of BX Peg (Lee+, 2009)
(J/PASP/121/1378)  Positions of variable stars in globular clusters (Samus+, 2009)

(J/PASP/120/1)  HST WFPC2 star clusters in M31. II. (Krienke+, 2008)  (KHM31)
(J/PASP/120/150)  JHK photometry in Cluster [BDS2003] 107 (Hanson+, 2008)  ([HB2008])
(J/PASP/120/339)  Nasu Radio-Transient Search Project (Takefuji+, 2008)
(J/PASP/120/380)  Spatial orientation of planetary nebulae (Weidmann+, 2008)
(J/PASP/120/1128)  Calibrated griz magnitudes of Tycho star (Ofek, 2008)
(J/PASP/120/1183)  NIR fluxes of 14 cool variable stars (Taylor, 2008)

(J/PASP/119/7)  HST WFPC2 star clusters in M31 (Krienke+, 2007)  (KHM31)
(J/PASP/119/994)  MIPS 24um calibrators (Engelbracht+, 2007)
(J/PASP/119/1083=II/271A)  TASS Mark IV patches photometric catalog, version 2 (Droege+, 2007)
(J/PASP/119/1233)  BV photometry of M11 stars (Koo+, 2007)

(J/PASP/118/636)  Alpha Per High res. spectral atlas at 3810-8100AA (Lee+, 2006)
(J/PASP/118/659)  RI photometry of 2MASS late M and L dwarfs (Liebert+, 2006)
(J/PASP/118/1077)  Metal-strong damped Lyalpha systems (Herbert-Fort+, 2006)
(J/PASP/118/1104)  M48 (NGC 2548) BATC photometry and membership (Wu+, 2006)
(J/PASP/118/1238)  Radial velocity curve of RBS 490 (Thorstensen+, 2006)  ([TLS2006])
(J/PASP/118/1639)  Proper motions of faint UV-bright sources (Lanning+, 2006)
(J/PASP/118/1656)  Secondary velocity standards at NGP (Stefanik+, 2006)
(J/PASP/118/1666=II/271A)  TASS Mark IV patches photometric catalog, version 2 (Droege+, 2007)
(J/PASP/118/1690)  Spitzer solar-type stars list (Meyer+, 2006)

(J/PASP/117/1)  Radial velocities of 166 LHS stars (Dawson+, 2005)
(J/PASP/117/22)  NGC 6318 CCD BVI photometry (Piatti+, 2005)
(J/PASP/117/37)  BVRI photometry in NGC 2419, Pal 4, and Pal 14 (Saha+, 2005)  (SDT)
(J/PASP/117/199)  IRTS carbon stars (Le Bertre+, 2005)
(J/PASP/117/227)  Properties of 101 galaxies from the NFGS (Kewley+, 2005)
(J/PASP/117/676)  LHS faint proper-motion stars (Reid+, 2005)
(J/PASP/117/773)  Classifications of SN host galaxies. III (van den Bergh+, 2005)
(J/PASP/117/1325)  BVRI photometry in NGC4147 (Stetson+, 2005)

(J/PASP/116/622)  SDSS damped Lyalpha survey: DR1 (Prochaska+, 2004)
(J/PASP/116/1012)  A star catalog for the open cluster NGC 188 (Stetson+, 2004)  (SMV)
(J/PASP/116/1039=II/257A)  A Finding List of Faint UV-Bright Stars (Lanning+, 1973-2004)

(J/PASP/115/22)  Stellar parameters for 134 cool subdwarfs (Yong+, 2003)
(J/PASP/115/351)  Infrared Southern Cool Carbon Stars (MacConnell, 2003)  ([M2003b])
(J/PASP/115/413)  BVI photometry in the open cluster NGC 6791 (Stetson+, 2003)  (SBG)
(J/PASP/115/837=II/254)  Minnesota Automated Plate Scanner catalog (Cabanela+ 2003)
(J/PASP/115/1280)  Classifications of SN host galaxies (van den Bergh+, 2003)

(J/PASP/114/233)  h and chi Per memberships (Uribe+, 2002)
(J/PASP/114/298)  BVI photometry in NGC 300 (Pietrzynski+, 2002)
(J/PASP/114/656)  Stellar variability in field stars (Everett+, 2002)
(J/PASP/114/820)  Supernovae host galaxies classification (van den Bergh+, 2002)
(J/PASP/114/1382)  BVRI photometry of Stock 1 stars (Osborn+, 2002)

(J/PASP/113/10)  Sub-mJy radio sources complete sample (Masci+, 2001)
(J/PASP/113/267)  Mount Wilson catalogue photometric properties (Sandage, 2001)
(J/PASP/113/1365)  Super-metal-rich stars (Buzzoni+, 2001)
(J/PASP/113/1393=II/257A)  A Finding List of Faint UV-Bright Stars (Lanning+, 1973-2004)

(J/PASP/112/397=II/230)  TASS Mark III photometric survey (Richmond+, 2000)
(J/PASP/112/1008)  Near-infrared galaxy morphology atlas (Jarrett+, 2000)

(J/PASP/111/57)  Galactic reddening maps (Hudson+, 1999)
(J/PASP/111/221)  Detection of O VII in PNe from IUE spectra (Feibelman, 1999)
(J/PASP/111/335)  CaII-M_v_ Correlation (Wilson-Bappu Effect) (Wallerstein+ 1999)
(J/PASP/111/438)  Updated Zwicky catalog (UZC) (Falco+, 1999)  (UZC)
(J/PASP/111/494=II/220)  Polarisation of Be stars (McDavid, 1986-1999)
(J/PASP/111/685)  HII regions of M33. II. (Hodge+, 1999)
(J/PASP/111/812)  V(RI)C Phot of Cepheids in the Magellanic Clouds (Barnes+ 1999)
(J/PASP/111/1169)  Late-type stars toward galactic antirotation (Westpfahl+ 1999)  ([WBY99])
(J/PASP/111/1233)  Radial Velocities of Globular Cluster Giants (Soderberg+ 1999)

(J/PASP/110/533)  BR photometry of Fornax bright stars (Stetson+ 1998)
(J/PASP/110/553)  Supernova rate in starburst galaxies (Richmond+ 1998)
(J/PASP/110/586=II/212A)  A Finding List of Faint UV-Bright Stars (Lanning+, 1998)
(J/PASP/110/779)  Accurate Positions for MCG Galaxies (Corwin+ 1998)
(J/PASP/110/863)  A Stellar Spectral Flux Library: 1150 - 25000 A (Pickles 1998)
(J/PASP/110/1012)  New double stars from HST (Schneider+, 1998)
(J/PASP/110/1172)  NGC 7789 radial velocities (Gim+, 1998)
(J/PASP/110/1318)  NGC 7789 CCD VI photometry (Gim+, 1998)  ([GVS98])
(J/PASP/110/1342)  Unusual objects in the SDSS (Krisciunas+ 1998)
(J/PASP/110/1434)  High-velocity stars radial velocities (Stock+, 1998)

(J/PASP/109/9)  Photometry of chemically peculiar stars (Adelman+ 1997)
(J/PASP/109/289)  Emission lines in PNe (Kaler+ 1997)
(J/PASP/109/441)  Northern Cataclysmic Variables (Henden+ 1997)
(J/PASP/109/524)  Light Curves for 40 RR Lyraes (Layden 1997)
(J/PASP/109/614=III/211)  Keck/HIRES Sky Line Atlas (Osterbrock+ 1997)
(J/PASP/109/759)  Rotational Velocities of Intermediate-mass MS Stars (Wolff+ 1997)
(J/PASP/109/849)  Probing the LHS Catalog (Gizis+ 1997)
(J/PASP/109/883)  Globular metallicity scale. I. (Rutledge+ 1997)
(J/PASP/109/977)  VI photometry of CG Muscae (Layden+ 1997)
(J/PASP/109/998)  EUVE optical atlas (Shara+ 1997)

(J/PASP/108/277=III/211)  Keck/HIRES Sky Line Atlas (Osterbrock+ 1997)
(J/PASP/108/313)  Empirical stellar flux scales (Hall 1996)
(J/PASP/108/332)  Photometric analysis of contact binaries (Lapasset+ 1996)
(J/PASP/108/338)  UBV obs. of the contact binary BF Pavonis (Gonzalez+ 1996)
(J/PASP/108/682)  Low-Mass Stars in Outer Field in NGC 6397 (Mould+, 1996)
(J/PASP/108/772)  uvby-beta photometry of A and F southern stars (Perry+, 1996)
(J/PASP/108/1105)  Constant Stars in the GCVS. II. (Schmidt+ 1996)

(J/PASP/107/32)  uvby-hk photometry in M22 (Anthony-Twarog+ 1995)
(J/PASP/107/299)  Occultation Binaries Catalog (Mason 1995)
(J/PASP/107/324)  Northern CV secondary photometric standards (Henden+ 1995)
(J/PASP/107/617)  YSOs and candidate protostars catalog. (Pollanen+, 1995)
(J/PASP/107/751=II/212A)  A Finding List of Faint UV-Bright Stars (Lanning+, 1998)
(J/PASP/107/846)  LSE stars, extension of Case-Hamburg surveys. (Drilling+ 1995)  (LSE)
(J/PASP/107/1042)  Infrared Arcturus Atlas (Hinkle+ 1995)

(J/PASP/106/281)  Photometry and radial velocities in NGC752 (Daniel+, 1994)
(J/PASP/106/404)  NGC 6535 BV CCD photometry (Sarajedini, 1994)
(J/PASP/106/452)  Cool Dwarfs - Temperatures (Taylor 1994)
(J/PASP/106/486)  Mel 66 CCD photometry (Anthony-Twarog+, 1994)
(J/PASP/106/566=II/179)  Southern Spectrophotometric Standards. I + II (Hamuy+ 1992,94)
(J/PASP/106/646)  HST quasar absorption-line key project. VIII. (Kirhakos+, 1994)
(J/PASP/106/745)  The Spectrum of IC 418 (Hyung+ 1994)
(J/PASP/106/828)  BVRI photometry of Omega Cen (Walker 1994)
(J/PASP/106/949)  Multicolor polarimetry of Be stars (McDavid, 1994)
(J/PASP/106/967)  Photometric Standard Stars (Joergensen 1994)
(J/PASP/106/1120)  Delta Scuti variables. II. DY Her (Milone+, 1994)

(J/PASP/105/36)  All-sky uvby photometry of speckle binaries (Sowell+ 1993)
(J/PASP/105/78)  Photometry in open cluster NGC 5822 (Twarog+, 1993)
(J/PASP/105/693=III/181)  Near Infrared Spectra of Normal Stars (Torres-Dodgen+ 1993)
(J/PASP/105/1127)  Distribution of Dust in Solar Neighborhood (Gaustad+ 1993)
(J/PASP/105/1279)  The Spectrum of NGC 6567 (Hyung+ 1993)
(J/PASP/105/1465)  Distant OB Stars in the Galaxy (Reed 1993)

(J/PASP/104/533=II/179)  Southern Spectrophotometric Standards. I + II (Hamuy+ 1992,94)
(J/PASP/104/553)  CCD Standard Fields (Odewahn+ 1992)
(J/PASP/104/1063)  BV Color-Magnitude Diagram for NGC 1851 (Walker 1992)

(J/PASP/103/209=VII/133)  ()
(J/PASP/103/536)  CCD Photometry of NGC 7142 (Crinklaw+ 1991)
(J/PASP/103/973)  Photoelectric UBV from HK survey. II. (Doidinis+ 1991)  (BPS-BS)

(J/PASP/102/773=II/220)  Polarisation of Be stars (McDavid, 1986-1999)
(J/PASP/102/865)  Stars in the field of NGC 2353. (Fitzgerald+, 1990)
(J/PASP/102/1392)  UBV photometry from HK survey. I (Doinidis+ 1990)  (BPS-BS)

(J/PASP/101/360)  Revised coordinates for SGC galaxies (Spellman+, 1989)

(J/PASP/99/739)  BV photometry in 4 fields of 47 Tuc (Hesser+, 1987)
(J/PASP/99/1184=II/138)  ()

(J/PASP/98/192=II/117)  Catalog of UBVRI Photometry of Globular Clusters (Peterson 1986)
(J/PASP/98/1133)  The open cluster NGC 346 (Niemela+, 1986)

(J/PASP/97/753)  BVR CCD photometry on NGC 1777 (Mateo+, 1985)
(J/PASP/97/932)  3CR Source Identifications (Spinrad+, 1985)  (3CR)

(J/PASP/96/707)  Hyades lower main sequence (Duncan+, 1984)

(J/PASP/94/244)  UBVRI standard stars in the E-regions (Graham, 1982)

(J/PASP/87/969=II/63A)  Balmer Lines Photometric Data (Mermilliod+ 1980)

(J/PASP/86/829)  Transmission grating spectra (Miller+ 1974)

(J/PASP/85/70=II/212A)  A Finding List of Faint UV-Bright Stars (Lanning+, 1998)

(J/PASP/83/611=VII/11)  Kitt Peak Quasar List (Share, 1975)
(J/PASP/83/800)  UBV photometry in NGC 6025 (Feinstein+, 1971)

(J/PASP/81/804)  Four southern photoelectric sequences (Fitzgerald+, 1969)