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  UBVR CCD survey of the Magellanic clouds (Massey+, 2002)
    II/236/lmc(c)LMC catalog (Table 3a) (179655 rows)
    II/236/smc(c)SMC catalog (Table 3b) (84955 rows)
    II/236/lmc_sp(c)LMC stars with spectral information (Table 4) (653 rows)
    II/236/smc_sp(c)SMC stars with spectral information (Table 6) (439 rows)
    II/236/lmc_sp2(c)Stars in two additional LMC fields with spectral types (Table 5) (69 rows)
    II/236/cmpComparison of corrected CCD photometry with new photoelectric photometry (Table 7) (6 rows)
    II/236/lmc_blue(c)LMC blue stars (Table 8a) (1) (Note) (5151 rows)
    II/236/smc_blue(c)SMC blue stars (Table 8b) (1) (Note) (2671 rows)
    II/236/lmc_red(c)LMC red stars (Table 9a) (2) (Note) (283 rows)
    II/236/smc_red(c)SMC red stars (Table 9b) (2) (Note) (163 rows)

       (c)  indicates tables which contain celestial coordinates 
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