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  DEEP2 Redshift Survey, Data Release 4 (Matthews+ 2013) Please acknowledge the usage of the DEEP2 survey
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1.III/268/deep2allAll observations (is a superset of deep2dr4) (52989 rows)
Exists also as downloadable FITS files: zcat.deep2.dr4.fits or zcat.deep2.dr4.uniq.fits

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  recno  Record number assigned by the VizieR team. Should Not be used for identification. (meta.record)
  U (char) U indicates a source observed once; B indicates the best result for sources observed more than once; a indicates the alternative (non-best) result for a source observed more than once. (meta.note)
  ObjNo  Unique object identifier from pcat (see II/301) (;meta.main)
  RAJ2000 deg (i) Right ascension (J2000) (pos.eq.ra;meta.main)
  DEJ2000 deg (i) Declination (J2000) (pos.eq.dec;meta.main)
  Bmag mag (n)CFHT B-band AB magnitude (Note 1)   (phot.mag;em.opt.B)
  e_Bmag mag (n)mean error on Bmag (stat.error;phot.mag)
  Rmag mag (n)CFHT R-band AB magnitude (Note 1)   (phot.mag;em.opt.R)
  e_Rmag mag (n)mean error on Rmag (stat.error;phot.mag)
  Imag mag (n)CFHT I-band AB magnitude (Note 1)   (phot.mag;em.opt.I)
  e_Imag mag (n)mean error on Imag (stat.error;phot.mag)

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(n) indicates a possible blank or NULL column(i)indexed column
  RG pix Source radius (Note 2)   (phys.angSize;src)
  Ell   [0/2] Ellipticity (1-b/a) (Note)   (src.ellipticity)
  PA deg [-90/90] Position angle of source ellipse (pos.posAng)
  Pgal   [-2/3] Probability of source being a galaxy (Note 3)   (stat.probability)
  EBV mag Galactic reddening E(B-V) from Schlegel (phot.color.excess)
  BMag mag (n) Absolute B-band magnitude (Willmer et al. 2006ApJ...647..853W) (phot.mag)
  U-B mag (n) Rest-frame U-B color (AB) (phot.color;em.opt.U;em.opt.B)
  ObjName  Observed ID (Note 4)   (
  Mask   [1100/4345] Slitmask number of the observation (meta.number)
  Slit   [0/171] Slitlet number of the observation (meta.note)
  Date "Y:M:D" (n)(i) Observation date (YYYY-MM-DD) (time.epoch;obs)
  MJD d [52499/54537] Modified JD of observation (time.epoch;obs)
  slitRA deg Right ascension of slit center (pos.eq.ra)

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(n) indicates a possible blank or NULL column(i)indexed column
  slitDE deg Declination of slit center (pos.eq.dec)
  slitLen arcsec [1.9/91] Slit length (instr.setup)
  slitPA deg [-93/270] Position angle of slit (pos.posAng)
  z   [-1/3.5] Observed best-fitting redshift (src.redshift)
  e_z  (n) [-6/] Redshift error (<0 for problematic fit) (stat.error;src.redshift)
  q_z  (n) [-1/4] Redshift quality code, 4=best (Note 5)   (meta.code.qual;src.redshift)
  zBest   [-1/3.5] Best redshift (corrected for heliocentric motion) (src.redshift;pos.heliocentric)
  Cl (char) Type of best-fitting template: AGN, Galaxy or Star (src.class)
  sCl (char) Coarse classification for stellar templates (src.spType)
  Rchi2  reduced χ2 value for the redshift fit (
  dof   [0/17747] Degrees of freedom for redshift fit (
  sigV km/s (n) velocity dispersion (phys.veloc.dispersion)
  e_sigV km/s (n) Error on sigV (stat.error)
  Comment (char) Comments (Note 6)   (meta.note)

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(n) indicates a possible blank or NULL column(i)indexed column
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