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  Hα emission-line objects in SMC clusters (Martayan+, 2010)
    J/A+A/509/A11/tablea(c)Emission-line stars in NGC 346 (parts 1 and 2) (55 rows)
    J/A+A/509/A11/tableb1*Data for individual observations of open clusters in the SMC (Note) (159 rows)
    J/A+A/509/A11/tableb2(c)Details about the individual open clusters with different observations merged (83 rows)
    J/A+A/509/A11/tablec(c)SMC cluster stars cross-correlation of WFI with OGLE (Udalski et al., 1998, Cat. J/AcA/48/147), with corrected photometry and classification (tables C1 to C6 of paper) (Note) (266 rows)
    J/A+A/509/A11/tablec9(c)Emission-line star from WFI without identification in SC catalogues from OGLE (Udalski et al. 1998, Cat. J/AcA/48/147) (49 rows)

       (c)  indicates tables which contain celestial coordinates 
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