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  IRAS Asteroid and Comet Survey (Veeder+ 1986)
    VII/91/astdataAsteroid Catalog and Data Base (1811 rows)
    VII/91/astrejstIRAS Rejected Asteroid sightings (3453 rows)
    VII/91/astsight(c)Asteroid Sighting Record (6510 rows)
    VII/91/aststatsAsteroid Statistics Catalog and Data Base (3453 rows)
    VII/91/comdataComet Catalog and Data Base (36 rows)
    VII/91/comsight(c)Comet Sighting Record (147 rows)
    VII/91/g24colorAsteroid Ground-Based 24 color Spectrophot.Data (285 rows)
    VII/91/g8colorAsteroid Ground-Based 8 color survey Data (589 rows)
    VII/91/glitcurv*Asteroid Ground-Based light curve Data (Note) (345 rows)
    VII/91/gpolarim*Asteroid Ground-Based Polarimetry Data (Note) (111 rows)
    VII/91/gubvAsteroid Ground-Based UBV Photometry Data (951 rows)
    VII/91/nmspointAsteroid Name, Pointers to Ground-Based Data (3447 rows)

       (c)  indicates tables which contain celestial coordinates 
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