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  OGLE: Gaia South Ecliptic Pole Field (Soszynski+, 2012)
    J/AcA/62/219/list_mapList of OGLE-IV maps of the Gaia South Ecliptic Pole fields (128 rows)
    J/AcA/62/219/list_hpm(c)List of stars with the highest proper motions (µ>100mas/yr) or parallaxes (π>10mas) (50 rows)
    J/AcA/62/219/list_pm(c)List of stars with proper motions >20mas/yr (3253 rows)
    J/AcA/62/219/list_gal(c)List of galaxies with their parameters (1924 rows)
    J/AcA/62/219/list_sn(c)List of transients with their parameters[timeSerie] (11 rows)
    J/AcA/62/219/list_var(c)List of variable stars with their parameters[timeSerie] (6789 rows)
    J/AcA/62/219/remarksRemarks for variable stars (list_var.dat) (116 rows)
    J/AcA/62/219/stars(c)All stars in the South Ecliptic Pole (1665549 rows)

       (c)  indicates tables which contain celestial coordinates 
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