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  One thousand new dwarf novae from the OGLE Survey (Mroz+, 2015)
    J/AcA/65/313/table1(c)Basic parameters of OGLE DN candidates (1091 rows)
    J/AcA/65/313/table2(c)Photometric data on the WZ Sge type candidates (68 rows)
    J/AcA/65/313/orb_perList of measured orbital periods (26 rows)
    J/AcA/65/313/sh_perList of measured superhump periods (14 rows)
    J/AcA/65/313/cv_xraysList of X-ray counterparts to dwarf novae (39 rows)
    J/AcA/65/313/cv_vsxList of cross-identifications with the International Variable Star Index databse (Watson 2006) (98 rows)
    J/AcA/65/313/cv_k2c9List of dwarf novae within the K2 Campaign 9 superstamp (version of December 31st, 2015) (130 rows)

       (c)  indicates tables which contain celestial coordinates 
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