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  OGLE IV Galactic Cepheids (Soszynski+, 2020)
    J/AcA/70/101/table1Number of Galactic Cepheids in the OCVS (19 rows)
    J/AcA/70/101/ident(c)Identification of stars (Galactic bulge and disk fields) (20 Aug 2022 version) (3826 rows)
    J/AcA/70/101/t2cepParameters of type II Cepheids (1666 rows)
    J/AcA/70/101/acepParameters of fundamental-mode (F) and first-overtone (1O) anomalous Cepheids (164 rows)
    J/AcA/70/101/cepParameters of fundamental-mode (F) and first-overtone (1O) Cepheids[timeSerie] (1807 rows)
    J/AcA/70/101/cep2Parameters of double-mode F/1O and 1O/2O and 2O/3O Cepheids (223 rows)
    J/AcA/70/101/cep3Parameters of triple-mode 1O/2O/3O and F/1O/2O Cepheids (10 rows)
    J/AcA/70/101/gcGalactic bulge type II Cepheids objects located within one tidal radius of globular clusters (64 rows)
    J/AcA/70/101/remarksRemarks on selected objects (186 rows)

       (c)  indicates tables which contain celestial coordinates 
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