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  Swift/BAT AGN spectroscopic survey. V. X-ray data (Ricci+, 2017)
    J/ApJS/233/17/agns(c)List of the Swift/BAT AGN from the 70-month catalog and log of the soft X-ray observations (tables 1 and 2) (838 rows)
    J/ApJS/233/17/XraydataParameters obtained by the analysis of the broad-band X-ray spectra, X-ray fluxes, and values of Gamma-nEc and Gamma-0310 (tables 5, 12, and 15) (836 rows)
    J/ApJS/233/17/table6Parameters of the broken power-law continuum (26 rows)
    J/ApJS/233/17/table7Parameters of the warm absorbers (99 rows)
    J/ApJS/233/17/table8Parameters of the Gaussian lines (309 rows)
    J/ApJS/233/17/table9Spectral parameters obtained with the torus model (75 rows)
    J/ApJS/233/17/table13X-ray luminosities of the sources of our sample (801 rows)
    J/ApJS/233/17/table14Intrinsic 2-10keV fluxes and luminosities for Compton-thick (CT, log(NH/cm–2)≥24) AGN (56 rows)

       (c)  indicates tables which contain celestial coordinates 
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