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  SDSS WD main-sequence binaries (Rebassa-Mansergas+, 2010)
    J/MNRAS/402/620/table5(c)The complete catalogue. Coordinates and GALEX-SDSS-UKIDSS magnitudes for the 1602 WDMS binaries and candidates are also included (1602 rows)
    J/MNRAS/402/620/updates(c)Updated classifications from Silvestri et al. (2007, Cat. J/AJ/134/741) and Heller et al. (2009, Cat. J/A+A/496/191) (tables 2 and 3 of paper) (285 rows)
    J/MNRAS/402/620/table7(c)*White-dwarf masses, effective temperatures, surface gravities, spectral types and distances of the 1602 WDMS binaries in our catalogue, as determined from spectral modelling (Note) (3295 rows)
    J/MNRAS/402/620/table9(c)Radial velocities measured from the NaI λλ8183.27,8194.81 doublet and the Hα emission for 1068 systems in our catalogue (1225 rows)

       (c)  indicates tables which contain celestial coordinates 
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