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  UBVRI phot. for galaxies, Gal. GCs & stars (Corwin, 2022)
    J/other/Obs/142.207/table1(c)*Standard star data: adopted UBV(RI)c magnitudes and colors for stars used as standards for the McDonald observation (Note) (193 rows)
    J/other/Obs/142.207/table2(c)McDonald galaxy observations with all measured superposed stars removed (592 rows)
    J/other/Obs/142.207/notes2Notes on Table 2 sources (350 rows)
    J/other/Obs/142.207/table3(c)*McDonald UBVRI observations of stars and other objects (Note) (702 rows)
    J/other/Obs/142.207/table4(c)Globular cluster photometry, with and without superposed stars (42 rows)
    J/other/Obs/142.207/table5(c)*Sequences and supernovae observed by Marian Frueh and Shireen Gonzaga with the 76- and 91-cm McDonald reflectors (1985-86) (Note) (101 rows)
    J/other/Obs/142.207/table6(c)Siding Spring photometry of large southern galaxies by Robert Smyth, 1980-1981 (347 rows)
    J/other/Obs/142.207/notes6Notes on Table 6 sources (191 rows)
    J/other/Obs/142.207/table7(c)Photometry and positions for stars measured at Siding Spring by Robert Smyth or mentioned in Smyth's Notes (198 rows)

       (c)  indicates tables which contain celestial coordinates 
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