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(J/A+A/587/A22)  1 Del spectroscopy (Kubat+, 2016)
(J/A+A/587/A23)  CFHT r- and z-band images 28 Planck sources (van der Burg+, 2016)
(J/A+A/587/A1)  11.5um image of NGC 835 (Gonzalez-Martin+, 2016)
(J/A+A/587/A2)  SP_Ace derived data from stellar spectra (Boeche+, 2016)
(J/A+A/587/A31)  Statistical test on binary stars non-coevality (Valle+, 2016)
(J/A+A/587/A6)  Linelist of 14 Galactic post-AGB stars (De Smedt+, 2016)

(J/A+A/586/A126)  Short Title (Author+, )
(J/A+A/586/A116)  HD50138 time-dependent spectral variations (Jerabkova+, 2016)
(J/A+A/586/A120)  Grid of 1D models for Mg line formation (Osorio+, 2016)
(J/A+A/586/A125)  Neutron-capture elements abundances in Cepheids (da Silva+ 2016)
(J/A+A/586/A149)  SiO in ATLASGAL-selected massive clumps (Csengeri+, 2016)
(J/A+A/586/A158)  Binary properties of CH and CEMP stars (Jorissen+, 2016)
(J/A+A/586/A35)  TZ For OIFITS files (Gallenne+, 2016)
(J/A+A/586/A37)  M33 center and BCLMP302 [CII] spectroscopy (Mookerjea+, 2016)
(J/A+A/586/A47)  Accretion process in NGC 2264 (Sousa+, 2016)  (CSIMon)
(J/A+A/586/A49)  r- and s- process elements in Milky Way disk (Battistini+, 2016)
(J/A+A/586/A50)  Central Molecular Zone H2O temperature maps (Ginsburg+, 2016)
(J/A+A/586/A51)  JK photometry of NGC 2808 (Massari+, 2016)
(J/A+A/586/A52)  NGC 2264, NGC 2547 and NGC 2516 stellar radii (Jackson+, 2016)
(J/A+A/586/A60)  PKS 1502+106 15, 43 and 86GHz images (Karamanavis+, 2016)
(J/A+A/586/A67)  G64-12 and G64-37 linelist and EWs (Reggiani+, 2016)
(J/A+A/586/A71)  LMC 0.2-100GeV images (Ackermann+, 2016)
(J/A+A/586/A75)  Simulations of hot gas planets atmospheres (Salz+, 2016)
(J/A+A/586/A81)  High-mass X-ray binaries in the SMC (Haberl+, 2016)
(J/A+A/586/A85)  HD 18078 uvby light curves (Mathys+, 2016)
(J/A+A/586/A87)  Center-to-limb polarization of FGK stars (Kostogryz+, 2016)
(J/A+A/586/A93)  WASP41 and WASP47 photometric and RV data (Neveu-VanMalle+, 2016)
(J/A+A/586/A96)  Disk-locking PMS evolutionary tracks (Landin+, 2016)
(J/A+A/586/A98)  NGC 2683 VLA C and D datacubes (Vollmer+, 2016)

(J/A+A/585/A113)  tellrem package for telluric line removal (Rudolf+, 2016)
(J/A+A/585/A23)  GOBASIC code (Rad+, 2016)
(J/A+A/585/A101)  Milky Way global survey of star clusters. V. (Kharchenko+, 2016)  (MWSC)
(J/A+A/585/A111)  Long period variables in omega Cen (Lebzelter+, 2016)
(J/A+A/585/A112)  IRAS 16293-2422 spectrum (Martin-Domenech+, 2016)
(J/A+A/585/A117)  N131 bubble CO integrated intensity maps (Zhang+, 2016)
(J/A+A/585/A118)  Electron collisional excitation of NiXII (Del Zanna+, 2016)
(J/A+A/585/A126)  3 irradiated and bloated hot Jupiters RV and phot. (West+, 2016)
(J/A+A/585/A12)  Nearby early-type stars spectroscopic survey (Bailey+, 2016)
(J/A+A/585/A130)  X-ray halo of 33 clusters of galaxies images (Hofmann+, 2016)
(J/A+A/585/A134)  HD1461, HD40307, and HD204313 radial velocities (Diaz+, 2016)
(J/A+A/585/A135)  HD175607 RV, logRHK and Halpha index (Mortier+, 2016)
(J/A+A/585/A141)  Galactic center early-type stars catalog (Grosboel, 2016)  (OPS)
(J/A+A/585/A143)  NIR spectroscopy of the Sun and HD20010 (Andreasen+, 2016)
(J/A+A/585/A145)  LX Cyg optical, NIR and MIR spectra (Uttenthaler+, 2016)
(J/A+A/585/A19)  SN 2014J BV light curves (Bonanos+, 2016)
(J/A+A/585/A26)  Silicon isoelectronic sequence data (Jonsson+, 2016)
(J/A+A/585/A31)  Vilnius photometry of TGU H994 P1 (Straizys+, 2016)
(J/A+A/585/A36)  Deuterated water in prestellar cores (Quenard+, 2016)
(J/A+A/585/A38)  All-sky extinction maps (Juvela+, 2016)
(J/A+A/585/A41)  EBHIS spectra and HI column density maps (Winkel+, 2016)
(J/A+A/585/A46)  Extrasolar planets. Radial velocities of 5 stars (Bouchy+, 2016)
(J/A+A/585/A49)  VCNS II. The IR-excess-selected population (Zeidler+, 2016)
(J/A+A/585/A53)  Horizontal temperature at Venus upper atmosphere (Peralta+, 2016)
(J/A+A/585/A5)  Exoplanet hosts/field stars age consistency (Bonfanti+, 2016)
(J/A+A/585/A64)  New atmospheric parameters of MILES cool stars (Sharma+, 2016)
(J/A+A/585/A73)  PTPS stars. III. The evolved stars sample (Niedzielski+, 2016)
(J/A+A/585/A78)  All-sky near-infrared extinction map (Juvela+, 2016)
(J/A+A/585/A7)  Hyades single stars fiducial photometry (Kopytova+, 2016)
(J/A+A/585/A84)  Shape parameters of lensing galaxies (Biernaux+, 2016)
(J/A+A/585/A87)  Quasar composite made from bright QSOs (Selsing+, 2016)

(J/A+A/584/A104)  Lucky Imaging photometry of Luhman 16AB (Mancini+, 2015)
(J/A+A/584/A129)  Matrix Methods code (Fouvry+, 2015)
(J/A+A/584/A53)  Code for trispectrum of halo model (Kuntz, 2015)
(J/A+A/584/A26)  Cosmography of OB stars in the solar neighbourhood (Bouy+, 2015)
(J/A+A/584/A48)  New redshifts of 357 GBBs (Horvath+, 2015)
(J/A+A/584/A62)  SUDARE VST-OmegaCAM search supernova rates (Cappellaro+, 2015)
(J/A+A/584/A87)  Short Title (Catalan-Torrecilla+, 2015)
(J/A+A/584/A106)  Catalogues of variable AGNs (Simm+, 2015)
(J/A+A/584/A113)  Gas dynamics in tidal dwarf galaxies (Lelli+, 2015)
(J/A+A/584/A122)  Precessing jets of 1E1740.7-2942 (Luque-Escamilla+, 2015)
(J/A+A/584/A12)  PNV J03093063+2638031 outburst evolution (Munari+, 2015)
(J/A+A/584/A17)  phi Dra BVRI light curves (Prvak+, 2015)
(J/A+A/584/A2)  KMOS view of the Galactic centre. I. (Feldmeier-Krause+, 2015)
(J/A+A/584/A31)  Photometry of VVV CL041 cluster (Chene+, 2015)
(J/A+A/584/A40)  2MASS J22560844+5954299 spectra (Kjurkchieva+, 2015)
(J/A+A/584/A41)  SNR IKT 16 X-ray image (Maitra+, 2015)
(J/A+A/584/A44)  Photometric classification of QSO from RCS-2 (Carrasco+, 2015)
(J/A+A/584/A46)  GIRAFFE Inner Bulge Survey (GIBS). II. (Gonzalez+, 2015)  (GIBS)
(J/A+A/584/A59)  Proper motions and membership in NGC 6366 (Sariya+, 2015)
(J/A+A/584/A5)  Massive LMC stars AAOmega spectroscopy (Evans+, 2015)
(J/A+A/584/A67)  IRDC18223 images (Beuther+, 2015)
(J/A+A/584/A72)  A transiting rocky planet at 6.5pc from the Sun (Motalebi+ 2015)
(J/A+A/584/A73)  Sunspot areas and tilt angles (Senthamizh Pavai+, 2015)
(J/A+A/584/A80)  Pulsation model data for delta Cep and eta Aql (Merand+, 2015)
(J/A+A/584/A86)  Abundance analysis of HD 140283 (Siqueira-Mello+, 2015)
(J/A+A/584/A88)  Barred + unbarred galaxies N, O abundance ratio (Florido+, 2015)
(J/A+A/584/A91)  Catalog of dense cores in Aquila from Herschel (Konyves+, 2015)
(J/A+A/584/A92)  Galactic Cold Cores. IV. Cold sub-mm sources (Montillaud+, 2015)
(J/A+A/584/A93)  Galactic cold cores. V. Dust opacity (Juvela+, 2015)
(J/A+A/584/A94)  Galactic cold cores. VI. List of Herschel fields (Juvela+, 2015)
(J/A+A/584/A96)  Observations of 50 TNOs and Centaurs (Desmars+, 2015)

(J/A+A/583/A116)  Mercury-T code (Bolmont+, 2015)
(J/A+A/583/A85)  Short Title (Alonso-floriano+, 2015)
(J/A+A/583/A115)  FORS1 catalogue of stellar magnetic fields (Bagnulo+, 2015)
(J/A+A/583/A120)  AGN torus models. SED library (Siebenmorgen+, 2015)
(J/A+A/583/A124)  Ophiuchus r'g'z' photometry and redshifts (Durret+, 2015)
(J/A+A/583/A135)  XO-2N and XO-2S spectra (Biazzo+, 2015)
(J/A+A/583/A137)  LOFAR-HBA 3C196 field RM cubes (Jelic+, 2015)
(J/A+A/583/A53)  Search for H2O2 in Orion (Liseau+, 2015)
(J/A+A/583/A56)  Abundance study of two LMC post-AGB stars (De Smedt+, 2015)
(J/A+A/583/A59)  Gaia-FUN-SSO network. Apophis campaign (Thuillot+, 2015)
(J/A+A/583/A65)  Active Kepler stars differential rotation (Reinhold+, 2015)
(J/A+A/583/A69)  NGC 6139 BV photometry (Bragaglia+, 2015)
(J/A+A/583/A73)  Color-period diagram for M48 (NGC2548) (Barnes+, 2015)
(J/A+A/583/A75)  Large Quasar Astrometric Catalogue 3 (LQAC-3) (Souchay+, 2015)  (LQAC3,LQAC)
(J/A+A/583/A76)  Omega Cen candidates RAVE-selected (Fernandez-Trincado+, 2015)
(J/A+A/583/A82)  Electron-impact excitation for Hydrogen-like ions (Li+, 2015)
(J/A+A/583/A86)  DB white dwarfs in SDSS DR10 and DR12 (Koester+, 2015)

(J/A+A/582/A121)  Short Title (Remy-ruyer+, 2015)
(J/A+A/582/A21)  Merging galaxies (mis)alignments (Barrera-Ballesteros+, 2015)
(J/A+A/582/A111)  List of 389 GRBs (Li+, 2015)
(J/A+A/582/A113)  V1184 Tauri UBVRI light curves (Semkov+, 2015)
(J/A+A/582/A118)  OH-streamer in SgrA at 1665 and 1667MHz (Karlsson+, 2015)
(J/A+A/582/A17)  Keck+HIRES spectra of HD 80606 and HD 80607 (Saffe+, 2015)
(J/A+A/582/A18)  HI data cubes of 4 edge-on spiral galaxies (Allaert+, 2015)
(J/A+A/582/A2)  Gum 31 870um continuum imgage (Duronea+, 2015)
(J/A+A/582/A33)  K2-19b light curve (Armstrong+, 2015)
(J/A+A/582/A36)  USNO Martian observations (Robert+, 2015)
(J/A+A/582/A43)  Line lists of a nitrogen discharge (Boesch+, 2015)
(J/A+A/582/A59)  CaIIK spectra of 7 Galactic and MC open clusters (Smoker+, 2015)
(J/A+A/582/A61)  N-like ions atomic data (Radziute+, 2015)
(J/A+A/582/A64)  W51/e2 and G34.3+0.2 IRAM spectra (Lykke+, 2015)
(J/A+A/582/A66)  SABOCA NGC 3603 IRS 9A images (Hummel+, 2015)
(J/A+A/582/A68)  Database of circumstellar OH masers (Engels+, 2015)
(J/A+A/582/A74)  WISE J072543.88-235119.7 line abundances (Spite+, 2015)
(J/A+A/582/A81)  Gaia FGK benchmark stars: abundances (Jofre+, 2015)
(J/A+A/582/A86)  Catalogue of features in the S4G (Herrera-Endoqui+, 2015)
(J/A+A/582/A8)  Astrometry of the main satellites of Uranus (Camargo+, 2015)
(J/A+A/582/A91)  NGC 4418 ALMA mm-wave spectral scan (Costagliola+, 2015)
(J/A+A/582/A97)  SSP in NIR. II. Synthesis models (Meneses-Goytia+, 2015)
(J/A+A/582/L12)  V960 Mon light curves (Hackstein+, 2015)

(J/A+A/581/A103)  CALIFA survey across the Hubble sequence (Gonzalez+, 2015)
(J/A+A/581/A124)  SFR IRAS 05137+3919 star and jet multiplicity (Cesaroni+, 2015)
(J/A+A/581/A138)  Photometric variability in magnetic CP stars (Bernhard+, 2015)
(J/A+A/581/A10)  VEGAS: A VST Early-type GAlaxy Survey (Capaccioli+, 2015)
(J/A+A/581/A119)  Starless gas clump IRDC 18310-4 images (Beuther+, 2015)
(J/A+A/581/A11)  72 WINGS nearby clusters luminosity functions (Moretti+, 2015)
(J/A+A/581/A125)  UV/Optical/NIR spectroscopy GRB hosts (Kruehler+, 2015)
(J/A+A/581/A126)  Application of the D^3^PO algorithm (Selig+, 2015)
(J/A+A/581/A13)  VI photometry of globular ESO 37-1 (de la Fuente Marcos+, 2015)  ([DDM2015])
(J/A+A/581/A140)  VISTA Orion mini-survey (Spezzi+, 2015)
(J/A+A/581/A14)  Updated Planck catalogue PSZ1 (Planck+, 2015)  (Planck,PSZ,PSZ1,PSZ2.1)
(J/A+A/581/A15)  Models for massive low-Z rotating single stars (Szecsi+, 2015)
(J/A+A/581/A22)  67 CEMP-s stars model analysis (Abate+, 2015)
(J/A+A/581/A26)  Solar Lyman irradiance line profiles (Lemaire+, 2015)
(J/A+A/581/A28)  Stellar X-ray flares from the 2XMM catalog (Pye+, 2015)
(J/A+A/581/A30)  Herschel maps of rho Oph (Rebollido+, 2015)
(J/A+A/581/A33)  Nearby radio galaxies FUV to MIR properties (De Ruiter+, 2015)
(J/A+A/581/A39)  MWSC IV. 63 new open clusters (Scholz+, 2015)  (MWSC)
(J/A+A/581/A41)  OmegaWINGS BV photometry of galaxy clusters (Gullieuszik+, 2015)  ()
(J/A+A/581/A47)  Lines and continuum sky emission in the NIR (Oliva+, 2015)
(J/A+A/581/A48)  1.3cm line survey toward Orion KL (Gong+, 2015)
(J/A+A/581/A52)  Gaia-ESO Survey: Halpha emission stars catalogue (Traven+, 2015)
(J/A+A/581/A65)  IFU observations of NGC 4191 (Coccato+, 2015)
(J/A+A/581/A66)  UV variability and accretion in NGC 2264 (Venuti+, 2015)
(J/A+A/581/A67)  Solar supergranular velocity profiles (Langfellner+, 2015)
(J/A+A/581/A70)  Grid of NLTE EW and NLTE corrections BaII lines (Korotin+, 2015)
(J/A+A/581/A71)  Orion-KL substructure at 1.3mm (Feng+, 2015)
(J/A+A/581/A72)  ubvy photometry of NGC2419 (Frank+, 2015)
(J/A+A/581/A73)  Luhman 16AB X-shooter spectra (Lodieu+, 2015)
(J/A+A/581/A74)  Molecular clouds as viewed by ATLASGAL (Abreu-Vicente+, 2015)
(J/A+A/581/A83)  Metal enriched X-ray bursting neutron star atmos. (Nattila+, 2015)
(J/A+A/581/L5)  Mid-IR/radio correlation for Ghat galaxies (Garrett+, 2015)

(J/A+A/580/A10)  New MnII energy levels (Castelli+, 2015)
(J/A+A/580/A112)  THOR. The HI, OH, Recombination Line Survey (Bihr+, 2015)
(J/A+A/580/A113)  A low-luminosity type-1 QSO sample. III. (Tremou+, 2015)
(J/A+A/580/A121)  CaT/[Fe/H] calibration for Galactic bulge stars (Vasquez+, 2015)
(J/A+A/580/A129)  Sulphur in the Sculptor dSph (Skuladottir+, 2015)
(J/A+A/580/A131)  Circumstellar-interacting supernovae (Taddia+, 2015)
(J/A+A/580/A139)  GRB 130606A VLT/X-shooter spectroscopy (Hartoog+, 2015)
(J/A+A/580/A142)  SN 2011dh. The first two years (Ergon+, 2015)
(J/A+A/580/A14)  Radial Velocities of 3 giant stars with planets (Jones+, 2015)
(J/A+A/580/A17)  alpha-element abundances of Cepheid stars (Genovali+, 2015)
(J/A+A/580/A18)  Carina Project VIII. alpha-element abundances (Fabrizio+, 2015)
(J/A+A/580/A19)  Hen 2-155 and Hen 2-161 photometry and spectroscopy (Jones+, 2015)
(J/A+A/580/A21)  BEER analysis of CoRoT light curves (Tal-Or+, 2015)
(J/A+A/580/A23)  Stroemgren-Crawford uvbybeta photometry catalog (Paunzen, 2015)
(J/A+A/580/A24)  Abundances in dwarfs, subgiants, and giants (da Silva+, 2015)
(J/A+A/580/A26)  T Tauri star population in Lupus (Galli+, 2015)
(J/A+A/580/A27)  Asteroseismology of KIC 10526294 (Moravveji+, 2015)
(J/A+A/580/A28)  Astrometric observations of Phobos (Pasewaldt+, 2015)
(J/A+A/580/A31)  Aldebaran radial velocity variations (Hatzes+, 2015)
(J/A+A/580/A43)  Global HI content from a stacking experiment (Gereb+, 2015)
(J/A+A/580/A45)  Nova M31N 2008-12a 2014 eruption in optical/UV (Darnley+, 2015)
(J/A+A/580/A4)  Radial velocities of stars in NGC 2302 field (Costa+, 2015)
(J/A+A/580/A51)  SNR G18.8+0.3 data cubes (Paron+, 2015)
(J/A+A/580/A63)  HATS-13b and HATS-14b light and RV curves (Mancini+, 2015)
(J/A+A/580/A64)  FK Com spectra in Halpha (Vida+, 2015)
(J/A+A/580/A67)  Catalogue of representative meteor spectra (Vojacek+, 2015)
(J/A+A/580/A68)  3D observations of S 140 (Koumpia+, 2015)
(J/A+A/580/A75)  Velocity precision in the Gaia-ESO Survey (Jackson+, 2015)
(J/A+A/580/A76)  Positions of satellites of giant planets (Gomes-Junior+, 2015)
(J/A+A/580/A88)  Stellar multiplicity in 3-1000AU (Elliott+, 2015)
(J/A+A/580/A93)  VLTS. B stars multiplicity (Dunstall+, 2015)
(J/A+A/580/A95)  Planck/AMI Sunyaev-Zel'dovich measurements (Perrott+, 2015)

(J/A+A/579/A20)  Circumstellar debris discs (Maldonado+, 2015)
(J/A+A/579/A101)  3mm molecular line survey of 8 AGN (Aladro+, 2015)
(J/A+A/579/A102)  Halpha imaging of Herschel Reference Survey (Boselli+, 2015)
(J/A+A/579/A104)  Abundances in NGC 5053 and NGC 5634 (Sbordone+, 2015)
(J/A+A/579/A113)  BR light curves of GJ1214b (Nascimbeni+, 2015)
(J/A+A/579/A115)  SUDARE-VOICE variability-selection of AGN (Falocco+, 2015)  ([FPC2015])
(J/A+A/579/A130)  Near-IR BN/KL outflow images (Bally+, 2015)
(J/A+A/579/A136)  HAT-P-36 and WASP-11/HAT-P-10 light curves (Mancini+, 2015)
(J/A+A/579/A19)  K2 Variable Catalogue (Armstrong+, 2015)
(J/A+A/579/A28)  Abundances of 3 CEMP stars (Bonifacio+, 2015)
(J/A+A/579/A29)  The GUViCS FUV diffuse emission (Boissier+, 2015)
(J/A+A/579/A34)  1WHSP: VHE gamma-ray blazar candidates (Arsioli+, 2015)
(J/A+A/579/A3)  Spatial deconvolution code (Quintero Noda+, 2015)
(J/A+A/579/A46)  Mono-^13^C acetaldehydes mm/submm wave spectra (Margules+, 2015)
(J/A+A/579/A4)  MCS J1206.2-0847 galaxies spectral classification (Girardi+, 2015)
(J/A+A/579/A51)  Kinematic and thermal structure of IRDCs (Bihr+, 2015)
(J/A+A/579/A58)  Spectra of two mid-L subdwarfs (Lodieu+, 2015)
(J/A+A/579/A66)  Accretion in rho-Ophiucus (Manara+, 2015)
(J/A+A/579/A68)  CANDID code for interferometric observations (Gallenne+, 2015)
(J/A+A/579/A71)  Infrared emission of young HII regions (Cesaroni+, 2015)
(J/A+A/579/A76)  Galactic bulge extremely reddened AGB (Jimenez-Esteban+, 2015)
(J/A+A/579/A80)  Star-forming regions deuteration (Gerner+, 2015)
(J/A+A/579/A91)  ATLASGAL inner Galaxy massive cold dust clumps (Wienen+, 2015)

(J/A+A/578/A134)  Compact early-type galaxies in SDSS (Saulder+, 2015)
(J/A+A/578/A100)  Infrared massive stellar content of M83 (Williams+, 2015)
(J/A+A/578/A102)  6.7GHz methanol maser polarization in SFR (Surcis+, 2015)
(J/A+A/578/A105)  EELGs out to z 1 in zCOSMOS (Amorin+, 2015)
(J/A+A/578/A109)  Spectra of 12 ON stars (Martins+, 2015)
(J/A+A/578/A110)  Isolated galaxies, pairs and triplets (Argudo-Fernandez+, 2015)
(J/A+A/578/A116)  Abundances of red giant stars in NGC6093 (M80) (Carretta+, 2015)
(J/A+A/578/A119)  Water maser emission toward post-AGB and PN (Gomez+, 2015)
(J/A+A/578/A11)  Spectrum of QSO XMMC 2028 (Brusa+, 2015)
(J/A+A/578/A122)  eta Carinae's 2014.6 spectroscopic event (Mehner+, 2015)
(J/A+A/578/A128)  VI light curves of NGC4590 variables (Kains+, 2015)
(J/A+A/578/A131)  Gas and dust in the star-forming region rho OphA (Liseau+, 2015)
(J/A+A/578/A136)  Period changes in SuperWASP eclipsing binaries (Lohr+, 2015)
(J/A+A/578/A137)  Solar acoustic modes in period 1996-2014 (Salabert+, 2015)
(J/A+A/578/A22)  Mrk421 in March 2010 (Aleksic+, 2015)
(J/A+A/578/A25)  Light curves for the eclipsing binary V1094 Tau (Maxted+, 2015)
(J/A+A/578/A27)  RV and [Fe/H] in 5 oppen clusters (Carrera+, 2015)
(J/A+A/578/A29)  Column density maps in 4 IRDCs (Schneider+, 2015)
(J/A+A/578/A30)  Emission-line galaxies in ZwCl0024.0+1652 (Sanchez-Portal+, 2015)  (GLACE)
(J/A+A/578/A3)  New survey of supergiants in the MCs (Gonzalez-Fernandez+, 2015)
(J/A+A/578/A42)  Main Belt asteroids observed by Spitzer (Ryan+, 2015)
(J/A+A/578/A44)  Map of foreground masks for Planck (Axelsson+, 2015)
(J/A+A/578/A45)  E-BOSS. II. Catalogue second release (Peri+, 2015)
(J/A+A/578/A46)  Evolution of galaxy clusters metal abundance (Ettori+, 2015)
(J/A+A/578/A49)  M82 spectral maps (Ginard+, 2015)
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(J/A+A/570/A96)  GTC spectra of z 2.3 quasars (Sulentic+, 2014)

(J/A+A/569/A110)  GMOS-IFU spectroscopy of dwarf galaxy HS 2236+1344 (Lagos+ 2014)
(J/A+A/569/A115)  TANAMI monitoring of Centaurus A. (Muller+, 2014)
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(J/A+A/567/A133)  Habitable zone code (Valle+, 2014)
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(J/A+A/565/A27)  Wolf-Rayet stars in Large Magellanic Cloud (Hainich+, 2014)
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(J/A+A/564/A38)  GRB 120327A afterglow VLT/X-shooter spectroscopy (D'Elia+, 2014)
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(J/A+A/564/A42)  Deltaa-photometry in 10 open clusters (Paunzen+, 2014)
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(J/A+A/564/A54)  2XMMi/SDSS Galaxy Cluster Survey. III. (Takey+, 2014)
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(J/A+A/564/A65)  Cold gas properties of Herschel Reference Survey (Boselli+, 2014)  (HRS)
(J/A+A/564/A68)  Orion A GMC 13CO and C18O maps (Shimajiri+, 2014)
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(J/A+A/564/A79)  Proper motions of open clusters from UCAC4 (Dias+, 2014)
(J/A+A/564/A81)  PSR J0357+3205 g' imaging (Kirichenko+, 2014)
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(J/A+A/564/A84)  WISE model grids for O- and C-rich AGB (Lian+, 2014)
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(J/A+A/564/A90)  M subdwarfs VLT/UVES high resolution spectra (Rajpurohit+, 2014)
(J/A+A/564/A94)  CIG sample 3-dimensional environment (Argudo-Fernandez+, 2014)
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(J/A+A/564/L2)  CH3OH line parameters in comets ISON and Lovejoy (Agundez+, 2014)
(J/A+A/564/L3)  JHK photometry of NGC 3115 globular clusters (Cantiello+, 2014)
(J/A+A/564/L7)  VLT-FLAMES Tarantula Survey: VFTS 822 (Kalari+, 2014)
(J/A+A/564/L9)  Near-IR photometry in VVV CL08 (Ramirez Alegria+, 2014)

(J/A+A/563/A120)  Y Cyg light curves and time of minima (Harmanec+, 2014)
(J/A+A/563/A125)  L1642 Herschel maps (Malinen+, 2014)
(J/A+A/563/A130)  GLIMPSE/BGPS 6.7GHz methanol maser survey (Sun+, 2014)
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(J/A+A/563/A138)  Spectroscopy of spectroscopic binaries (Veramendi+, 2014)
(J/A+A/563/A13)  Horizontal branch stars in M22 (Gratton+, 2014)  ([GLS2014])
(J/A+A/563/A142)  UGR photometry of LBG candidates at z 3 (Boutsia+, 2014)  ([BGG2014])
(J/A+A/563/A143)  WASP-68b, WASP-73b, WASP-88b transits (Delrez+, 2014)
(J/A+A/563/A15)  Metallicity and kinematics in Galactic bar (Babusiaux+, 2014)  ([BKH2014])
(J/A+A/563/A21)  GJ 1214 Trappist and Spitzer light curves (Gillon+, 2014)
(J/A+A/563/A22)  Radial velocities of 3 new hot Jupiters (Moutou+, 2014)
(J/A+A/563/A2)  X-ray monitoring of M31 novae (Henze+, 2014)
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(J/A+A/563/A41)  WASP-43 OSIRIS transmission spectroscopy (Murgas+, 2014)
(J/A+A/563/A45)  Pleiades cluster membership probabilities (Sarro+, 2014)  (DANCe,[SBB2014])
(J/A+A/563/A54=VII/270)  SDSS quasar catalog: tenth data release (Paris+, 2014)
(J/A+A/563/A57)  Long-term variability of AGN at hard X-rays (Soldi+, 2014)
(J/A+A/563/A59)  KIC 3858884: list of pulsation frequencies (Maceroni+, 2014)
(J/A+A/563/A63)  Optical spectra of new low-excitation PNs (Hsia+, 2014)
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(J/A+A/563/A76)  CaII triplet equivalent widths in 30 globulars (Mauro+, 2014)
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(J/A+A/563/A92)  VIPERS: galaxy colours and luminosity function (Fritz+, 2014)
(J/A+A/563/A94)  Kinematics of the Gamma Vel cluster (Jeffries+, 2014)  (GES)
(J/A+A/563/A97)  IRAM 30m reduced spectra of 59 sources (Gerner+, 2014)
(J/A+A/563/L10)  BD+33 2642 and HD 112313 radial velocities (Van Winckel+, 2014)
(J/A+A/563/L1)  NGC1333-IRAS2A CALYPSO IRAM-PdBI 1mm and 3mm maps (Maret+, 2014)
(J/A+A/563/L2)  NGC1333-IRAS2A CALYPSO IRAM-PdBI 1mm maps (Maury+, 2014)
(J/A+A/563/L3)  NGC1333-IRAS2A CALYPSO IRAM-PdBI SiO and SO maps (Codella+, 2014)
(J/A+A/563/L6)  CIG 638 CCH, HCN. HOC and HNC spectra (Martin+, 2014)

(J/A+A/562/A106)  Planck submillimetre sources in Virgo Cluster (Baes+, 2014)  (PCCS1)
(J/A+A/562/A107)  sigma Gem V-band differential light curve (Kajatkari+, 2014)
(J/A+A/562/A108)  150MHz emission from exoplanets (Sirothia+, 2014)
(J/A+A/562/A115)  VVV: star formation and embedded clusters (Solin+, 2014)
(J/A+A/562/A121)  ARRAKIS: Atlas of Resonance Rings as Known In S4G (Comeron+ 2014)  (ARRAKIS)
(J/A+A/562/A125)  OGLE-III SMC massive stars VI light curves (Kourniotis+, 2014)
(J/A+A/562/A126)  Light curves of WASP-80 transit events (Mancini+, 2014)
(J/A+A/562/A127)  Near-IR integral field spectra of 15 M-L dwarfs (Bonnefoy+, 2014)
(J/A+A/562/A133)  Analytical model for irradiated atmospheres (Parmentier+, 2014)
(J/A+A/562/A134)  Tracers of the Milky Way mass (Bratek+, 2014)
(J/A+A/562/A135)  Northern Galactic OB stars vsini (Simon-Diaz+, 2014)
(J/A+A/562/A146)  Chemical abundances of 8 metal-poor stars (Ishigaki+, 2014)
(J/A+A/562/A15)  Star-forming galaxies in AKARI Deep Field-South (Malek+, 2014)
(J/A+A/562/A17)  SN 2011dh - The first 100 days (Ergon+, 2014)
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(J/A+A/562/A79)  Variability of seven blazars in six bands (Sandrinelli+, 2014)
(J/A+A/562/A86)  CLASH. Photometric + photo-z catalog (Jouvel+, 2014)  (CLASH)
(J/A+A/562/A88)  QJ0643-5041 UVES spectra (Albornoz Vasquez+, 2014)
(J/A+A/562/A89)  i light curve ans spectra of Hen2-11 central star (Jones+, 2014)
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(J/A+A/562/A92)  Li abundance in solar analogues (Delgado Mena+, 2014)
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(J/A+A/562/L10)  Solar activity reconstructed for 3 millennia (Usoskin+, 2014)
(J/A+A/562/L3)  WASP-103b radial velocities and light curves (Gillon+, 2014)

(J/A+A/561/A127)  ynogkm: code for calculating time-like geodesics (Yang+, 2014)
(J/A+A/561/A106)  BV photometry of 6 SMC stellar clusters (Dias+, 2014)
(J/A+A/561/A111)  U-band photometry of 17 WINGS clusters (Omizzolo+, 2014)  (WINGS)
(J/A+A/561/A119)  Spectra of stars and planetary nebulae (Moni Bidin+, 2014)
(J/A+A/561/A126)  RV and vsini of southern stars (de Medeiros+, 2014)
(J/A+A/561/A12)  W3 Main JHKs photometry (Bik+, 2014)
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(J/A+A/561/A137)  Optical spectra of IGR J21343+4738 (Reig+, 2014)
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(J/A+A/561/A49)  867um image of SBS 0335-052 with ALMA (Hunt+, 2014)
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(J/A+A/560/A30)  Halpha spectra of pi Aqr (Zharikov+, 2013)
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(J/A+A/560/A76)  Catalog of stellar clusters in the inner Galaxy (Morales+, 2013)
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(J/A+A/560/A9)  AMIGA. Revision of the isolation degree (Argudo-Fernandez+, 2013)  (AMIGA)

(J/A+A/559/A14=III/269)  VIMOS VLT Deep Survey (VVDS) (Le Fevre+, 2013)
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(J/A+A/559/A32)  Light curves of GJ3470b (Nascimbeni+, 2013)
(J/A+A/559/A33)  Near-IR Spectrophotometry of GJ 3470b (Crossfield+, 2013)
(J/A+A/559/A35)  FBS 0117+396 pulsating sdB star photometry (Ostensen+, 2013)
(J/A+A/559/A36)  Exoplanets WASP-65b and WASP-75b (Gomez Maqueo Chew+, 2013)
(J/A+A/559/A3)  Low-mass stars in Trumpler 37 (Sicilia-Aguilar+, 2013)
(J/A+A/559/A43)  Pan-STARRS1 (PS1) observations of the Hyades (Goldman+, 2013)
(J/A+A/559/A44)  Rotational spectrum of MAAN (CH_2_NCH_2_CN) (Motiyenko+, 2013)
(J/A+A/559/A47)  Sgr B2(N) and Sgr B2(M) IRAM 30m line survey (Belloche+, 2013)
(J/A+A/559/A48)  Mm-spectra of comets C/2001 Q2 and C/2002 T7 (de Val-Borro+ 2013)
(J/A+A/559/A51)  HC_3_N in Orion KL (Esplugues+, 2013)
(J/A+A/559/A62)  Simulations of dust aggregates through collisions (Wada+, 2013)
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(J/A+A/559/A70)  Blue wing of the 2p-1s He_2_ line (Allard+, 2013)
(J/A+A/559/A75)  43GHz observation of the blazar Mrk 421 (Blasi+, 2013)
(J/A+A/559/A79)  IRDC APEX/SABOCA observations (Ragan+, 2013)
(J/A+A/559/A82)  Sub-mm observations of IRS43 and IRS63 (Brinch+, 2013)
(J/A+A/559/A85)  1D Lya forest power spectrum (Palanque-Delabrouille+, 2013)
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(J/A+A/559/A95)  Fitted proper motions for the DR solution (Titov+, 2013)
(J/A+A/559/A97)  II Pegasus photometry during 1979-2010 (Lindborg+, 2013)
(J/A+A/559/A98)  JK photometry in BUL_SC9 and BUL_SC29 (Valenti+, 2013)  ([VZR2013])
(J/A+A/559/A9)  Neutrinos from GRBs with ANTARES (Adrian-Martinez+ 2013)
(J/A+A/559/L2)  H and Ks maps aroung G045.47+0.05 (Paron+, 2013)

(J/A+A/558/A103)  Stellar models with rotation. 0.8<M<120, Z=0.002 (Georgy+, 2013)
(J/A+A/558/A106)  Chemical abundances for 83 transit hosts (Mortier+, 2013)
(J/A+A/558/A112)  Dimethyl ether-13C lab spectra up to 1.5THz (Koerber+, 2013)
(J/A+A/558/A12)  M5 (NGC5904) UBVRI photometry (Viaux+, 2013)
(J/A+A/558/A131)  Model spectra of hot stars at the pre-SN stage (Groh+, 2013)
(J/A+A/558/A134)  VLT-FLAMES Tarantula Survey. 30 Dor luminous stars (Doran+, 2013)
(J/A+A/558/A137)  AGILE bright gamma-ray sources updated list (Verrecchia+, 2013)  (AGILE,1AGLR)
(J/A+A/558/A149)  VLTI/MIDI AGN Large Program observations (Burtscher+, 2013)
(J/A+A/558/A18)  HI spectra of extremely metal-poor (XMP) galaxies (Filho+, 2013)
(J/A+A/558/A24)  The VLTI/MIDI survey of Massive YSOs (Boley+, 2013)
(J/A+A/558/A38)  FAMA code for stellar parameters and abundances (Magrini+, 2013)
(J/A+A/558/A3)  XMM-Newton point-source catalogue of the SMC (Sturm+, 2013)
(J/A+A/558/A44)  TMC-1N mapping in JHK bands (Malinen+, 2013)
(J/A+A/558/A53)  Milky Way global survey of star clusters. II. (Kharchenko+, 2013)  (MWSC)
(J/A+A/558/A55)  HATS-2b griz light curves (Mohler-Fischer+, 2013)
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(J/A+A/558/A60)  CO(2-1) observations of central AGN at z=1.4 (Casasola+, 2013)
(J/A+A/558/A63)  RX J2117.1+3412 (V2027 Cyg) light curves (Chang+, 2013)
(J/A+A/558/A68)  Red nuclear spectra of 376 local galaxies (Gavazzi+, 2013)
(J/A+A/558/A6)  Microwave spectrum of 2-pentynenitrile (C2H5CCCN) (Carles+, 2013)
(J/A+A/558/A71)  Times of minima for 1SWASP J234401.81-212229.1 (Lohr+, 2013)
(J/A+A/558/A75)  2XMMi/SDSS Galaxy Cluster Survey. II. (Takey+, 2013)
(J/A+A/558/A81)  NGC 7538 IRS1 maps in CH3OH, HCN and HCO+ (Beuther+, 2013)
(J/A+A/558/A82)  V4332 Sgr optical spectropolarimetry (Kaminski+, 2013)
(J/A+A/558/A86)  HAT-P-42b and HAT-P-43b ri light curves (Boisse+, 2013)
(J/A+A/558/A87)  NGC6240 high resolution mapping of CO(1-0) (Feruglio+, 2013)
(J/A+A/558/A92)  S5 0716+714 microvariability observation (Bhatta+, 2013)
(J/A+A/558/A94)  L1157 blue lobe SiO, H2CO, and CH3OH maps (Gomez-Ruiz+, 2013)
(J/A+A/558/A96)  CSS21055 light curves (Beuermann+, 2013)

(J/A+A/557/A100)  Fermi and Swift GRBs E_peak_-E_iso_ relation (Heussaff+, 2013)
(J/A+A/557/A104)  CO observations of post-AGB stars (Bujarrabal+, 2013)
(J/A+A/557/A106)  Evolution and CNO yields of Z=10^-5^ stars (Gil-Pons+, 2013)
(J/A+A/557/A10)  Metallicities of open clusters (Netopil+, 2013)
(J/A+A/557/A119)  Eclipsing binary system LL Aquarii (Southworth, 2013)
(J/A+A/557/A128)  Stellar [Fe/H] and [Na/H] in NGC6752 (Carretta, 2013)
(J/A+A/557/A12)  Optical light curves of gamma-ray bursts (Zaninoni+, 2013)
(J/A+A/557/A136)  Oxygen-like ions Energies and transition rates (Rynkun+, 2013)
(J/A+A/557/A137)  Dust effects on photometric parameters in spirals (Pastrav+ 2013)
(J/A+A/557/A138)  Detailed chemical abundances in the GlC NGC 362 (Carretta+ 2013)
(J/A+A/557/A13)  3 eclipsing high-mass binaries light curve (Barr Dominguez+, 2013)
(J/A+A/557/A18)  GRB 120815A afterglow spectra (Kruehler+, 2013)
(J/A+A/557/A19)  Mass and age of extreme low-mass white dwarfs (Althaus+, 2013)
(J/A+A/557/A1)  Bright B-type variables in Scorpius (Handler+, 2013)
(J/A+A/557/A26)  STAGGER-grid of 3D stellar models. I. (Magic+, 2013)
(J/A+A/557/A29)  Young stellar clusters in the Rosette (Cambresy+, 2013)
(J/A+A/557/A30)  Transits of HAT-P-16 and WASP-21 (Ciceri+, 2013)
(J/A+A/557/A44)  The doubly lensed quasar SDSS J1001+5027 (Rathna Kumar+, 2013)
(J/A+A/557/A62)  Spectroscopy in Abell 3921 (Pranger+, 2013)
(J/A+A/557/A66)  Effective SEDs of IR galaxies at various z (Bethermin+, 2013)
(J/A+A/557/A70)  Evolved planet hosts - stellar parameters (Mortier+, 2013)
(J/A+A/557/A77)  VR light curves of AA Tau in 2007-2013 (Bouvier+, 2013)
(J/A+A/557/A79)  Spectra of KIC10661783 (Lehmann+, 2013)
(J/A+A/557/A81)  XMM-LSS field X-ray sources classification (Melnyk+, 2013)  (2XLSSd)
(J/A+A/557/A82)  Near-IR polarimetry of Galactic center sources (Buchholz+, 2013)
(J/A+A/557/A84)  AMUSE code, V8.0 (Pelupessy+, 2013)
(J/A+A/557/A94)  SiO and HCO+ massive molecular outflows (Sanchez-Monge+, 2013)
(J/A+A/557/L10)  Rotation periods of 12000 Kepler stars (Nielsen+, 2013)
(J/A+A/557/L1)  WMAP cosmic microwave background data (Rassat+, 2013)
(J/A+A/557/L6)  Spectra of the Titan haze at 1-5 micron (Kim+, 2013)

(J/A+A/556/A130)  Short Title (Sanchez+, 2013)
(J/A+A/556/A10)  Multiband surface photometry of 21 BCGs (Micheva+ 2013)
(J/A+A/556/A110)  HARPS radial velocities of GJ 163 (Bonfils+, 2013)
(J/A+A/556/A114)  Obscured AGNs in XMM deep survey in CDF-S (Castello-Mor+, 2013)
(J/A+A/556/A118)  Occultation of HIP 107302 by Jupiter (Christou+, 2013)
(J/A+A/556/A121)  Identification of metal-poor stars with ANN (Giridhar+, 2013)
(J/A+A/556/A123)  Near-IR imaging polarimetry of HD142527 (Canovas+, 2013)
(J/A+A/556/A126)  GJ667C Doppler and activity measurements (Anglada-Escude+, 2013)
(J/A+A/556/A133)  Astrometric orbit of DENIS-P J082303.1-49120 (Sahlmann+, 2013)
(J/A+A/556/A139)  Spectrum of SXP1062 (Sturm+, 2013)
(J/A+A/556/A141)  ESO-UVES Advanced Data Products (EUADP) sample (Zafar+, 2013)
(J/A+A/556/A144)  Proper motions of young stars in Chamaeleon (Lopez Marti+, 2013)  (ChAI-PM,ChAII-PM)
(J/A+A/556/A150)  SWEETCat I. Stellar parameters for host stars (Santos+, 2013)  (SWEET)
(J/A+A/556/A15)  Effective temperature scale of M dwarfs (Rajpurohit+, 2013)
(J/A+A/556/A1)  The 2.3GHz continuum survey of the GEM project (Tello+, 2013)
(J/A+A/556/A20)  Variable stars in globular NGC7492 (Figuera Jaimes+, 2013)
(J/A+A/556/A22)  R-band light curves of RX J1131-1231 (Tewes+, 2013)
(J/A+A/556/A26)  Arches cluster: IR phot., extinction and masses (Habibi+, 2013)
(J/A+A/556/A38)  Period-mass-loss rate relation of Miras (Uttenthaler, 2013)
(J/A+A/556/A52)  gamma Dor stars from Kepler (Tkachenko+, 2013)
(J/A+A/556/A55)  Multi-color photometry of star-forming galaxies (Ilbert+, 2013)
(J/A+A/556/A56)  KIC 11285625: list of detected frequencies (Debosscher+, 2013)
(J/A+A/556/A57)  Transitions in OMC-2 FIR 4 in the far-IR (Kama+, 2013)
(J/A+A/556/A60)  BVRI observations of the FUor star V582 Aur (Semkov+, 2013)
(J/A+A/556/A65)  LDN 1570 BV(RI)c polarisation and photometry (Eswaraiah+, 2013)
(J/A+A/556/A71)  Blazar 0836+710 long-term multiwavelength studies (Akyuz+, 2013)
(J/A+A/556/A86)  FGK dwarf stars limb darkening coefficients (Neilson+, 2013)
(J/A+A/556/A87)  CoRoT-100866999 frequency analysis (Chapellier+, 2013)
(J/A+A/556/A8)  100 asteroids rotational parameters (Lhotka+, 2013)
(J/A+A/556/A94)  X-ray spectrum of 1H0419-577 (Di Gesu+, 2013)
(J/A+A/556/A98)  Star-forming rings in NGC5248 (Van der Laan+, 2013)
(J/A+A/556/L1)  ALMA observations of 12CO/13CO around R Scl (Vlemmings+, 2013)

(J/A+A/555/A109)  ^14^N/^15^N isotopic ratio in L1544 (Bizzocchi+, 2013)
(J/A+A/555/A10)  Light curves of 5 type IIn supernovae (Taddia+, 2013)
(J/A+A/555/A110)  Radio images of CIZA J2242.8+5301 (Stroe+, 2013)
(J/A+A/555/A11)  DUNES survey observational results (Eiroa+, 2013)
(J/A+A/555/A123)  3D-MHD model of a solar active region corona (Bourdin+, 2013)
(J/A+A/555/A12)  Foreground Galactic stars properties (Kordopatis+, 2013)  ([KHI2013])
(J/A+A/555/A131)  Fundamental parameters of star clusters in the LMC (Palma+, 2013)
(J/A+A/555/A134)  Variability monitoring of QSO B1156+295 at 4.8GHz (Liu+, 2013)
(J/A+A/555/A141)  LMC emission-line stars. Armagh survey (Howarth, 2013)
(J/A+A/555/A142)  Spectra of 5 Type II supernovae (Inserra+, 2013)
(J/A+A/555/A150)  Physical parameters of cool solar-type stars (Tsantaki+, 2013)
(J/A+A/555/A23)  M82-A radio continuum and polarisation study I. (Adebahr+, 2013)
(J/A+A/555/A24)  Aperture-synthesis imaging of Antares (Ohnaka+, 2013)
(J/A+A/555/A25)  Equivalent widths of DIBs (Puspitarini+, 2013)
(J/A+A/555/A2)  J-band variability of AGN (Nesci+, 2013)
(J/A+A/555/A30)  REFLEX II. Properties of the survey (Boehringer+ 2013)
(J/A+A/555/A36)  VrI light curves of NGC7099 variables (Kains+, 2013)
(J/A+A/555/A42)  The XMM-CDFS catalogues (Ranalli+, 2013)  (XMMCDFS)
(J/A+A/555/A4)  Radio polarimetry of CSS sources (Mantovani+ 2013)
(J/A+A/555/A50)  UBVIc photometry of stars in Westerlund 2 (Carraro+, 2013)
(J/A+A/555/A56)  T1C photometry of NGC7507 (Caso+, 2013)
(J/A+A/555/A58)  New Kepler planetary candidates (Ofir+, 2013)
(J/A+A/555/A63)  Semi-sinusoidal variability with CoRoT (de Medeiros+, 2013)
(J/A+A/555/A64)  Identifying gaps in flaring Herbig Ae/Be disks (Maaskant+, 2013)
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(J/A+A/548/A106)  PMN J0948+0022 radio-to-gamma-ray monitoring (Foschini+, 2012)
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(J/A+A/548/A99)  XMM-Newton Slew Survey in 2-10keV (Warwick+, 2012)  (XMMSL1,XSS)

(J/A+A/547/A105)  D-burning in core accretion objects (Molliere+, 2012)
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(J/A+A/547/A13)  Homogeneous sample of F6-K4 Hyades stars (Tabernero+, 2012)
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(J/A+A/526/A117)  Method to simulate irradiated objects (Guenther+, 2011)
(J/A+A/526/A102)  VLBI imaging of 105 extragalactic radio sources (Bourda+, 2011)  (IERS)
(J/A+A/526/A111)  Radial velocity of HD 85390, 90156 and 103197 (Mordasini+, 2011)
(J/A+A/526/A112)  Radial velocities of HARPS metal-poor sample (Santos+, 2011)
(J/A+A/526/A114)  Kinematic profiles of Virgo early-type galaxies (Toloba+, 2011)
(J/A+A/526/A115)  Electron-impact excitation of H-like ions (Malespin+, 2011)
(J/A+A/526/A116)  W Virginis high-resolution spectra (Kovtyukh+, 2011)
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(J/A+A/526/A130)  WASP-34b photometry and radial velocities (Smalley+, 2011)
(J/A+A/526/A136)  Hot HB stars in omega Cen (Moehler+, 2011)  ([MDL2011])
(J/A+A/526/A141)  Velocity monitoring of Gl 676A and HIP 12961 (Forveille+, 2011)
(J/A+A/526/A150)  KV Vel and TW Crv JHK light curves (Ribeiro+, 2011)
(J/A+A/526/A151)  Hi-Gal sources distance determination (Russeil+, 2011)
(J/A+A/526/A155)  SDSS surface photometry of M31 (Tempel+, 2011)
(J/A+A/526/A21)  Collinder 69 X-ray sources (Barrado+, 2011)  ([BSM2011])
(J/A+A/526/A28)  SDSS-II supernovae NTT and NOT spectroscopy (Oestman+, 2011)
(J/A+A/526/A29)  ASAS low-mass eclipsing binaries light curves (Helminiak+, 2011)
(J/A+A/526/A44)  Observations of II Peg (Lindborg+, 2011)
(J/A+A/526/A45)  WINGS-SPE II catalog (Fritz+, 2011)  (WINGS)
(J/A+A/526/A6)  Central stars of galactic planetary nebulae (Weidmann+, 2011)
(J/A+A/526/A71)  C abundances in G and K nearby stars (da Silva+, 2011)
(J/A+A/526/A72)  Early-type galaxies in the EGS (Fernandez Lorenzo+, 2011)
(J/A+A/526/A99)  Metal-poor solar-type stars spectroscopy and masses (Sousa+, 2011)
(J/A+A/526/L10)  Transits of WASP-33 (Herrero+, 2011)

(J/A+A/525/A124)  Pal1-I elemental equivalent widths and abundances (Monaco+, 2011)
(J/A+A/525/A127)  Properties of X-ray selected AGNs (Tasse+, 2011)
(J/A+A/525/A131)  Solar-like oscillations in Kepler red giants (Hekker+, 2011)
(J/A+A/525/A138)  All-sky Galactic radiation at 45MHz (Guzman+, 2011)
(J/A+A/525/A148)  Radial velocities in two globular clusters (Scarpa+, 2011)
(J/A+A/525/A149)  Red MSX Survey (RMS): bolometric fluxes of YSOs (Mottram+, 2011)
(J/A+A/525/A157)  SDSS automated morphology classification (Huertas-Company+, 2011)
(J/A+A/525/A16)  ubvy light curves of CP stars in open clusters (Paunzen+, 2011)
(J/A+A/525/A19)  Photometry of globulars in early galaxies (Chies-Santos+, 2011)
(J/A+A/525/A1)  JHK photometry of CBJC 8 sources (Persi+, 2011)
(J/A+A/525/A23)  Frequency analysis of HD 49434 (Mathias+, 2011)
(J/A+A/525/A2)  Eclipsing binaries in NGC6791 (Brogaard+, 2011)
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(J/A+A/525/A47)  U-band photometry in sigma Orionis region (Rigliaco+, 2011)
(J/A+A/525/A53)  GBM parameters for detected FERMI bursts (Guetta+, 2011)
(J/A+A/525/A54)  Transits of WASP-38b (Barros+, 2011)
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(J/A+A/525/A63)  Abundances in Ba stars (Allen+, 2011)
(J/A+A/525/A66)  4 close binaries BVR light curves (Djurasevic+, 2011)
(J/A+A/525/A71)  Atmospheric parameters for 1273 stars (Wu+, 2011)
(J/A+A/525/A74)  540-690nm Solar Atlas (Molaro+, 2011)
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(J/A+A/525/A90)  Thick disc vertical properties (Katz+, 2011)  ([KSC2011])
(J/A+A/525/A95)  Search for brown-dwarf companions of stars (Sahlmann+, 2011)

(J/A+A/524/A10)  Radial Velocity standard stars (Crifo+, 2010)
(J/A+A/524/A25)  Radial Velocities on 6 exoplanet host stars (Triaud+, 2010)
(J/A+A/524/A35)  Effective collision strengths of CrII (Wasson+, 2010)
(J/A+A/524/A44)  CN and CH line strengths in 12 globulars (Pancino+, 2010)
(J/A+A/524/A45)  Overproduction factors of s-nuclei in massive stars (Pumo+, 2010)
(J/A+A/524/A64)  The 54-month Palermo BAT-survey catalogue (Cusumano+, 2010)  (2PBC,PBC)
(J/A+A/524/A6)  Evolution of spectral early-type galaxies (Saglia+, 2010)
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(J/A+A/524/A97)  XMM observations of eta Cha cluster (Lopez-Santiago+, 2010)  ([LAL2010])
(J/A+A/524/A99)  Polarisation of S Per and VX Sgr in OH (Szymczak+, 2010)

(J/A+A/523/A11)  Open clusters towards the Galactic center (Magrini+, 2010)
(J/A+A/523/A15)  HARPS XXIII: RV data for the 8 targets (Naef+, 2010)
(J/A+A/523/A16)  NIR imaging of HH 223 (Lopez+, 2010)
(J/A+A/523/A17)  Individual stars in Fornax dSph center (Letarte+, 2010)
(J/A+A/523/A23)  Properties of OB associations in IC 1613 (Garcia+, 2010)  ([GHC2010b])
(J/A+A/523/A48)  Gaia photometry (Jordi+, 2010)  (Gaia)
(J/A+A/523/A57)  The Earth as a transiting planet (Vidal-Madjar+, 2010)
(J/A+A/523/A58)  PDF Atlas and spectra of FeH molecule in LHS 2 (Wende+, 2010)
(J/A+A/523/A61)  INTEGRAL all-sky survey of hard X-ray sources (Krivonos+, 2010)
(J/A+A/523/A64)  UV properties of starbursts (Raiter+, 2010)
(J/A+A/523/A71)  A and F stars abundances in the Hyades (Gebran+, 2010)
(J/A+A/523/A7)  Light curves of type Ia supernovae in SNLS (Guy+, 2010)  (SNLS)
(J/A+A/523/A84)  Transit light curves of HAT-P-13b (Szabo+, 2010)
(J/A+A/523/A88)  A Jupiter-mass companion around HD 109246 (Boisse+, 2010)
(J/A+A/523/A91)  CoRoT/Exoplanet fields with MATISSE (Gazzano+, 2010)

(J/A+A/522/A103)  Si XI K-shell energy levels and radiative rates (Wei+, 2010)
(J/A+A/522/A112)  i'z' photometry of L5 and later dwarf candidates (Reyle+, 2010)
(J/A+A/522/A26)  Fe Abundances in metal-poor stars (Sbordone+ 2010)
(J/A+A/522/A29)  OGLE2-TR-L9 g'r'i'z' light curves (Lendl+, 2010)
(J/A+A/522/A3)  M33 CO(2-1) and HI integrated intensity maps (Gratier+, 2010)
(J/A+A/522/A54)  Distance determination for RAVE stars. II. (Zwitter+, 2010)
(J/A+A/522/A65)  Lunar occultations at the ESO VLT (Richichi+, 2010)
(J/A+A/522/A68)  Variable sources detected by INTEGRAL (Telezhinsky+, 2010)
(J/A+A/522/A79)  Faint, high-Galactic-latitude red clump stars (Valentini+, 2010)
(J/A+A/522/A86)  Algorithm for correcting CoRoT raw light curves (Mislis+, 2010)
(J/A+A/522/A88)  Photometric identification of BHB stars (Smith+, 2010)
(J/A+A/522/A93)  Short-term variability of 29 minor planets (Thirouin+, 2010)

(J/A+A/521/A12)  Radial velocities of nearby late-type stars (Maldonado+, 2010)
(J/A+A/521/A18)  Blue stars with disk photometry in NGC 6611 (Guarcello+, 2010)  ([GDM2010])
(J/A+A/521/A19)  21 Lutetia UBVRI light curves (Lamy+, 2010)
(J/A+A/521/A36)  BV differential photometry of V711 Tau (Muneer+, 2010)
(J/A+A/521/A39)  Cordoba Carte du Ciel-Astrographic Catalog, CCAC (Orellana+, 2010)  (CCAC)
(J/A+A/521/A3)  Abundances in HII regions and PNe of M81 (Stanghellini+, 2010)
(J/A+A/521/A40)  Stroemgren photometry of Milky Way stars (Arnadottir+, 2010)
(J/A+A/521/A45)  X-ray detections in the sigma Ori cluster (Caballero+, 2010)
(J/A+A/521/A4)  CPMDS catalogue (Gavras+, 2010)
(J/A+A/521/A55)  The mass function of nearby black holes (Caramete+, 2010)
(J/A+A/521/A61)  Stars associated to Eagle Nebula (M16=NGC6611) (Guarcello+ 2010)
(J/A+A/521/A78)  Velocities in the A2345 cluster (Boschin+, 2010)  ([BBG2010c])
(J/A+A/521/A8)  Star-forming regions in NGC 2903 bar (Popping+, 2010)  ([PPZ2010])

(J/A+A/520/A108)  CoRoT 101128793 light curves (Poretti+, 2010)
(J/A+A/520/A109)  Gas kinematics of spiral galaxies (Kutdemir+, 2010)  ([KZP2010])
(J/A+A/520/A113)  VLBI detection of 398 extragalactic radio sources (Bourda+, 2010)
(J/A+A/520/A15)  RACE-OC project: YSOs within 100pc (Messina+, 2010)
(J/A+A/520/A42)  Galaxy groups in the VIMOS-VLT Deep Survey (Cucciati+, 2010)
(J/A+A/520/A46)  Stroemgren photometry of 12 RR Lyrae stars (de Boer+, 2010)
(J/A+A/520/A47)  Blazars in the Swift-BAT hard X-ray sky (Maselli+, 2010)
(J/A+A/520/A52)  31 Com radial velocities (Strassmeier+, 2010)
(J/A+A/520/A56)  WASP-26b RV and photometric data (Smalley+, 2010)
(J/A+A/520/A57)  New FeII energy levels from stellar spectra (Castelli+, 2010)
(J/A+A/520/A62)  Radio-optical scrutiny of compact AGN (Arshakian+, 2010)
(J/A+A/520/A64)  Trans-HCOOH hyperfine structure (Cazzoli+, 2010)
(J/A+A/520/A66)  CoRoT-8b light and RV curves (Borde+, 2010)
(J/A+A/520/A73)  Light curve of V945 Cen in Geneva photometry (Harmanec+, 2010)
(J/A+A/520/A79)  Nearby FGK stars chromospheric activity (Martinez-Arnaiz+, 2010)
(J/A+A/520/A89)  Multi-epoch photometry of delta Ori (Mayer+, 2010)
(J/A+A/520/A92)  Global plasma parameter simulation of Comet 67P (Gortsas+, 2010)
(J/A+A/520/A95)  Abundances of red giants in M54 and Sgr dSph (Carretta+, 2010)  ([CBG2010])

(J/A+A/519/A10)  Radial velocity curve of HD 202206 (Couetdic+, 2010)
(J/A+A/519/A12)  1318 new variable stars in Galactic plane (Miller+, 2010)  ([MAA2010])
(J/A+A/519/A17)  X-ray/UV ratio of 2XMM AGN (Vagnetti+, 2010)
(J/A+A/519/A27)  CO maps in Serpens (Duarte-Cabral+, 2010)
(J/A+A/519/A34)  YSOs in DROXO (Deep rho Oph XMM obs.) (Pillitteri+, 2010)  (DROXO)
(J/A+A/519/A40)  Spectroscopic study of 65 nearby galaxies (Annibali+, 2010)
(J/A+A/519/A78)  BVR light curves of KR Com (Zasche+, 2010)
(J/A+A/519/A83)  T Tau stars toward the Taurus-Auriga region (Takita+ 2010)
(J/A+A/519/A98)  Transit of exoplanet WASP-21b (Bouchy+, 2010)
(J/A+A/519/L3)  Lithium content of omega Cen (Monaco+, 2010)  ([MBS2010])

(J/A+A/518/A10=VII/258)  Quasars and Active Galactic Nuclei (13th Ed.) (Veron+ 2010)
(J/A+A/518/A1)  Galactic massive stars with AstraLux (Maiz Apellaniz, 2010)
(J/A+A/518/A25)  Transits of HD40307b by Spitzer (Gillon+, 2010)
(J/A+A/518/A29)  Distribution of WR stars in 2 nearby galaxies (Leloudas+, 2010)
(J/A+A/518/A44)  NGC 1399 planetary nebula velocities (McNeil+, 2010)
(J/A+A/518/A64)  Na-like iso-electronic sequence. II. (Liang+, 2010)
(J/A+A/518/L73)  Youngest massive protostars in the LMC (Sewilo+, 2010)

(J/A+A/517/A21)  Sensitivity analysis list of chemical reactions (Wakelam+, 2010)
(J/A+A/517/A3)  Stellar parameters of Kepler early-type targets (Catanzaro+, 2010)
(J/A+A/517/A44)  Spitzer sources in the Galactic bulge (Uttenthaler+, 2010)
(J/A+A/517/A50)  Ages + luminosities of young SMC/LMC star clusters (Glatt+, 2010)
(J/A+A/517/A54)  20cm survey of the AKARI NEP (White+, 2010)
(J/A+A/517/A60)  Absorption coefficient of polystyrene (Kannuchova+, 2010)
(J/A+A/517/A65)  Velocities of A2294 galaxies (Girardi+, 2010)  ([GBB2010b])
(J/A+A/517/A76)  Near-IR spectrum of 2M1207b (Patience+, 2010)
(J/A+A/517/A81)  2nd and 3d parameters of HB of globular clusters (Gratton+, 2010)
(J/A+A/517/L1)  Radial velocities of WASP-8b planet (Queloz+, 2010)

(J/A+A/516/A13=B/pollux)  POLLUX database of synthetic stellar spectra (Palacios+ 2010-2015)
(J/A+A/516/A23)  UBVI Photometry of NGC 1261 (Kravtsov+, 2010)
(J/A+A/516/A28)  Star catalogue of Tycho Brahe (1627) (Verbunt+, 2010)  (Tycho-Brahe,Brahe)
(J/A+A/516/A29)  Star catalogue of Hevelius (1690) (Verbunt+, 2010)
(J/A+A/516/A3)  Proper motions of PM2000 open clusters (Krone-Martins+, 2010)
(J/A+A/516/A42)  Spectral lines of BK Peg and BW Aqr (Clausen+, 2010)
(J/A+A/516/A46)  HE 2327-5642 abundance analysis (Mashonkina+, 2010)
(J/A+A/516/A4)  NGC1600, NGC4125, NGC7619 extended spectroscopy (Pu+, 2010)
(J/A+A/516/A95)  Photometry and spectroscopy of HD 80606b (Hebrard+, 2010)
(J/A+A/516/L15)  S Arae photometry (Chadid+, 2010)

(J/A+A/515/A100)  VI light curves of NGC 1039 solar-type stars (James+, 2010)  ([JBM2010])
(J/A+A/515/A111=B/pastel)  The PASTEL catalogue (Soubiran+, 2010-)
(J/A+A/515/A13)  Very low mass objects in ONC (Rodriguez-Ledesma+, 2010)
(J/A+A/515/A16)  UBVI light curves of NGC 884 variables (Saesen+, 2010)
(J/A+A/515/A26)  H and Ks photometry of Trumpler 14 (Sana+, 2010)
(J/A+A/515/A28)  Abundances of dwarfs and giants in 2 open clusters (Pace+, 2010)
(J/A+A/515/A32)  Pluto, Charon, Nix, Hydra occultations 2008-15 (Assafin+, 2010)
(J/A+A/515/A35)  Reduction of integral-field spectrograph code P3D (Sandin+, 2010)
(J/A+A/515/A39)  BL Cam light maximum times (Fauvaud+, 2010)
(J/A+A/515/A42)  Catalog of high extinction clouds (Rygl+, 2010)  (HEC)
(J/A+A/515/A51)  Extended red(dened) regions in 2MASS (Frieswijk+, 2010)
(J/A+A/515/A55)  NGC 6334-NGC 6357 complex (Russeil+, 2010)
(J/A+A/515/A56)  NGC 346/N66 JHKs photometry (Gouliermis+, 2010)
(J/A+A/515/A57)  Radial velocities in clusters of galaxies. V. (Proust+, 2010)
(J/A+A/515/A75)  Low-mass population in rho Oph cloud (Alves de Oliveira+, 2010)
(J/A+A/515/A81)  TYC 2627-638-1 BV(RI)c differential photometry (Olah+, 2010)
(J/A+A/515/A93)  Li abundances in solar-analog stars. II. (Takeda+, 2010)

(J/A+A/514/A102)  SDSS DR7 groups of galaxies (Tago+, 2010)
(J/A+A/514/A10)  AGNs in submm-selected Lockman Hole galaxies (Serjeant+, 2010)
(J/A+A/514/A11)  SEDs in ADFS (AKARI Deep Field South) (Malek+, 2010)  (ADFS)
(J/A+A/514/A1=II/297)  AKARI/IRC mid-IR all-sky Survey (ISAS/JAXA, 2010)
(J/A+A/514/A2)  AKARI/HIP and AKARI/2MASS samples (Ita+, 2010)
(J/A+A/514/A3)  Star-galaxy separation in AKARI FIS All-Sky Survey (Pollo+, 2010)
(J/A+A/514/A40)  IRON project. LXVIII (Del Zanna+, 2010)
(J/A+A/514/A59)  uvbybeta photometry in Carina. II (Kaltcheva+, 2010)
(J/A+A/514/A5)  PAH luminous galaxies at z 1 (Takagi+, 2010)  ([TOG2010])
(J/A+A/514/A60)  Galaxies of J0454-0309 lensing fossil group (Schirmer+, 2010)  ([SSS2010])
(J/A+A/514/A97)  High-resolution spectra of Late-type stars (Lopez-Santiago+ 2010)

(J/A+A/513/A15)  Heidelberg InfraRed Optical Cluster Survey, HIROCS (Roeser+, 2010)  (HIROCS)
(J/A+A/513/A21)  GRS 1915+105 timing analysis (Massaro+, 2010)
(J/A+A/513/A29)  RACE-OC project: M11 (NGC6705) (Messina+, 2010)
(J/A+A/513/A35)  Abundances of Galactic red giants (Alves-Brito+, 2010)
(J/A+A/513/A38)  RZJHK photometry for stellar sources in Serpens (Spezzi+, 2010)
(J/A+A/513/A52)  Velocities of NGC 1399 globular clusters (Schuberth+, 2010)  ([SRH2010])
(J/A+A/513/A53)  LABOCA 870um images of evolved stars (Ladjal+, 2010)
(J/A+A/513/A55)  Effective collision strengths of Ni II (Cassidy+, 2010)
(J/A+A/513/A61)  Neutron-induced astrophysical reaction rates (Panov+, 2010)
(J/A+A/513/A62)  Sgr dSph VIMOS photometry and radial velocities (Giuffrida+, 2010)  (VIMOS)
(J/A+A/513/A65)  Rotation measures in the fourth Galactic quadrant (Nota+, 2010)
(J/A+A/513/A69)  HD9446 radial velocity curve (Hebrard+, 2010)
(J/A+A/513/A6)  NOT survey of subdwarf B stars (Ostensen+, 2010)
(J/A+A/513/A75)  Polarimetry of stars in NGC 5617 (Orsatti+, 2010)
(J/A+A/513/L3)  H-band thermal emission of exoplanet WASP-19b (Anderson+, 2010)
(J/A+A/513/L7)  Post common envelope binaries from SDSS. VIII (Schreiber+, 2010)
(J/A+A/513/L8)  BD+20 1790 radial velocity curve (Figueira+, 2010)

(J/A+A/512/A78)  IAS Stacking Library in IDL (Bethermin+, 2010)
(J/A+A/512/A10)  Evolution of massive AGB stars. III. (Siess, 2010)
(J/A+A/512/A12)  VLT/VIMOS spectroscopy in GOODS-South field (Balestra+, 2010)  (GOODS,GDS)
(J/A+A/512/A13)  EW-Teff calibration for solar-type stars (Sousa+, 2010)
(J/A+A/512/A34)  XMM-COSMOS Type 1 AGNs (Lusso+, 2010)
(J/A+A/512/A37)  Velocities of 43 nearby L dwarfs (Seifahrt+, 2010)
(J/A+A/512/A41)  Abundances of microlensed stars in the Bulge (Bensby+, 2010)
(J/A+A/512/A45)  Radial velocities of BD+20 1790 (Hernan-Obispo+, 2010)
(J/A+A/512/A46)  Radial velocities of BD-08 2823 (Hebrard+, 2010)
(J/A+A/512/A47)  Radial velocities of 3 stars with giant planets (Santos+, 2010)
(J/A+A/512/A48)  HARPS RV curves of HD125612, HD215497, HIP5158 (Lo Curto+, 2010)
(J/A+A/512/A54)  Teff and Fbol from Infrared Flux Method (Casagrande+, 2010)
(J/A+A/512/A63)  Abundances of M33 HII regions (Magrini+, 2010)
(J/A+A/512/A83)  Velocities of interstellar lines in Sco-Cen (Poeppel+, 2010)

(J/A+A/511/A12)  Low-luminosity galaxies in NGC 5846 group (Eigenthaler+, 2010)
(J/A+A/511/A18)  NIR observations of stars near SgrA* (Schoedel+, 2010)
(J/A+A/511/A21)  Radial velocities of GJ876 planetary system (Correia+, 2010)
(J/A+A/511/A22)  EW Ori differential uvby light curves (Clausen+, 2010)
(J/A+A/511/A24)  MHO Catalogue (Davis+, 2010)  (MHO)
(J/A+A/511/A25)  UBVRIHalpha photometry of NGC6383 (Rauw+, 2010)
(J/A+A/511/A38)  Open clusters in third galactic quadrant (Vazquez+, 2010)
(J/A+A/511/A3)  Light curves of CoRoT-2 in z-band, 4.5um and 8um (Gillon+, 2010)
(J/A+A/511/A40)  Near Earth Asteroids positions (Birlan+, 2010)
(J/A+A/511/A45)  HD 147018, 171238 and 204313 radial velocities (Segransan+, 2010)
(J/A+A/511/A49)  Lightcurves of 12 NEAs (Kwiatkowski+, 2010)
(J/A+A/511/A50)  JHks of GOODS-South field (Retzlaff+, 2010)  (GOODS,GDS)
(J/A+A/511/A53=VIII/85A)  SPECFIND V2.0 Catalog of radio continuum spectra (Vollmer+ 2009)
(J/A+A/511/A54)  Magnetic cycles and radial-velocity for 8 stars (Santos+, 2010)
(J/A+A/511/A55)  Radial velocities with CRIRES (Figueira+, 2010)
(J/A+A/511/A56)  Abundances of five open clusters (Pancino+, 2010)
(J/A+A/511/A63)  V1118 Ori UBVRIJHK outburst light curves (Audard+, 2010)
(J/A+A/511/A68)  Transitions of CrII (Gurell+, 2010)
(J/A+A/511/A78)  Fe XIII electron impact excitation (Storey+, 2010)
(J/A+A/511/A90)  RAVE DR2 distance catalogue (Breddels+, 2010)
(J/A+A/511/L10)  Abundances and space velocities of 94 stars (Nissen+, 2010)
(J/A+A/511/L7)  HR 7355 differential BV light curves (Mikulasek+, 2010)

(J/A+A/510/A100)  Four new SDSS eclipsing systems (Southworth+, 2010)
(J/A+A/510/A107)  TrES-2b multi-band transit observations (Mislis+, 2010)
(J/A+A/510/A10)  Astrometric positions of radio sources (Aslan+, 2010)
(J/A+A/510/A19)  K-band spectra of 6 LMC globular clusters (Lyubenova+, 2010)
(J/A+A/510/A1)  Near infrared imaging of cometary globule CG12 (Haikala+, 2010)
(J/A+A/510/A21)  Stellar Limb-Darkening Coefficients (Sing, 2010)
(J/A+A/510/A27)  Very low mass stars in Praesepe (Boudreault+, 2010)
(J/A+A/510/A39)  CoRoT light curves of V1127 Aql (Chadid+, 2010)
(J/A+A/510/A46)  Pre-main sequence evolutionary tracks (Landin+, 2010)
(J/A+A/510/A48)  Palermo Swift-BAT Hard X-ray Catalogue (Cusumano+, 2010)  (1PBC,PBC)
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(J/A+A/510/A56)  zCOSMOS type-2 AGN (Bongiorno, 2010)
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(J/A+A/509/A4)  Transits of 12 new exoplanet candidates (Pietrukowicz+, 2010)
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(J/A+A/503/1023)  Variability Sample Catalogue from SOGS (Fresneau+, 2009)

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(J/A+A/501/941=V/130)  Geneva-Copenhagen Survey of Solar neighbourhood III (Holmberg+, 2009)
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(J/A+A/500/1027)  EROS CMD towards 4 Galactic spiral arms fields (Rahal+, 2009)
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(J/A+A/500/1263)  Na-like iso-electronic sequence (Liang+, 2009)

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(J/A+A/499/129)  Old MS stars in young moving groups (Lopez-Santiago+, 2009)
(J/A+A/499/149)  1.2mm maps of southern Infrared Dark Clouds (Vasyunina+, 2009)
(J/A+A/499/175)  ^12^CO(2-1) map of NGC 2264-C (Maury+, 2009)
(J/A+A/499/233)  IRAS 05345+3157 mm high-angular resolution maps (Fontani+, 2009)
(J/A+A/499/357)  REFLEX galaxies redshifts (Guzzo+, 2009)  (REFLEX)
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(J/A+A/499/967)  Long-term monitoring of gamma Dor stars (Cuypers+, 2009)

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(J/A+A/498/313)  Photometry of 3 main belt asteroids (Marciniak+, 2009)
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(J/A+A/498/527)  Calibration of Stromgren phot. for late-type stars (Onehag+, 2009)
(J/A+A/498/627)  Radial velocities of SB with M giant (Famaey+, 2009)
(J/A+A/498/949)  Velocities of 1253 F-K dwarfs in open clusters (Mermilliod+, 2009)
(J/A+A/498/961=III/260)  General Catalogue of Ap and Am stars (Renson+ 2009)

(J/A+A/497/41)  Average Early-type galaxies NIR spectrum (Cesetti+, 2009)
(J/A+A/497/81)  Variability-selected AGN in CDFS (Boutsia+, 2009)  ([TBV2008])
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(J/A+A/497/667)  WINGS: Deep optical phot. of 77 nearby clusters (Varela+, 2009)  (WINGS)

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(J/A+A/496/765)  R light-curve of TT Ari (Kim+, 2009)
(J/A+A/496/813)  Binary PNe towards the Galactic bulge (Miszalski+, 2009)
(J/A+A/496/841)  VLT-FLAMES survey of massive stars (Hunter+, 2009)

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(J/A+A/495/53)  Physical properties of VVDS galaxies (Lamareille+, 2009)  (VVDS)
(J/A+A/495/157)  Interstellar extinction in Galactic Center (Schultheis+, 2009)
(J/A+A/495/231)  Multiwavelength study of Cyg OB2 5 (Linder+, 2009)
(J/A+A/495/249)  EROS-2 beat Cepheids in Magellanic Clouds (Marquette+, 2009)
(J/A+A/495/379)  Optical radial velocities in A85 (Bravo-Alfaro+, 2009)  ([BCL2009])
(J/A+A/495/421)  Catalog of AGN in XMM-Newton archive (CAIXA) (Bianchi+, 2009)  (CAIXA)
(J/A+A/495/447)  PN and HII regions in NGC6822 (Hernandez-Martinez+, 2009)  ([HP2009])
(J/A+A/495/691)  Multifrequency catalogue of blazars, Roma-BZCAT (Massaro+, 2009)  (BZ)
(J/A+A/495/707)  WINGS spectroscopy of 48 galaxy clusters (Cava+, 2009)  (WINGS)
(J/A+A/495/733)  XMM-Newton spectral survey of M31 disc (Shaw+, 2009)  ([SBK2009])
(J/A+A/495/807)  Shape parameters for 650 open clusters (Kharchenko+, 2009)
(J/A+A/495/959)  Radial velocity curve of HD 189733 (Boisse+, 2009)

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(J/A+A/475/217)  Classification of planetary nebulae (Quireza+, 2007)
(J/A+A/475/281)  Herbig-Haro flows in B335 (Galfalk+, 2007)
(J/A+A/475/359)  Predicting radio fluxes of extrasolar planets (Griessmeier+, 2007)
(J/A+A/475/393)  NiXI radiative and excitation rates (Aggarwal+, 2007)
(J/A+A/475/487)  Mark 110 optical emission line spectrum (Veron-Cetty+, 2007)
(J/A+A/475/519=V/117A)  Geneva-Copenhagen Survey of Solar neighbourhood (Holmberg+, 2007)
(J/A+A/475/539)  BV photometry and Li abundances in NGC3960 (Prisinzano+, 2007)
(J/A+A/475/549)  AFGL 2591 maps in CS, SO and HCN lines (Benz+, 2007)
(J/A+A/475/559)  12CO(1-0) and 12CO(2-1) maps of EP Aqr (Winters+, 2007)
(J/A+A/475/677)  X-ray emission from A-type stars (Schroeder+, 2007)
(J/A+A/475/765)  Fine structure forbidden lines in FeII (Ramsbottom+, 2007)
(J/A+A/475/775)  INTEGRAL all-sky survey of hard X-ray sources (Krivonos+, 2007)
(J/A+A/475/791)  12um ISOCAM survey of the ESO-Sculptor field (Seymour+, 2007)  (IES)
(J/A+A/475/915)  L1489IRS observed by the submillimeter array (Brinch+, 2007)
(J/A+A/475/925)  IRAS 05358+3543 (sub)mm maps (Leurini+, 2007)
(J/A+A/475/959)  X-ray properties of young stellar objects (Forbrich+, 2007)  (CXO)
(J/A+A/475/1003)  Stellar parameters of G and K giant stars (Hekker+, 2007)
(J/A+A/475/1053)  Magnetic fields in Ap/Bp stars (Auriere+, 2007)
(J/A+A/475/1125)  Characterization of the hot Neptune GJ 436b (Demory+, 2007)
(J/A+A/475/1159)  Supervised classification of variable stars (Debosscher+, 2007)

(J/A+A/474/121)  Galactic globular cluster 2MASS GC02 JKs phot. (Borissova+, 2007)
(J/A+A/474/293)  Radial velocities of GJ 674 (Bonfils+, 2007)
(J/A+A/474/473)  XMM-LSS survey: AGN classifications (Garcet+, 2007)
(J/A+A/474/495)  X-ray flares from Cygnus OB2 young stars (Albacete Colombo+, 2007)
(J/A+A/474/653=I/311)  Hipparcos, the New Reduction (van Leeuwen, 2007)
(J/A+A/474/763)  Stellar population gradients in bulges. II. (Jablonka+, 2007)
(J/A+A/474/783)  Main galaxy groups from SDSS-DR5 (Deng+, 2007)
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(J/A+A/474/883)  ISOSS J23053+5953 maps (Birkmann+, 2007)
(J/A+A/474/891)  13CO observations of YSOs in South Gal. plane (Urquhart+, 2007)  (RMS)
(J/A+A/474/911)  1.3mm and CO(2-1) maps of IRAS 20343+4129 (Palau+, 2007)
(J/A+A/474/941)  Spectroscopy of H_2_ towards HH91A (Gredel+, 2007)
(J/A+A/474/1081)  Stellar population gradients in bulges. I (Gorgas+, 2007)
(J/A+A/474/1093)  30GHz flux densities of CJF sources (Lowe+, 2007)  (CJF)

(J/A+A/473/105)  Lockman Hole AGN variability with XMM (Mateos+, 2007)
(J/A+A/473/143)  Radial velocities of C stars near Galactic plane (Demers+, 2007)  ([DB2007])
(J/A+A/473/149)  Photometry of sources in IRAS 16362-4845 cluster (Comeron+, 2007)  ([CS2007])
(J/A+A/473/177)  A search for pre-biotic molecules (Wirstrom+, 2007)
(J/A+A/473/347)  BeppoSAX complete catalogue of GRBs (Vetere+, 2007)  (BS-GRBWFC)
(J/A+A/473/369)  VISIR/VLT mid-infrared imaging of Seyfert nuclei (Haas+, 2007)
(J/A+A/473/399)  Optical and HI data of 6 southern galaxy groups (Pompei+, 2007)
(J/A+A/473/429)  HST VI photometry of Bol 514 in M31 (Federici+, 2007)  ([MHF2007])
(J/A+A/473/523)  Spectroscopic monitoring of 3 neutron stars (Van der Meer+, 2007)
(J/A+A/473/791)  CIV absorption in DLAs and sub-DLAs systems (Fox+, 2007)
(J/A+A/473/829)  Orbital elements of 156 spectroscopic binaries (Mermilliod+, 2007)
(J/A+A/473/995)  Energy levels and radiative rates in Co XI (Aggarwal+, 2007)

(J/A+A/472/101)  Chemical evolution of SMC planetary nebulae (Idiart+, 2007)
(J/A+A/472/111)  Centaurus Compact Object Survey (Mieske+, 2007)  (CCOS)
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(J/A+A/472/187)  12CO outflows towards submm cores in Perseus (Hatchell+, 2007)
(J/A+A/472/241)  UV Flux distributions of gamma Dor stars (Gerbaldi+, 2007)
(J/A+A/472/519)  N2H+(1-0) maps of Ophiuchus main cloud (Andre+, 2007)
(J/A+A/472/557)  Cygnus OB2 region 610MHz sources (Marti+, 2007)  ([MPI2007])
(J/A+A/472/565)  NW Ser and V1446 Aql uvby light curves (Gutierrez-Soto+, 2007)
(J/A+A/472/577)  NGC 330 Be stars and binaries (Martayan+, 2007)
(J/A+A/472/699)  ROXA: multi-frequency large sample of blazars (Turriziani+, 2007)  (ROXA)
(J/A+A/472/705)  BeppoSAX WFC X-ray source catalogue (SAXWFC) (Verrecchia+, 2007)  (SAXWFC)
(J/A+A/472/763)  Multi-epoch VLBI survey of CJF sources (Britzen+, 2007)
(J/A+A/472/785)  Radio continuum survey of M33 (Tabatabaei+, 2007)
(J/A+A/472/805)  Radio-X-ray sources in the HDF(N) region. (Richards+, 2007)
(J/A+A/472/835)  JHKs and GLIMPSE photometry of RCW 120 (Zavagno+, 2007)
(J/A+A/472/1029)  (De)excitation rates of H2O by H2 (Faure+, 2007)
(J/A+A/472/1055)  CCD astrometry of visual double stars (Sinachopoulos+ 2007)

(J/A+A/471/L51)  Spitzer observations of the hot Neptune GJ 436b (Gillon+, 2007)
(J/A+A/471/17)  SDSS-DR4 nearby clusters global properties (Aguerri+, 2007)
(J/A+A/471/103)  SIMBA observations of SMC (Bot+, 2007)
(J/A+A/471/127)  Revised Bologna Catalog of M31 clusters, V.3 Galleti+, 2007)  (M31RBC,RBC3)
(J/A+A/471/165)  UBVRI polarisation in NGC 5606 (Orsatti+, 2007)
(J/A+A/471/499)  Low-mass stars and brown dwarfs in Blanco 1 (Moraux+, 2007)  ([MBS2007b])
(J/A+A/471/515)  V light curves of NGC 6791 variable stars (De Marchi+, 2007)
(J/A+A/471/527)  Spectroscopy of SN 2005cf (Garavini+, 2007)
(J/A+A/471/573)  JHKs photometry of a new stellar cluster (Yun+, 2007)
(J/A+A/471/625)  VLT-FLAMES survey of massive stars (Trundle+, 2007)
(J/A+A/471/795)  Stellar population ages and metallicities from colors (Li+, 2007)
(J/A+A/471/813)  IR photometry around IRAS 16571-4029 (Roman-Lopes+, 2007)
(J/A+A/471/1069)  Lunar ephemeris long-term development (Kudryavtsev, 2007)
(J/A+A/471/1105)  XMM-LSS at 240MHz and 610MHz (Tasse+, 2007)

(J/A+A/470/39)  Substructures in WINGS clusters (Ramella+, 2007)  ([RBP2007],WINGS)
(J/A+A/470/161)  UBV photometry of HII regions exciting stars (Russeil+, 2007)  ([RAG2007])
(J/A+A/470/191)  Mid-IR and radio interferometry of S Ori (Wittkowski+, 2007)
(J/A+A/470/231)  JHKsIL' images of IRAS 06468-0325 (Yun+, 2007)
(J/A+A/470/281)  WFI optical photometry in Cha II dark cloud (Spezzi+, 2007)
(J/A+A/470/317)  UV spectra of the central star of Sh 2-216 (Rauch+, 2007)
(J/A+A/470/505)  AMIGA IV. Neighbours around CIG galaxies (Verley+, 2007)  (AMIGA)
(J/A+A/470/585)  NGC 2682 uvby-Hbeta photometry (Balaguer-Nunez+, 2007)
(J/A+A/470/605)  Halpha and [SII] images in HL/XZ Tau region (Movsessian+, 2007)
(J/A+A/470/787)  High energy peaked BL Lacs optical spectros. (Piranomonte+, 2007)  (SHBL)
(J/A+A/470/821)  BLOX Cluster catalog (Dietrich+, 2007)  (BLOX)
(J/A+A/470/957)  H-band images of IRAS 19312+1950 (Murakawa+, 2007)
(J/A+A/470/1009)  Radial velocities of HD 209625 (Carrier+, 2007)
(J/A+A/470/1079)  UVES/VLT spectroscopy of white dwarfs (Voss+, 2007)

(J/A+A/469/L43)  Radial velocities of Gl 581 (Udry+, 2007)
(J/A+A/469/27)  XMM serendipitous survey AXIS X-ray source counts (Carrera+, 2007)
(J/A+A/469/173)  Dissipative structures of diffuse molecular gas (Hily-Blant+ 2007)
(J/A+A/469/207)  High-resolution images in Cep-A HW2 region (Comito+, 2007)
(J/A+A/469/285)  Differential Stroemgren photometry of U Oph (Vaz+, 2007)
(J/A+A/469/309)  Chromospheric activity in late-type stars (Cincunegui+, 2007)
(J/A+A/469/451)  Radio continuum spectra of GPS galaxies (Torniainen+, 2007)
(J/A+A/469/459)  K magnitudes of N159-5 (LMC) (Testor+, 2007)  ([TLK2007])
(J/A+A/469/503)  VRIJHK observations of PKS 2155-304 (Dolcini+, 2007)
(J/A+A/469/529)  UBVI photometry of NGC 6864 (Kravtsov+, 2007)
(J/A+A/469/575)  Spitzer mid-IR spectra of 3 molecular clouds (Berne+, 2007)
(J/A+A/469/607)  Pulsar subpulse modulation properties at 92cm (Weltevrede+, 2007)
(J/A+A/469/713)  Chromospherically active stars in CoRoT fields (Medhi+, 2007)
(J/A+A/469/783)  Code for automatic determination of EW (ARES) (Sousa+, 2007)
(J/A+A/469/799)  Torun catalog of post-AGB and related objects (Szczerba+, 2007)
(J/A+A/469/807)  Catalogue of Galactic low-mass X-ray binaries (Liu+, 2007)
(J/A+A/469/861)  Radial velocities of A115 galaxies (Barrena+, 2007)  ([BBG2007b])
(J/A+A/469/1033)  UBVRI light curves of RR Gem (Sodor+, 2007)
(J/A+A/469/1069)  Radial velocity curve of gamma Peg (Butkovskaya+, 2007)
(J/A+A/469/1203)  IRON project LXIV (Melendez+, 2007)
(J/A+A/469/1211)  XMM-Newton survey of SA 57 (Trevese+, 2007)  (SA57X)
(J/A+A/469/1221)  Sydney observatory Galactic survey (SOGS) (Fresneau+, 2007)  (SOGS)

(J/A+A/468/L13)  Photometry of the trans-Neptunian object 2005FY9 (Ortiz+, 2007)
(J/A+A/468/49)  LMXBs in the bulge of M31 (Voss+, 2007)  ([VG2007])
(J/A+A/468/151)  Nearby open clusters radii and masses (Piskunov+, 2007)
(J/A+A/468/163)  Sample of low mass stars with mu>0.1"/yr (Deacon+, 2007)  (SIPS)
(J/A+A/468/205=VI/125)  Theoretical spectra of red giants and supergiants (Lancon+, 2007)
(J/A+A/468/353)  XMM-Newton Extended Survey of Taurus (Guedel+, 2007)  (XEST)
(J/A+A/468/379)  XMM Optical Monitor Survey of TMC (Audard+, 2007)  (XEST,XESTOM)
(J/A+A/468/637)  Light curve of HD 172189 (Costa+, 2007)
(J/A+A/468/663)  Li abundances in solar-analog stars (Takeda+, 2007)
(J/A+A/468/807)  Redshifts of galaxies associated with X emission (Mannucci+, 2007)
(J/A+A/468/937)  K-band AO imaging in COSMOS deep field (Huertas-Company+, 2007)  (NHzG)
(J/A+A/468/1001)  IRAS 20178+4046 maps at 610 and 1280MHz (Tej+, 2007)
(J/A+A/468/1009)  Star formation in Perseus. II. (Hatchell+, 2007)  ([HFR2007])
(J/A+A/468/1039)  VRIJK photometry of GQ Lup (Broeg+, 2007)
(J/A+A/468/1115)  Thorium and argon lines in the visible (Lovis+, 2007)

(J/A+A/467/37)  Velocities of galaxies in A773 (Barrena+, 2007)
(J/A+A/467/73)  3sigma hard sample of XMDS survey (Tajer+, 2007)  (XMDS)
(J/A+A/467/229)  UBV photometry of FK Com and HD 199178 (Panov+, 2007)
(J/A+A/467/565)  z=1-3 ULIRGs from the Spitzer SWIRE survey (Berta+, 2007)  ([BLS2007])
(J/A+A/467/585)  Sources detected by ISGRI (Bodaghee+, 2007)  (ISGRI)
(J/A+A/467/665)  Manganese abundances in the Galactic disk (Feltzing+, 2007)
(J/A+A/467/785)  SuperWASP/ROSAT periodic variable stars (Norton+, 2007)
(J/A+A/467/1003)  Photometry of star clusters in NGC 1380 (Chies-Santos+ 2007)  ([CSP2007])
(J/A+A/467/1025)  JHK photometry of Fornax red giant branch (Gullieuszik+, 2007)  ([GHR2007])
(J/A+A/467/1215)  Bet Aur light curves (Southworth+, 2007)
(J/A+A/467/1389)  New grids of stellar models. IV. (Claret, 2007)
(J/A+A/467/1397)  PMS stars in open clusters: the DAY-I Catalogue (Delgado+, 2007)  (DAY-I)

(J/A+A/466/L1)  VLTI observations of RY Sgr (Leao+, 2007)
(J/A+A/466/31)  The HELLAS2XMM survey. VIII (Cocchia+, 2007)
(J/A+A/466/41)  XMM-Newton survey in the Marano Field. I. (Krumpe+, 2007)  ([KLS2007])
(J/A+A/466/63)  VLBI observations of BL Lac objects (Wu+, 2007)
(J/A+A/466/75)  PN and HII regions of West and East of NGC 3109 (Pena+, 2007)
(J/A+A/466/137)  Westerlund 2 JHKs photometry (Ascenso+, 2007)
(J/A+A/466/157)  Bulge Microlensing Events (Soto+, 2007)
(J/A+A/466/181)  BVI photometry of Whiting 1 (Carraro+, 2007)
(J/A+A/466/255)  Isotopic ethyl cyanide (Demyk+, 2007)
(J/A+A/466/277)  VLT-FLAMES survey of massive stars (Hunter+, 2007)
(J/A+A/466/481)  Near-infrared survey around PKS 1343-601 (Schroeder+, 2007)  (DZOA)
(J/A+A/466/501)  JKs photometry of WLM galaxy carbon stars (Valcheva+, 2007)  ([VIO2007])
(J/A+A/466/627)  Parameters of DA white dwarfs in SDSS-DR1 (Hu+, 2007)
(J/A+A/466/641)  Reaction rates of NeNa-MgAl chains in AGB stage (Izzard+, 2007)
(J/A+A/466/743)  Transiting planet OGLE-TR-132b (Gillon+, 2007)
(J/A+A/466/763)  Electron-impact excitation of Fe^19+^ (Witthoeft+, 2007)
(J/A+A/466/771)  Ionization rate coefficients for elements H to Zn (Dere+, 2007)
(J/A+A/466/823)  Hard 2-10kev X-ray selected sources (Georgantopoulos+, 2007)
(J/A+A/466/905)  HII regions in NGC 628 (Fathi+, 2007)
(J/A+A/466/917)  Brightest stars of sigma Orionis cluster (Caballero+, 2007)
(J/A+A/466/931)  UBVI photometry of NGC 1901 (Carraro+, 2007)
(J/A+A/466/949)  Velocities of OMC-1 flows (Nissen+, 2007)
(J/A+A/466/989)  Hot ammonia from NGC 6334I and NGC 6334I(N) (Beuther+, 2007)
(J/A+A/466/1031)  Photometry of DE CVn (van den Besselaar+, 2007)
(J/A+A/466/1065)  submm images of IRAS 05358+3543 (Beuther+, 2007)
(J/A+A/466/1099)  N-band visibilities of V Oph (Ohnaka+, 2007)
(J/A+A/466/1205)  ISOPHOT 170mum Serendipity Survey. IV (Stickel+, 2007)

(J/A+A/465/71)  21cm observations of 452 galaxies (Theureau+, 2007)
(J/A+A/465/185)  Element abundances of 7 stars of NGC 6253 (Sestito+, 2007)
(J/A+A/465/249)  Age and colors of massive white dwarf stars (Althaus+, 2007)
(J/A+A/465/257)  Radial velocity in multiple systems (Tokovinin+, 2007)
(J/A+A/465/271)  Oxygen abundances in nearby stars (Ramirez+, 2007)
(J/A+A/465/331)  Asteroid brightness and geometry (Durech+, 2007)
(J/A+A/465/339)  Synthetic stellar polarization 400-1000nm (Socas-Navarro+ 2007)
(J/A+A/465/357)  Stroemgren photometry in the Draco dSph galaxy (Faria+, 2007)  ([FFL2007])
(J/A+A/465/375)  X-ray monitoring of optical novae in M31 (Pietsch+, 2007)  (M31N)
(J/A+A/465/469)  High spatial resolution observations of HM Sge (Sacuto+, 2007)
(J/A+A/465/481)  JHKL photometry of Hen 2-147 (Santander-Garcia+, 2007)
(J/A+A/465/799)  Abundances of Galactic Bulge red giants (Lecureur+, 2007)  ([LHZ2007])
(J/A+A/465/815)  Abundances of Sgr dSph stars (Sbordone+, 2007)
(J/A+A/465/865)  OH masers towards high mass protostellar object (Edris+, 2007)
(J/A+A/465/943)  BVI and RV curves of 5 eclipsing binaries (Szalai+, 2007)
(J/A+A/465/965)  BI light curves of NGC 2506 variables (Arentoft+, 2007)
(J/A+A/465/993)  Spectral atlas of massive stars around He I (Groh+, 2007)
(J/A+A/465/1099)  Redshift catalog of 691 objects in CDFS (Ravikumar+, 2007)  (IMAGES)

(J/A+A/464/L21)  Velocities of globular clusters in Fornax (Bergond+, 2007)  ([BAL2007])
(J/A+A/464/201)  RGB stars in Sagittarius streams (Monaco+, 2007)
(J/A+A/464/211)  Chandra and near-IR obs. of Cyg OB2 (Albacete Colombo+, 2007)  ([AFM2007])
(J/A+A/464/263)  UBV photometry of HD 143418 (Bozic+, 2007)
(J/A+A/464/373)  VRIZJHK photometry around Alpha Cen (Kervella+, 2007)
(J/A+A/464/377)  HIP binaries with radial velocities (Frankowski+, 2007)
(J/A+A/464/495)  UBVI photometry of NGC 45 star clusters (Mora+, 2007)  ([MLK2007])
(J/A+A/464/573)  VI photometry of 5 open clusters (Carraro+, 2007)
(J/A+A/464/581)  Sco OB2 intermediate-mass stars (Kouwenhoven+, 2007)
(J/A+A/464/641)  Double stars CCD photometry and astrometry. III (Lampens+, 2007)
(J/A+A/464/885)  Abundances in 53 HII regions (Guseva+, 2007)
(J/A+A/464/909)  JHK photometry near IRAS 06145+1455 (Brand+, 2007)  ([BW2007])
(J/A+A/464/927)  Abundances of red giants in NGC 6752 (Carretta+, 2007)
(J/A+A/464/939)  Abundances of red giants in NGC 6218 (Carretta+, 2007)
(J/A+A/464/953)  Abundances of red giants in NGC 6441 (Gratton+, 2007)
(J/A+A/464/967)  Abundances of red giants in NGC 6388 (Carretta+, 2007)

(J/A+A/463/97)  Optical observations of GPS radio sources (Labiano+, 2007)
(J/A+A/463/175)  Infrared study of IRAS 14416-5937 region (Vig+, 2007)
(J/A+A/463/233)  UBV and radial velocity light curves of beta Lyr (Ak+, 2007)
(J/A+A/463/243)  Variations of O-B stars in Mercator observations (De Cat+, 2007)
(J/A+A/463/265)  Chemical compositions of 48 WR planetary nebulae (Girard+, 2007)
(J/A+A/463/275)  Chandra obs. of Serpens star-forming region (Giardino+, 2007)  ([GFM2007])
(J/A+A/463/399)  Fe XVI radiative rates (Aggarwal+, 2007)
(J/A+A/463/455)  Nearby early-type gal. with ionized gas. III. (Annibali+, 2007)
(J/A+A/463/503)  Early-type dwarf galaxies in Fornax cluster (Mieske+, 2007)
(J/A+A/463/519)  VVDS-VLA Deep Field: 610 MHz catalog (Bondi+, 2007)  (VIRMOS)
(J/A+A/463/579)  Geneva photometry of HD 23642 (Groenewegen+, 2007)
(J/A+A/463/589)  Variables stars in NGC 362 (Szekely+, 2007)
(J/A+A/463/671)  Rotational velocities of A-type stars. III. (Royer+, 2007)
(J/A+A/463/703)  JHKL photometry of MWC 560 (Gromadzki+, 2007)
(J/A+A/463/783)  Combined astrometric catalogue EOC-3 (Vondrak+, 2007)  (EOC3,EOC-3,EOC)
(J/A+A/463/789)  Blue stragglers in open clusters (Ahumada+, 2007)
(J/A+A/463/981)  BV CCD photometry in Westerlund 2 (Rauw+, 2007)
(J/A+A/463/1017)  B and V light curves of AA Tau (Bouvier+, 2007)
(J/A+A/463/1029)  DCld303-14.8 + Thumbprint Nebula JHKs phot. (Kainulainen+, 2007)
(J/A+A/463/1053)  Differential photometry of WX Cet (Sterken+, 2007)
(J/A+A/463/1061)  UBV photometry of V379 Cep (Harmanec+, 2007)
(J/A+A/463/1227)  Catalogue of far-infrared loops in the Galaxy (Konyves+, 2007)  (GIRL)

(J/A+A/462/L17)  Dense cores in interstellar molecular clouds (Alves+, 2007)
(J/A+A/462/L9)  Radial velocities in NGC 7099 (Scarpa+, 2007)
(J/A+A/462/81)  L_IR_-T_dust_ relation in galaxies (Chanial+, 2007)
(J/A+A/462/107)  Simulations of metal-poor star clusters (Fagiolini+, 2007)
(J/A+A/462/123)  VLT/Flames spectroscopic data of NGC 6530 (Prisinzano+, 2007)
(J/A+A/462/157)  Stromgren CCD photometry in NGC 6383 (Paunzen+, 2007)
(J/A+A/462/245)  BVI photometry in NGC 6611 (Guarcello+, 2007)
(J/A+A/462/449)  Chandra point-source counts in galaxy cluster (Branchesi+, 2007)
(J/A+A/462/507)  AMIGA III. IRAS data (Lisenfeld+, 2007)  (AMIGA)
(J/A+A/462/535)  Low-metallicity HII regions and galaxies (Yin+, 2007)
(J/A+A/462/553)  EIS: optical deep public survey (Mignano+, 2007)  (EIS,EIS-DEEP,EIS-DPS)
(J/A+A/462/591)  CCD Deltaa-photometry of 8 open clusters (Netopil+, 2007)
(J/A+A/462/599)  JHKs photometry of LMC cluster Cepheids (Testa+, 2007)
(J/A+A/462/621)  UBVRI polarisation in NGC 5749 (Vergne+, 2007)
(J/A+A/462/683)  Velocities in SMC field of NGC 330 (Martayan+, 2007)
(J/A+A/462/795)  Echelle spectra of 10 bright asteroids (Zwitter+, 2007)
(J/A+A/462/811)  Superclusters of galaxies from 2dF (Einasto+, 2007)
(J/A+A/462/875)  Garching-Bonn Deep Survey (GaBoDS) IX (Schirmer+, 2007)  ([SEH2007])
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(J/A+A/461/11)  Radio observations of MYSO candidates (Urquhart+, 2007)  (RMS)
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(J/A+A/453/1003)  SCUBA ultracompact HII regions (Thompson+, 2006)  ([THW2006])

(J/A+A/452/119)  EIS: infrared observations of CDF-S and HDF-S (Olsen+, 2006)  (EIS)
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(J/A+A/449/951)  GOODS-MUSIC sample: multicolour catalog (Grazian+, 2006)

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(J/A+A/448/411)  The DRAO polarization survey (Wolleben+, 2006)
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(J/A+A/448/1235=I/300)  PM2000 Bordeaux Proper Motion catalogue (Ducourant+, 2006)
(J/A+A/448/1247)  XMM-Newton survey of M33 (Misanovic+, 2006)

(J/A+A/447/71)  CHANDRA X-ray point sources in Cen A (NGC 5128) (Voss+, 2006)  ([VG2006])
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(J/A+A/447/735)  Hemispheric Sunspot Numbers 1945-2004 (Temmer+, 2006)
(J/A+A/447/921)  Galactic Open Cluster Candidates (Kronberger+, 2006)  (DSH)
(J/A+A/447/1159)  Radial velocities of HD 142022 (Eggenberger+, 2006)

(J/A+A/446/19)  ENACS. VIII. Galaxies classification (Thomas+, 2006)  (ENACS)
(J/A+A/446/97)  NEP Distant Cluster Radio Galaxies (Branchesi+, 2006)
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(J/A+A/446/583)  Journal of all RVs of eps Per primary (Libich+, 2006)
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(J/A+A/446/949)  Open clusters proper motions based on UCAC2 (Dias+, 2006)
(J/A+A/446/1185)  Electron collisions with Fe IV ions (McLaughlin+, 2006)

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(J/A+A/445/79)  Nearby early-type gal. with ionized gas. II. (Annibali+, 2006)
(J/A+A/445/93)  Abundances of DLAs (Dessauges-Zavadsky+, 2006)
(J/A+A/445/155)  XMM count-rates in M 55 and NGC 3201 (Webb+, 2006)
(J/A+A/445/243)  Pulsar subpulse modulation properties at 21cm (Weltevrede+, 2006)
(J/A+A/445/361)  Transition probabilities in the HD molecule (Abgrall+, 2006)
(J/A+A/445/423)  WeCAPP Survey. M31 variables (Fliri+, 2006)  (WeCAPP,[FRS2006])
(J/A+A/445/441)  SED of BL Lacertae objects (Nieppola+, 2006)
(J/A+A/445/465)  ATCA 18.5 and 22GHz fluxes of Kuehr 5GHz sample (Ricci+, 2006)
(J/A+A/445/493)  UBV(RI)c photometry of NGC 2425 and NGC 2635 (Moitinho+, 2006)
(J/A+A/445/503)  Radial velocities in Omega Cen (NGC5139) (Reijns+, 2006)
(J/A+A/445/617)  V823 Cas BV(RI)c differential photometry (Jurcsik+, 2006)
(J/A+A/445/673)  X-ray spectrum of SV Cam (Sanz-Forcada+, 2006)
(J/A+A/445/765)  A Catalog of Edge-on Disk Galaxies (Kautsch+, 2006)
(J/A+A/445/819)  Systems of galaxies in Shapley supercluster (Ragone+, 2006)  (SSGC)
(J/A+A/445/857)  DPOSS II compact group survey (Pompei+, 2006)  (PCG)
(J/A+A/445/901)  BV(RI)c bands of Cepheids in IC 1613 (Antonello+, 2006)
(J/A+A/445/939)  Metal-poor stars uvby-beta photometry. XI. (Schuster+, 2006)
(J/A+A/445/971)  Mid-infrared images of W75N (Persi+, 2006)  ([PTS2006])

(J/A+A/444/79)  XMM observations of Lockman Hole brightest AGNs (Mateos+, 2005)
(J/A+A/444/287)  The nuclei of 3 comets (Snodgrass+, 2005)
(J/A+A/444/305)  A-values + oscillator strength of Ca XIII (Landi+, 2005)
(J/A+A/444/365)  ESO Distant Cluster Survey, EDisCS (White+, 2005)  (EDisCS,EDCSN,EDisCS)
(J/A+A/444/625)  Photographic positions of the major planets (Rizvanov+, 2005)
(J/A+A/444/643)  Candidate spectroscopic binaries in SDSS (Pourbaix+, 2005)
(J/A+A/444/685)  VGCF detection of galaxy systems (Barrena+, 2005)  ([BRB2005])
(J/A+A/444/831)  New star clusters in M33 (Bedin+, 2005)  ([BPB2005])
(J/A+A/444/895)  Spectroscopy of HD 45166 (Steiner+, 2005)
(J/A+A/444/941)  Effective temperature of B stars (Paunzen+, 2005)

(J/A+A/443/41)  NGC 4038/4039 broad and /narrow band photometry (Mengel+, 2005)
(J/A+A/443/103)  X-ray properties of NGC 300. I. (Carpano+, 2005)
(J/A+A/443/143)  Mira Variables in the OGLE Bulge fields (Groenewegen+, 2005)
(J/A+A/443/157)  CCD photometry in 6 open clusters (Paunzen+, 2005)
(J/A+A/443/413)  VIKs photometry of NGC4365 globular clusters (Larsen+, 2005)
(J/A+A/443/735=VI/120)  High-resolution synthetic stellar library (Coelho+, 2005)
(J/A+A/443/851)  Effective temperature of 30 Dor population (Selman+, 2005)

(J/A+A/442/85)  Globular cluster candidates in Low SB Galaxies (Sharina+, 2005)  ([SPM2005])
(J/A+A/442/109)  Hamburg/SAO Survey for ELGs. VI. (Pustilnik+, 2005)  (HS)
(J/A+A/442/137)  HI observations of WHISP disk galaxies (Noordermeer+, 2005)  (WHISP)
(J/A+A/442/165)  IJKs photometry of late-type stars in Draco dSph (Cioni+, 2005)
(J/A+A/442/211)  Spectroscopic distances of 322 NLTT stars (Scholz+, 2005)
(J/A+A/442/229)  RR Lyr: kinematics, orbits and z-distribution (Maintz+, 2005)
(J/A+A/442/249)  Integrated spectrum of NGC 7027 (Zhang+, 2005)
(J/A+A/442/281)  Late-type giants BVRIJHKL and Teff calibration (Kucinskas+, 2005)
(J/A+A/442/365)  Astrometric orbits of SB9 stars (Jancart+, 2005)
(J/A+A/442/381)  Precise positions of RR Lyrae Stars with Vmax>12.5 (Maintz, 2005)
(J/A+A/442/423=II/286)  VIRMOS deep imaging survey. VVDS-F02 catalog (VIRMOS team+, 2008)
(J/A+A/442/841)  High-redshift galaxy clusters (Olsen+, 2005)  ([OZB2005])
(J/A+A/442/917)  BVI photometry in Berkeley 73, 75 and 25 (Carraro+, 2005)
(J/A+A/442/961)  Lithium content of the Galactic Halo stars (Charbonnel+, 2005)
(J/A+A/442/1023)  Radial velocity of 17 bright subdwarf B stars (Edelmann+, 2005)
(J/A+A/442/1135)  High-mass X-ray binaries in the Magellanic Clouds (Liu+, 2005)

(J/A+A/441/181)  Interstellar ^12^C/^13^C ratios (Casassus+, 2005)
(J/A+A/441/195)  Circumstellar disks in Trapezium cluster (Vicente+, 2005)
(J/A+A/441/391)  Stark broadening of Cd I spectral lines (Simic+, 2005)
(J/A+A/441/451)  UBVRIJHK photometry of E-type galaxies (Michard+, 2005)
(J/A+A/441/631)  Deltaa photometry of CP stars (Paunzen+, 2005)
(J/A+A/441/653)  32 DENIS nearby red dwarfs (Crifo+, 2005)
(J/A+A/441/685)  HeI + HeII radial velocities of Sk 160/SMC X-1 (Val Baker+, 2005)
(J/A+A/441/831)  Electron impact excitation of Ar XVII (Aggarwal+, 2005)
(J/A+A/441/905)  UBVRI from the Garching-Bonn Deep Survey (Hildebrandt+, 2005)  (GaBoDS)
(J/A+A/441/915)  Alignments of quasar polarization vectors (Hutsemekers+, 2005)
(J/A+A/441/981)  HII regions in 5 spiral galaxies (Bresolin+, 2005)
(J/A+A/441/1149)  Abundances of 20 F-G disk stars (del Peloso+, 2005)
(J/A+A/441/1195)  Brussels nuclear reaction rate library (Aikawa+, 2005)  (BRUSLIB,NETGEN,NACRE)

(J/A+A/440/53)  VRc light curves of SBSG 1520+530 (Gaynullina+, 2005)
(J/A+A/440/61)  FORS spectroscopy of HDFS galaxies (Rigopoulou+, 2005)
(J/A+A/440/107)  Gas velocity curve along five spiral galaxies (Coccato+, 2005)
(J/A+A/440/111)  Spectra of SMC star clusters (Piatti+, 2005)
(J/A+A/440/121)  K magnitudes of OB stars in UCHIIs (Bik+, 2005)
(J/A+A/440/151)  Observations at 850um in Perseus clusters (Hatchell+, 2005)  ([HRF2005])
(J/A+A/440/249)  The close binary system epsilon Lupi (Uytterhoeven, 2005)
(J/A+A/440/305)  Fundamental parameters of fast-rotating B stars (Fremat+, 2005)
(J/A+A/440/321)  Chemical abundances in 43 metal-poor stars (Jonsell+, 2005)
(J/A+A/440/373)  Earthbound interplanetary shocks (Howard+, 2005)
(J/A+A/440/403)  109 new Galactic open clusters (Kharchenko+, 2005)  (COCD-1,COCD,ASCC)
(J/A+A/440/409)  Extragalactic sources at 22 and 37GHz (Terasranta+, 2005)
(J/A+A/440/487)  Cepheids in the young LMC cluster NGC 1866 (Storm+, 2005)
(J/A+A/440/595)  RW Aur spectra (Alencar+, 2005)
(J/A+A/440/647)  New grids of stellar models. II. (Claret, 2005)
(J/A+A/440/676=VIII/75)  HI survey of the sky DE<+25deg (Bajaja+, 2005)
(J/A+A/440/735)  V light curves of EK Dra (Jaervinen+, 2005)
(J/A+A/440/783)  OB associations in NGC 7793 (Pietrzynski+, 2005)  ([PUG2005])
(J/A+A/440/901)  Reddening and metallicity of NGC 6752 (Gratton, 2005)
(J/A+A/440/1061)  Southern red high proper motion objects (Lodieu+, 2005)
(J/A+A/440/1153)  Equivalent widths of 7 thin-disk stars (del Peloso+, 2005)

(J/A+A/439/129)  HERES II. Spectroscopic analysis (Barklem+, 2005)  (HERES)
(J/A+A/439/265)  Wolf-Rayet population in M83 (Hadfield+, 2005)  ([HCS2005])
(J/A+A/439/387)  Absolute photoionization cross sections (Bizau+, 2005)
(J/A+A/439/413)  XMDS/VVDS 4sigma catalogue (Chiappetti+, 2005)  (XMDS/VVDS,XMDS)
(J/A+A/439/433)  RIJ photometry of stars around PSR B1718-19 (Janssen+, 2005)
(J/A+A/439/487)  Nuker law fits of radio galaxies (De Ruiter+, 2005)
(J/A+A/439/559)  OGLE eclipsing binaries (bulge+lmc+smc) (Groenewegen+, 2005)
(J/A+A/439/845=III/250)  The VIMOS VLT deep survey (VVDS-DEEP) (Le Fevre+ 2005)
(J/A+A/439/1107)  R-band spectra for 13 early-type supergiants (Davies+, 2005)
(J/A+A/439/1137)  PHOENIX model chromospheres of M dwarfs (Fuhrmeister+, 2005)
(J/A+A/439/1149)  XMM spectroscopy of TWA 5 (Argiroffi+, 2005)
(J/A+A/439/1215)  Effective collision strengths for Fe X trans. (Aggarwal+, 2005)

(J/A+A/438/139)  Abundances in Milky Way's disk (Soubiran+, 2005)
(J/A+A/438/201)  DG Leo uvby differential photometry (Lampens+, 2005)
(J/A+A/438/251)  Abundances in stars with giant planets (Beirao+, 2005)
(J/A+A/438/291)  X-ray sources in NGC 188 (Gondoin+, 2005)  ([G2005])
(J/A+A/438/377)  Kyiv Meridian Axial Circle Catalogue, KMAC1 (Lazorenko+, 2005)  (KMAC1)
(J/A+A/438/507)  Degree of lopsidedness for galaxies (Bournaud+, 2005)
(J/A+A/438/521)  SMC C stars B and R light curves (Raimondo+, 2005)
(J/A+A/438/663)  JHKL photometry of 30 Dor (Maercker+, 2005)
(J/A+A/438/769)  Pre-main sequence stars Proper Motion Catalog (Ducourant+, 2005)
(J/A+A/438/1163)  Catalogue of Open Cluster Data (COCD) (Kharchenko+, 2005)  (COCD)
(J/A+A/438/1175)  First INTEGRAL SPI-ACS Gamma-Ray Burst Catalogue (Rau+, 2005)  (1ACSburst)

(J/A+A/437/61)  Near-IR photometry of AGB stars in NGC 185 (Kang+, 2005)
(J/A+A/437/87)  Mrk 335 photometry in 1995-2004 (Doroshenko+, 2005)
(J/A+A/437/101)  HI shells in the outer Milky Way (Ehlerova+, 2005)  (GS)
(J/A+A/437/345)  Fe IV radiative transition probabilities (Nahar+, 2005)
(J/A+A/437/375)  Approximate elements of eclipsing binaries (Dryomova+, 2005)
(J/A+A/437/457)  NGC 2548 uvbyHbeta and proper motions (Balaguer-Nunez+, 2005)
(J/A+A/437/467)  VLT-FLAMES survey of massive stars (Evans+, 2005)
(J/A+A/437/705)  Observations of PHEMU97 and PHEMU03 at Ukkel (Pauwels+, 2005)
(J/A+A/437/789)  Restframe I-band light curves of SN Ia (Nobili+, 2005)
(J/A+A/437/883)  K20 survey: spectroscopic catalogue (Mignoli+, 2005)  (K20)
(J/A+A/437/1135)  Near-IR astrometry of Southern ICRF quasars (Camargo+, 2005)
(J/A+A/437/1147)  Amalthea and Thebe CCD astrometric obs. (Veiga+, 2005)

(J/A+A/436/91)  C star population in outer disk of M31 (Demers+, 2005)
(J/A+A/436/117)  BVR photometry in N214C (Meynadier+, 2005)
(J/A+A/436/443)  AMIGA. I. Velocities of CIG galaxies (Verdes-Montenegro+ 2005)  (AMIGA)
(J/A+A/436/457)  Ultra-steep spectrum radio sources (Gopal-Krishna+, 2005)  ([GLM2005])
(J/A+A/436/527)  UBVIc photometry of NGC 4852 (Carraro+, 2005)
(J/A+A/436/687)  SMC NGC 346-11 and AV 304 spectra (Hunter+, 2005)
(J/A+A/436/799)  X- and gamma-ray fluxes of gamma-ray-loud blazars (Fan+, 2005)
(J/A+A/436/853)  IR photometry of Alpha Per low-mass members (Lodieu+, 2005)  (AP)
(J/A+A/436/1131)  Effective collision strengths for Al III (Hudson+ 2005)
(J/A+A/436/1141)  Radiative rates in Ar XIII, Ar XIV + Ar XV (Aggarwal+, 2005)

(J/A+A/435/65)  UBVI photometry of NGC 6872 clusters population (Bastian+, 2005)
(J/A+A/435/363)  Southern Infrared Proper Motion Survey (Deacon+, 2005)  (SIPS)
(J/A+A/435/373)  Broadening of Fe II lines by H collisions (Barklem+, 2005)
(J/A+A/435/437)  Brightness and diameters for extragalactic SNRs (Urosevic+, 2005)
(J/A+A/435/459)  HI data of edge-on spiral galaxies (Huchtmeier+, 2005)
(J/A+A/435/507)  BVI phot. of CFRS 0300+00 + 1415+52 fields galaxies (Zheng+, 2005)
(J/A+A/435/521)  Radio Sources in Low-Luminosity AGNs. IV (Nagar+, 2005)
(J/A+A/435/575)  86GHz SiO maser survey of late-type stars. III (Messineo+, 2005)  ([MHS2002])
(J/A+A/435/657)  Equivalent widths of 5 giants in 47 Tuc (Alves-Brito+, 2005)
(J/A+A/435/781)  Redshifts of galaxies in 21 EIS cluster fields (Olsen+, 2005)
(J/A+A/435/799)  X-ray emitting normal galaxies from BMW-HRI (Tajer+, 2005)
(J/A+A/435/863)  B3-VLA sample. IV: 74MHz flux densities (Mack+, 2005)
(J/A+A/435/1087)  Nebular abundances of southern symbiotic stars (Luna+, 2005)
(J/A+A/435/1099)  ubvy photometry of 4 magnetic CP stars (Adelman+, 2005)

(J/A+A/434/53)  GOODS-South Field redshifts (Vanzella+, 2005)  (GDS)
(J/A+A/434/89)  Parameters of LMC detached eclipsing binaries (Michalska+, 2005)
(J/A+A/434/149)  NIR spectroscopy of luminous IR galaxies (Valdes+, 2005)
(J/A+A/434/201)  The 35um absorption line towards 1612MHz masers (He+, 2005)
(J/A+A/434/235)  Abundances of BHB stars in NGC 1904 (Fabbian+, 2005)
(J/A+A/434/275)  Galactic thin disk [Th/Eu] abundance ratios (del Peloso+, 2005)
(J/A+A/434/365)  A-values + oscillator strength of O-like ions (Landi+, 2005)
(J/A+A/434/385)  X-ray/radio data of high energy peaked BL Lacs (Giommi+, 2005)  (SHBL)
(J/A+A/434/475)  Redshifts for X-ray selected AGNs (Kitsionas+, 2005)
(J/A+A/434/483)  An XMM-Newton survey of M 31 (Pietsch+, 2005)
(J/A+A/434/613)  Water maser survey of methanol maser sources (Szymczak+, 2005)
(J/A+A/434/773)  O II Stark broadening parameters (Mahmoudi+, 2005)
(J/A+A/434/801)  X-ray sources near Lockman Hole (Zappacosta+, 2005)  ([ZMF2005])
(J/A+A/434/887)  HI data of blue compact dwarf galaxies (Huchtmeier+, 2005)
(J/A+A/434/987)  Near-IR sources around IRAS 09002-4732 (Apai+, 2005)
(J/A+A/434/1107)  UBV(RI)c photometry of stars around V838 Mon (Munari+, 2005)
(J/A+A/434/1125)  B-type Supergiants in the SMC (Dufton+, 2005)
(J/A+A/434/1201)  ESO VLTI Calibrators Program (Richichi+, 2005)

(J/A+A/433/43)  C-T1 phot. of NGC 4636 globular cluster system (Dirsch+, 2005)
(J/A+A/433/117)  L- + M-band imaging of the Galactic Center (Viehmann+, 2005)
(J/A+A/433/151)  Spectrocopic results on ROSAT late-type stars (Zickgraf+, 2005)  ([ATZ98])
(J/A+A/433/185)  Detailed abundance analysis of 102 F and G dwarfs (Bensby+, 2005)
(J/A+A/433/497)  Nearby early-type galaxies with ionized gas. I. (Rampazzo+, 2005)
(J/A+A/433/717)  IRON Project. LVIII. (Storey+, 2005)
(J/A+A/433/731)  Fe XII Benchmarking atomic data (Del Zanna+, 2005)
(J/A+A/433/745)  FeXX energy levels + transition probabilities (Jonauskas+, 2005)
(J/A+A/433/751)  BR photometry of nearby Southern dwarf galaxies (Makarova+, 2005)
(J/A+A/433/757)  Optical polarization of 203 QSOs (Sluse+, 2005)
(J/A+A/433/1155)  Calibrator stars for 200m baseline interferometry (Merand+, 2005)
(J/A+A/433/1163)  Spectral catalog of BeppoSAX blazars (Donato+, 2005)

(J/A+A/432/69)  Extremely Red Objects XMM-Newton observations (Brusa+, 2005)
(J/A+A/432/369)  Leiden Atomic and Molecular Database (LAMDA) (Schoeier+, 2005)  (LAMDA)
(J/A+A/432/381)  VLT spectroscopic survey of RX J0152.7-1357 (Demarco+, 2005)
(J/A+A/432/491)  CCD UBVIc photometry of Pismis 8 and Pismis 13 (Giorgi+, 2005)
(J/A+A/432/657)  UBV(RI)c photometry of AB Dor (Jaervinen+, 2005)
(J/A+A/432/731)  Effective collision strengths for C II (Wilson+, 2005)
(J/A+A/432/737)  General Catalogue of 6.7GHz Methanol Masers (Pestalozzi+, 2005)
(J/A+A/432/851)  Distance of 72 Galactic globular clusters (Recio-Blanco+, 2005)
(J/A+A/432/861)  Yields of low and intermediate mass stars (Gavilan+, 2005)
(J/A+A/432/921)  Massive protostellar candidates (Fontani+, 2005)
(J/A+A/432/1063)  Analysis of inner solar corona in Extreme-UV (Lanzafame+, 2005)
(J/A+A/432/1137)  Fe XXIII Benchmarking (Del Zanna+, 2005)
(J/A+A/432/1151)  Electron impact excitation of Al XIII (Aggarwal+, 2005)

(J/A+A/431/143)  Field horizontal-branch stars in the Galaxy (Christlieb+, 2005)  (HE)
(J/A+A/431/523)  Observing log of 9 planetary nebulae (Bernard-Salas+, 2005)
(J/A+A/431/565)  Evolved stars in the MSX survey (Ortiz+, 2005)
(J/A+A/431/773)  CHARM2, an updated of CHARM catalog (Richichi+, 2005)  (CHARM,CHARM2)
(J/A+A/431/779)  Optical/near-IR atlas of OH/IR stars (Jimenez-Esteban+, 2005)
(J/A+A/431/793)  Ly-alpha emitters around MRC 0316-257 (Venemans+, 2005)
(J/A+A/431/933)  Abundances of NGC 7789 evolved stars (Tautvaisiene+, 2005)
(J/A+A/431/1177=VIII/74A)  SPECFIND Catalog of radio continuum spectra (Vollmer+ 2005)
(J/A+A/431/1189)  BV photometry of NGC 6822 variables (Baldacci+, 2005)

(J/A+A/430/19)  VRI photometry of Abell 3921 galaxies (Ferrari+, 2005)
(J/A+A/430/115)  SFR of distant galaxies (Hammer+, 2005)
(J/A+A/430/137)  Close visual companions in Scorpius OB2 (Kouwenhoven+, 2005)
(J/A+A/430/165)  Radial velocities for 6691 K and M giants (Famaey+, 2005)
(J/A+A/430/223)  Parameters of cool companions of sdB stars (Lisker+, 2005)
(J/A+A/430/255)  Abundances of HD221170 (Yushchenko+, 2005)
(J/A+A/430/287)  XMM observations of IC 2391 stars (Marino+, 2005)  ([MMP2005])
(J/A+A/430/303)  MgII-K line fluxes in cool active and quiet stars (Cardini+, 2005)
(J/A+A/430/327)  CPASJ3 catalogue (Lu+, 2005)  (CPASJ3)
(J/A+A/430/331)  Atomic data from the IRON Project. LVI. (Chidichimo+, 2005)
(J/A+A/430/373)  HI lines in 586 galaxies (Theureau+, 2005)
(J/A+A/430/411)  B-band photometry of ellipticals in Virgo (Gavazzi+, 2005)
(J/A+A/430/421)  Reddening in LMC bar region (Subramaniam, 2005)
(J/A+A/430/471)  UBV(RI)c photometry of Stock 16 (Vazquez+, 2005)
(J/A+A/430/549)  C^18^O/C^17^O near rho Oph (Wouterloot+, 2005)
(J/A+A/430/603)  BVI photometry of LMC bar variables (Di Fabrizio+, 2005)  ([DCM2005])
(J/A+A/430/725)  N II effective collision strengths (Hudson+, 2005)
(J/A+A/430/751=VII/242)  LEDA galaxies with DENIS measurements catalog (Paturel+, 2005)
(J/A+A/430/911)  Expansive components in HII regions (Relano+, 2005)
(J/A+A/430/941)  Star formation region NGC 6530 (Prisinzano+, 2005)
(J/A+A/430/1005)  VRIHalpha photometry of NGC 2264 variables (Lamm+, 2005)
(J/A+A/430/1049)  RR Gem BV(RI)c differential photometry (Jurcsik+, 2005)
(J/A+A/430/1139)  Rotational excitation of HF in collision with He (Reese+, 2005)
(J/A+A/430/1143)  Stellar magnetic rotational phase curves (Bychkov+, 2005)

(J/A+A/429/101)  Stellar populations of CL 0048-2942 (Serote+, 2005)  ([SDL2005])
(J/A+A/429/115)  JHK' photometry of Blue Compact Dwarf Galaxies (Noeske+, 2005)
(J/A+A/429/235)  Effective temperatures of 119 C-rich giants (Bergeat+, 2005)
(J/A+A/429/309)  HR 1099 radial velocities (Frasca+, 2005)
(J/A+A/429/317)  uvby photometry of 1 HgMn and 3 mCP stars (Adelman+, 2005)
(J/A+A/429/559)  Diffuse Interstellar Bands in NGC 1448 (Sollerman+, 2005)
(J/A+A/429/607)  BV photometry of Berkeley 36, 73 and 34 (Ortolani+, 2005)
(J/A+A/429/819)  Photometry in elliptical galaxies. II. (Michard+, 2005)
(J/A+A/429/837)  IJKs photometry of late-type stars in NGC 6822 (Cioni+, 2005)
(J/A+A/429/963)  XMM-Newton observation of the rho Oph cloud (Ozawa+, 2005)
(J/A+A/429/1007)  RIJHK photometry of VLM objects near eps Ori (Scholz+, 2005)
(J/A+A/429/1117)  Fe XIII effective collision strengths (Aggarwal+, 2005)
(J/A+A/429/1125)  Catalog of Ultraluminous X-ray sources (Liu+, 2005)

(J/A+A/428/67)  UBVRI mag of 3 Open Cluster Remnants candidates (Villanova+, 2004)
(J/A+A/428/149)  Hipparcos parallaxes of O stars (Schroeder+, 2004)
(J/A+A/428/339)  Capodimonte Deep Field (Alcala+, 2004)  (OACDF)
(J/A+A/428/383)  XMM-Newton Bright Serendipitous Survey (Della Ceca+, 2004)  (XBS)
(J/A+A/428/555)  UBVRIJHKs photometry of 2000cx (Sollerman+, 2004)
(J/A+A/428/587)  Cepheids BVRIJHK dereddened magnitudes (Kervella+, 2004)
(J/A+A/428/823)  HI catalog of low surface brightness galaxies (O'Neil+, 2004)
(J/A+A/428/837)  HII regions in minor mergers of galaxies (Ferreiro+, 2004)  ([FP2004])
(J/A+A/428/877)  4 nearby galaxies velocities + line-strengths (Krajnovic+, 2004)
(J/A+A/428/1001)  Non-linear limb-darkening law for LTE models. III. (Claret, 2004)
(J/A+A/428/1019)  Rest frequencies of methanol maser lines (Mueller+, 2004)
(J/A+A/428/1043)  Redshifts from VIMOS VLT Deep Survey (Le Fevre+, 2004)  (VVDS-CDFS,VVDS,VCDFS)

(J/A+A/427/23)  14.3um survey in the Lockman Hole (Fadda+, 2004)  (ISO-LHSS)
(J/A+A/427/87)  List of GRBs (Gorosabel+, 2004)
(J/A+A/427/107)  Polarization in BAL QSOs (Lamy+, 2004)
(J/A+A/427/231)  Abundances in planetary nebulae (Gorny+, 2004)
(J/A+A/427/313)  Radial velocities of evolved stars. III. (De Medeiros+, 2004)
(J/A+A/427/371)  Galilean satellites ephemerides (Lainey+, 2004)
(J/A+A/427/387)  QORG catalog of radio/X-ray sources (Flesch+, 2004)  (QORG)
(J/A+A/427/397)  Redshifts of 5 EDisCS galaxy clusters (Halliday+, 2004)
(J/A+A/427/613)  V,i,TiOr,CN photometry of And-II AGB stars (Kerschbaum+, 2004)
(J/A+A/427/763)  FeX E1, E2, M1 and M2 transitions (Aggarwal+, 2004)
(J/A+A/427/769)  Extragalactic sources at 22, 37 and 87GHz (Terasranta+, 2004)
(J/A+A/427/773)  ISOCAM 14.3mum Deep Survey in Lockman Hole (Rodighiero+, 2004)  (ISO-LHDS,LHDS)
(J/A+A/427/933)  Precise temperature of F-K field dwarfs (Kovtyukh+, 2004)

(J/A+A/426/11)  XMM-Newton survey of M33 (Pietsch+, 2004)
(J/A+A/426/81)  Kinematic analysis of the Minispiral (Paumard+, 2004)
(J/A+A/426/97)  SIMBA survey. 1.2-mm/IRAS sources (Faundez+, 2004)  (SIMBA)
(J/A+A/426/119)  1.2mm mapping of RCW 106 Giant Molecular Cloud (Mookerjea+, 2004)  (MMS)
(J/A+A/426/171)  H_2_ flows in rho Ophiuchi A (Khanzadyan+, 2004)
(J/A+A/426/247)  HD 173977 uby photometry and HRV (Chapellier+, 2004)
(J/A+A/426/367)  FBS blue stellar objects DSS1/DSS2 astrometry (Mickaelian, 2004)
(J/A+A/426/463)  B3-VLA CSS sample (Orienti+, 2004)
(J/A+A/426/503)  Catalogue of high velocity molecular outflows (Update) (Wu+ 2004)
(J/A+A/426/695)  Radial velocities of HD 41004A/B (Zucker+, 2004)
(J/A+A/426/717)  Oscillator strengths for ClII lines (Tayal+, 2004)
(J/A+A/426/819)  NGC 1817 proper motions and membership (Balaguer-Nunez+, 2004)
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(J/A+A/426/1007)  Abundances of 8 single-lined active binaries (Morel+, 2004)
(J/A+A/426/1135=VI/112)  Optical Imaging of 57 spiral galaxies (Knapen+ 2004)

(J/A+A/425/99)  VLBI and VLA obs. of Seyfert galaxies (Lal+, 2004)
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(J/A+A/425/263)  Spectroscopic atlas of HD175640 (Castelli+, 2004)
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(J/A+A/425/927)  Stellar objects in the Serpens cloud field (Klotz+, 2004)
(J/A+A/425/1107)  Observations of Triton and Proteus (Vieira Martins+, 2004)
(J/A+A/425/1147)  Stark broadening of Ga I spectral lines (Dimitrijevic+, 2004)

(J/A+A/424/L31)  Transiting exoplanet OGLE-TR-132b (Moutou+, 2004)
(J/A+A/424/79)  Photometry and Metallicity in ABCG 209 galaxies (Mercurio+, 2004)
(J/A+A/424/125)  Carbon stars in IC10 (Demers+, 2004)
(J/A+A/424/363)  Fe XIX transition probabilities (Jonauskas+, 2004)
(J/A+A/424/371)  1.4GHz First Look Survey (FLS) (Morganti+, 2004)  (FLS)
(J/A+A/424/447)  Kinematics in 17 nearby spiral galaxies (Pizzella+, 2004)
(J/A+A/424/519)  Naked active galactic nuclei (Hawkins+, 2004)
(J/A+A/424/545)  Optically faint obscured quasars (Padovani+, 2004)
(J/A+A/424/727=V/122)  SB9: 9th Catalogue of Spectroscopic Binary Orbits (Pourbaix+ 2005)
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(J/A+A/424/993)  BH Vir spectra and photometry (Kjurkchieva+, 2004)
(J/A+A/424/1101)  Variable Stars in the field of omega Cen (Kaluzny+, 2004)  (CASE)

(J/A+A/423/97)  LMC RR Lyrae radial velocities (Borissova+, 2004)
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(J/A+A/423/683)  Sodium abundances in nearby disk stars (Shi+, 2004)
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(J/A+A/423/1029)  XMM-Newton obs, in Cha I South (Stelzer+, 2004)  (XMM-ChaI)
(J/A+A/423/1109)  Center-to-limb variation of quiet Sun (Allende+, 2004)

(J/A+A/422/39)  ISOPHOT 170mum Serendipity Survey II. (Stickel+, 2004)  (ISOPHOT,ISOSS)
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(J/A+A/422/141)  IRAS 08211-4158 cluster IR photometry (Caratti o Garatti+, 2004)
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(J/A+A/421/595)  Deprojecting spiral galaxies method (Garcia-Gomez+, 2004)
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(J/A+A/421/643)  New nearby stars in the LEHPMS (Reyle+, 2004)
(J/A+A/421/763)  Liverpool-Edinburgh High Proper Motion Catalogue (Pokorny+, 2004)  (LEHPM)
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(J/A+A/421/1087)  CO abundance of 3 globules (Harjunpaa+, 2004)

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(J/A+A/420/183)  Spectroscopic survey in solar neighborhood (Allende Prieto+ 2004)
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(J/A+A/419/149)  UBV(I)c photometry of NGC 6996 (Villanova+, 2004)
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(J/A+A/419/999)  Infrared knots along protostellar jets (Giannini+, 2004)
(J/A+A/419/1123)  Equivalent widths of 3 post-AGB (Mooney+, 2004)

(J/A+A/418/1)  Radio continuum spectra in Virgo cluster region (Vollmer+, 2004)
(J/A+A/418/33)  RI photometry of C stars in NGC 147 (Battinelli+, 2004)
(J/A+A/418/103)  86GHz SiO maser survey in the Inner Galaxy (Messineo+, 2004)  ([MHS2002])
(J/A+A/418/131)  Far-infrared loops in the 2nd Galactic Quadrant (Kiss+, 2004)  (GIRL)
(J/A+A/418/249)  BV light curves of WX Eridani (Arentoft+, 2004)
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(J/A+A/418/371)  Electron impact excitation of Fe XIII (Aggarwal+, 2004)
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(J/A+A/418/465)  Mid-infrared and hard X-ray emission in AGN (Lutz+, 2004)
(J/A+A/418/509)  Chandra observation of M67 (Van Den Berg+, 2004)
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(J/A+A/418/885)  The FORS Deep Field Spectroscopic Survey (Noll+, 2004)  (FDF)
(J/A+A/418/927)  RXTE All-Sky Slew Survey catalog, |b|>10deg (Revnivtsev+, 2004)  (XSS)
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(J/A+A/418/1171)  FeXVIII-FeXXIII effective collision strengths (Bautista+, 2004)

(J/A+A/417/51=II/286)  VIRMOS deep imaging survey. VVDS-F02 catalog (VIRMOS team+, 2008)
(J/A+A/417/107)  CO velocities in southern HII regions (Russeil+, 2004)
(J/A+A/417/115)  High-mass protostellar candidates (Williams+, 2004)  (WFS)
(J/A+A/417/263)  Catalogue of Algol type binary stars (Budding+, 2004)
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(J/A+A/417/499)  Spectrophotometry of Virgo cluster galaxies (Gavazzi+, 2004)
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(J/A+A/417/597)  Radial velocities in 4 globular clusters (Recio-Blanco+, 2004)
(J/A+A/417/615)  Maser and outflows in UC HII region (Codella+, 2004)
(J/A+A/417/651)  NEXXUS ROSAT survey of coronal X-ray (Schmitt+, 2004)  (NEXXUS)
(J/A+A/417/745)  V(RI)C differential photometry of V861 Her (Csizmadia+, 2004)
(J/A+A/417/827)  Relativistic corrections to Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect (Itoh+, 2004)
(J/A+A/417/945)  BVI + JHK photometry of NGC 3960 (Prisinzano+, 2004)
(J/A+A/417/961)  UBV(RI)c photometry of NGC 2580 and NGC 2588 (Baume+, 2004)
(J/A+A/417/1055)  Extensive library of synthetic spectra (Zwitter+, 2004)

(J/A+A/416/35)  Radio Emission from VLA FIRST Survey AGN (Wadadekar, 2004)
(J/A+A/416/111)  C stars in Wolf-Lundmark-Melotte galaxy (Battinelli+, 2004)
(J/A+A/416/125)  RI photometry in alpha Per and Pleiades (Deacon+, 2004)
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(J/A+A/416/383)  Transition probabilities for Fe XVIII (Jonauskas+, 2004)
(J/A+A/416/475)  Long slit spectroscopy of HII regions (Marquez+, 2004)
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(J/A+A/416/515)  Long slit spectroscopy of HII regions (Marquez+, 2004)
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(J/A+A/416/555)  Brown Dwarfs in ChaI Dark Cloud (Lopez-Marti+ 2004)
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(J/A+A/416/917)  Revised Bologna Catalog of M31 globular clusters (Galleti+, 2004)  (M31GC)
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(J/A+A/416/1117)  Abundances in the early Galaxy (Cayrel+, 2004)

(J/A+A/415/9)  Redshifts behind the Southern Milky Way (Woudt+, 2004)
(J/A+A/415/63)  UBVRI surface brightness of 26 bright galaxies (Mollenhoff, 2004)
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(J/A+A/415/155)  Oxygen abundances in the Galactic disk (Bensby+, 2004)
(J/A+A/415/241)  Geneva photometry of HD 129929 (Aerts+, 2004)
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(J/A+A/415/289)  UBVRI light curves of ER Vul (Harmanec+, 2004)
(J/A+A/415/331)  HST/STIS spectra of alpha Cen A (Pagano+, 2004)
(J/A+A/415/391)  The CORALIE survey for extrasolar planets. XII (Mayor+, 2004)
(J/A+A/415/521)  BVRIJK and velocities for MC Cepheids (Storm+, 2004)
(J/A+A/415/531)  Radial velocities of 10 Galactic Cepheids (Storm+, 2004)
(J/A+A/415/549)  High-frequency polarization of Kuehr sources (Ricci+, 2004)
(J/A+A/415/849)  Deprojection of spiral galaxies (Barbera+, 2004)
(J/A+A/415/863)  Mount Stromlo Abell Cluster Supernova Search (Germany+, 2004)
(J/A+A/415/993)  FeII, ZNI and SI abundances on halo stars (Nissen+, 2004)
(J/A+A/415/1153)  [Fe/H] for 98 extra-solar planet-host stars (Santos+, 2004)

(J/A+A/414/23)  CCD Halpha and R photometry of 334 galaxies (James+, 2004)
(J/A+A/414/235)  OH maser emission from star forming regions (Szymczak+, 2004)
(J/A+A/414/351)  ELODIE survey for northern extrasolar planets III (Naef+, 2004)
(J/A+A/414/377)  FeX-FeXVII fine-structure K-vacancy levels (Mendoza+, 2004)
(J/A+A/414/487)  Optically bright AGN in ROSAT-FSC (Veron-Cetty+, 2004)
(J/A+A/414/503)  Abundances in the Sgr dSph (Bonifacio+, 2004)
(J/A+A/414/699)  Spectra of southern late-type dwarfs (Cincunegui+, 2004)
(J/A+A/414/825)  Mid-infrared spectroscopy of LINERs (Satyapal+, 2004)
(J/A+A/414/905)  H-band photometry in Pisces-Perseus disk galaxies (Hunt+, 2004)
(J/A+A/414/949)  Interstellar bands and H2, CH, CO column densities (Weselak+ 2004)

(J/A+A/413/37)  Synthetic spectra of galaxies (Bicker+, 2004)
(J/A+A/413/159)  Galactic abundance gradient. V. (Andrievsky+, 2004)
(J/A+A/413/233)  12.2 GHz methanol survey (Blaszkiewicz+, 2004)
(J/A+A/413/285)  Spectroscopic atlas of o Per 3826-4882AA (Gulliver+, 2004)
(J/A+A/413/293)  Radial velocities of RZ Cas (Lehmann+, 2004)
(J/A+A/413/343)  RGB stars in NGC 2808 (Cacciari+, 2004)
(J/A+A/413/771)  Galaxies in the Tycho-2 catalogue (Metz+, 2004)
(J/A+A/413/779)  Iron Project. LIV. Fe XX (Nahar+, 2004)
(J/A+A/413/843)  Far IR survey in the Lockman Hole (Kawara+, 2004)
(J/A+A/413/1037)  J-K DENIS photometry of bright southern stars (Kimeswenger+ 2004)  (DENIS)
(J/A+A/413/1177)  Spectroscopy of N_2_D^+^ hyperfine structure (Dore+, 2004)

(J/A+A/412/399=VII/235)  Quasars and Active Galactic Nuclei (11th Ed.) (Veron+, 2003)
(J/A+A/412/405)  Polarimetry of evolved stars. III. (Yudin+, 2003)
(J/A+A/412/447)  Velocities of lambda Bootis stars (Gerbaldi+, 2003)
(J/A+A/412/495)  Equivalent widths for 6 RS CVn systems (Morel+, 2003)
(J/A+A/412/633)  Catalog of high and low SB disk galaxies (Zavala+, 2003)
(J/A+A/412/657)  CO in cooling flow of clusters of galaxies (Salome+, 2003)
(J/A+A/412/707)  Absorption-line systems in QSO spectra - CoALS (Ryabinkov+, 2003)
(J/A+A/412/721)  CCD Deltaa-photometry of 5 open clusters (Paunzen+, 2003)
(J/A+A/412/813)  Rotation in F-stars (Reiners+, 2003)

(J/A+A/411/L59)  INTEGRAL reference catalog (Ebisawa+, 2003)
(J/A+A/411/361)  VI photometry of extra-galactic Cepheids (Kanbur+, 2003)
(J/A+A/411/381)  CO observation of isolated galaxies (Sauty+, 2003)
(J/A+A/411/391)  The AMIGA project. Revised positions for CIG galaxies (Leon+ 2003)  (AMIGA)
(J/A+A/411/447)  Interstellar NaI D-line (Lallement+, 2003)
(J/A+A/411/559)  Effective temperature for 181 F-K dwarfs (Kovtyukh+, 2003)
(J/A+A/411/565)  Magnetic field in V2052 Oph (Neiner+, 2003)

(J/A+A/410/17=II/286)  VIRMOS deep imaging survey. VVDS-F02 catalog (VIRMOS team+, 2008)
(J/A+A/410/33)  MgII/FeII absorbers in 2dF-quasar survey (Menard+, 2003)
(J/A+A/410/53)  M83 X-ray sources (Soria+, 2003)  ([SW2003])
(J/A+A/410/343)  Jovian mutual events at Lille Observatory (Vienne+, 2003)
(J/A+A/410/349)  Effective collision strengths in Fe XV (Aggarwal+, 2003)
(J/A+A/410/359)  Radiative and Auger decay for Fe II-Fe IX (Palmeri+, 2003)
(J/A+A/410/523)  Carina Spiral Feature ubvybeta photometry (Kaltcheva, 2003)
(J/A+A/410/527)  Abundances in the Galactic disk (Bensby+, 2003)
(J/A+A/410/597)  Warm dust near methanol masers (Walsh+, 2003)  ([WMA2003])
(J/A+A/410/671)  X-ray emission in cool main sequence stars (Messina+, 2003)
(J/A+A/410/795)  Photometry of NGC 3109 carbon stars (Demers+, 2003)
(J/A+A/410/813)  2001 Flare of Mkn 421 in gamma-ray (Aharonian+ 2003)
(J/A+A/410/847)  Galactic emission at decimeter wavelengths (Platania+, 2003)
(J/A+A/410/879)  VRI CCD photometry of NGC 2126 (Gaspar+, 2003)
(J/A+A/410/905)  Interstellar reddening parameter measurements (Patriarchi+, 2003)
(J/A+A/410/1039)  Northern extra-solar planets ELODIE survey I (Perrier+, 2003)
(J/A+A/410/1051)  ELODIE survey for northern extra-solar planets. II. (Naef+, 2003)

(J/A+A/409/79)  HELLAS2XMM survey. IV. (Fiore+, 2003)  (HELLAS2XMM)
(J/A+A/409/115)  VLA imaging of IRAS 1 Jy ULIRG sample (Nagar+, 2003)
(J/A+A/409/147)  J magnitude of IC 348 brown dwarfs (Preibisch+, 2003)  ([PSZ2003])
(J/A+A/409/169)  UBVRI light curves of AA Tau in 1999 (Bouvier+, 2003)
(J/A+A/409/245)  ADS 11061 radial velocities (Tokovinin+, 2003)
(J/A+A/409/251)  Li abundances and velocities in F and G stars (Mallik+, 2003)
(J/A+A/409/275)  Rotation and magnetic field in omega Ori (Neiner+, 2003)
(J/A+A/409/361)  Extension of ICRF for selected areas down to V=16 (Camargo+, 2003)  (ICRF-ext)
(J/A+A/409/439)  Redshifts of 11 EIS clusters (Olsen+, 2003)
(J/A+A/409/541)  UBV photometry of IC 2395 (Claria+, 2003)
(J/A+A/409/857)  Optical polarization of 3C 279 (Andruchow+, 2003)
(J/A+A/409/933)  UBVRI polarization in Stock 16 (Feinstein+, 2003)
(J/A+A/409/959)  UBV light curves of V477 Cyg (Degirmenci+, 2003)
(J/A+A/409/1017)  Magnetic activity of 6 young solar stars. II (Messina+, 2003)
(J/A+A/409/1037)  AK Sco ubvy and Geneva differential photometry (Alencar+, 2003)

(J/A+A/408/L29)  Line identification of HD 34700 (Arellano Ferro+, 2003)
(J/A+A/408/67)  LSB galaxies in near-infrared. II. (Monnier-Ragaigne+, 2003)
(J/A+A/408/305)  Spectroscopic observations of delta Sco (Miroshnichenko+, 2003)
(J/A+A/408/387)  Transformation between ICRS and ITRS (Bretagnon+, 2003)
(J/A+A/408/465)  LSB galaxies in near-infrared. III. (Monnier-Ragaigne+, 2003)
(J/A+A/408/611)  V436 Persei UBV photometry (Janik+, 2003)
(J/A+A/408/789)  Iron Project. LIII. Fe XVII (Nahar+, 2003)
(J/A+A/408/873)  Gas and stellar kinematics in spirals (Corsini+, 2003)
(J/A+A/408/905)  Very Luminous Galaxies (Cappi+, 2003)  ([CBD2003])
(J/A+A/408/1029)  Coordinates of Galactic planetary nebulae (Kerber+, 2003)

(J/A+A/407/31)  Heliocentric radial velocities in Abell 376 (Proust+, 2003)
(J/A+A/407/423)  Coma cluster early-type galaxies. III. (Mehlert+, 2003)
(J/A+A/407/527)  UBVIc and JHK photometry of NGC 1582 and NGC 1663 (Baume+, 2003)
(J/A+A/407/631)  Catalogue of stellar effective magnetic fields (Bychkov+, 2003)
(J/A+A/407/769)  Excitation rates for transitions in Ca XV (Aggarwal+, 2003)
(J/A+A/407/791)  ACO 370, 2218 and 2390 fluxes at 7 and 15um (Metcalfe+, 2003)  ([MKM2003])
(J/A+A/407/899)  Core dominance in extragalactic radio sources (Fan+, 2003)
(J/A+A/407/919)  UBVI and JHK photometry in Lindsay 1 (Alcaino+, 2003)
(J/A+A/407/1039)  X-ray power spectra of Cygnus X-1 (Pottschmidt+, 2003)
(J/A+A/407/1059)  Stroemgren photometry of V2109 Cyg (Rodriguez+, 2003)
(J/A+A/407/1139)  RVB photometry of Kuiper-Belt object 1999 TD10 (Rousselot+, 2003)
(J/A+A/407/1157)  UVES sky atlas (Hanuschik+, 2003)

(J/A+A/406/L23)  Solar-like oscillations in alpha Cen B (Carrier+, 2003)
(J/A+A/406/L47)  17OH spin-rotation transition frequencies (Polehampton+, 2003)
(J/A+A/406/L9)  TeV Gamma-Rays from 1ES1959+650 (Aharonian+, 2003)
(J/A+A/406/51)  ISO long period variables in SMC (Cioni+, 2003)
(J/A+A/406/75)  JHKs magnitudes of variables in NGC 5128 (Rejkuba+, 2003)
(J/A+A/406/193)  SV Cam BVR light curves in Feb. 2001 - March 2002 (Zboril, 2003)
(J/A+A/406/373)  Radial velocities of HD 192263 (Santos+, 2003)
(J/A+A/406/535)  Hamburg/RASS Cat. of optical ident. V3.0 (Zickgraf+, 2003)  (HRC)
(J/A+A/406/579)  B3-VLA sample. III. Polarisation (Klein+, 2003)
(J/A+A/406/593)  Galaxies in Southern Bright Star Fields I. (Baker+, 2003)
(J/A+A/406/751)  Close encounters of asteroids 2003-2020 (Fienga+, 2003)
(J/A+A/406/829)  Background galaxies in the WSRT wide-field Survey (Braun+, 2003)  (WSRTgal)
(J/A+A/406/867)  Mid-IR galaxies in Virgo cluster. III. (Boselli+, 2003)
(J/A+A/406/975)  Elemental abundances of four A-B stars (Kocer+, 2003)
(J/A+A/406/987)  Elemental abundances of three CP stars (Pintado+, 2003)
(J/A+A/406/995)  8500-8750AA high resolution spectroscopy. IV. (Marrese+, 2003)
(J/A+A/406/1135)  UT1 definitions in IAU 2000 (Capitaine+, 2003)

(J/A+A/405/1=VII/234)  DENIS catalog of galaxies (Paturel+, 2003)
(J/A+A/405/5)  Catalogue of ISM content of normal galaxies (Bettoni+, 2003)
(J/A+A/405/99)  LSB galaxies in near-infrared. I. (Monnier-Ragaigne+, 2003)
(J/A+A/405/111)  LMC Survey of Young Stellar Systems (Gouliermis+, 2003)
(J/A+A/405/231)  Algol-type eclipsing binaries differential photometry (Kim+, 2003)
(J/A+A/405/531)  IR spectra of ISOGAL sources in Galactic Bulge (Schultheis+, 2003)
(J/A+A/405/627)  Angular dimensions of 312 planetary nebulae (Tylenda+, 2003)
(J/A+A/405/999)  Unidentified infrared bands (UIR) (Kahanpaeae+, 2003)
(J/A+A/405/1087)  UBV photometry and radial velocities of V497 Cep (Yakut+, 2003)
(J/A+A/405/1095)  Limb-darkening coefficients from ATLAS9 models (Barban+, 2003)

(J/A+A/404/L29)  VB differential photometry of WR30a (Paardekooper+, 2003)
(J/A+A/404/187)  Equivalent widths for metal-poor stars (Gratton+, 2003)
(J/A+A/404/223)  2MASS IR star clusters in the Galaxy (Bica+, 2003)
(J/A+A/404/301=V/113D)  Cataclysmic Binaries, LMXBs, and related objects (Ritter+, 2003)
(J/A+A/404/423)  BVI photometry of Galactic Cepheids (Tammann+, 2003)
(J/A+A/404/545)  Optical spectrum of M 2-24 (Zhang+ 2003)
(J/A+A/404/621)  Light curves of ROTSE-I delta Scuti type stars (Jin+, 2003)
(J/A+A/404/661)  Fe5270, Fe5335, Mgb and Mg_2_ synthetic indices (Barbuy+, 2003)
(J/A+A/404/689)  Metallicities of Slowly Pulsating B stars (Niemczura+, 2003)
(J/A+A/404/775)  Radial velocities of HD 41004A/B (Zucker+, 2003)
(J/A+A/404/913)  Kinematics and HR Diagrams of Southern Young Stars (Sartori+ 2003)
(J/A+A/404/927)  UBVRI photometry of NGC 2422 (Prisinzano+, 2003)

(J/A+A/403/93)  Photometry of AGB stars in NGC 185 and NGC 147 (Nowotny+, 2003)
(J/A+A/403/141)  ISOGAL sources in intermediate bulge fields (Ojha+, 2003)  (ISOGAL-DENIS)
(J/A+A/403/247)  Variability in the ROSAT All-Sky Survey (Fuhrmeister+, 2003)
(J/A+A/403/493)  H-band observation of Chandra Deep Field South (Moy+, 2003)  (CDFS-H,CDFSH)
(J/A+A/403/555)  Interplanetary Scintillation Pushchino Survey (Artyukh+, 2003)
(J/A+A/403/637)  V and R light curves of GSC 3822-1056 (Csizmadia+, 2003)
(J/A+A/403/659)  Classification of WR planetary nebulae (Acker+, 2003)
(J/A+A/403/675)  UBV light curves of IU Aur (Ozdemir+, 2003)
(J/A+A/403/857)  VLA-VIRMOS Deep Field (Bondi+, 2003)  (VIRMOS1.4GHz)
(J/A+A/403/937)  Stroemgren photometry of NGC 6192 and NGC 6451 (Paunzen+, 2003)
(J/A+A/403/943)  Mass-loss rates of galactic AGB stars (Le Bertre+, 2003)
(J/A+A/403/955=II/243)  The ISOGAL Point Source Catalogue - IGPSC (Omont+ 2003)
(J/A+A/403/993)  Revised HIP periods for long-period variables (Knapp+, 2003)
(J/A+A/403/1095)  6.7GHz methanol masers survey of low-mass YSO (Minier+, 2003)
(J/A+A/403/1105)  Extremely metal-poor giants equivalent widths (Francois+, 2003)

(J/A+A/402/1)  Einstein A-coefficients for C3H2 and C2H4O (Chandra, 2003)
(J/A+A/402/37)  UV to radio SED of galaxies in Virgo cluster (Boselli+, 2003)
(J/A+A/402/113)  (RI)c photometry of variables in M31 (Joshi+, 2003)
(J/A+A/402/151)  S5 0716+714 UBVRI photometry (Raiteri+, 2003)
(J/A+A/402/171)  Faint CSS radio sources at 74 MHz (Tschager+, 2003)
(J/A+A/402/343)  IR O I triplet, [O I] lines in F-K dwarfs/giants (Takeda, 2003)
(J/A+A/402/425)  BVIJHK properties of Single Stellar Populations (Mouhcine+, 2003)
(J/A+A/402/433=III/232)  STELIB: A library of stellar spectra at R 2000 (Le Borgne+, 2003)
(J/A+A/402/509)  uvby photometry of four MC eclipsing binaries (Clausen+, 2003)
(J/A+A/402/549)  UBVRIHalpha photometry of NGC 3293 (Baume+, 2003)
(J/A+A/402/571)  X-ray study of NGC 2451 A and B. (Huensch+ 2003)
(J/A+A/402/647)  Pulse-time history of PSR B0540-69 (Cusumano+, 2003)
(J/A+A/402/745)  Radial velocities of ER Vul (Duemmler+, 2003)
(J/A+A/402/801)  Runaway carbon stars of Blanco + McCarthy field 37 (Loup+, 2003)
(J/A+A/402/963)  Stephenson Halpha stars (Maheswar+, 2003)
(J/A+A/402/1033)  BV photometry of UX Ari in 1987-2002 (Aarum Ulvas+, 2003)
(J/A+A/402/1157)  Photometric standards around gravitational lenses (Nakos+ 2003)

(J/A+A/401/271)  Outbursts in the Be star HR 2501 (Carrier+, 2003)
(J/A+A/401/357)  uvby photometry of 2 Am and 2 mCP stars (Adelman+, 2003)
(J/A+A/401/471)  A1367, Coma and Virgo r' photometry (Cortese+, 2003)
(J/A+A/401/531)  Proper motions in NGC 7243 (Jilinski+, 2003)
(J/A+A/401/543)  XMM-Newton observations of NGC 1333 (Preibisch, 2003)
(J/A+A/401/613)  ISOCAM-CVF spectroscopy of YSO environment (Alexander+, 2003)  ([ACA2003])
(J/A+A/401/657)  Non-linear limb-darkening law for LTE models. II. (Claret, 2003)
(J/A+A/401/781)  Asiago Database on Photometric Systems. II. (Fiorucci+, 2003)
(J/A+A/401/873)  The SMC in the Far Infrared (Wilke+, 2003)
(J/A+A/401/927)  The HRX-BL Lac sample (Beckmann+, 2003)
(J/A+A/401/959)  35 DENIS late-M dwarfs between 10 and 30pc (Phan-Bao+, 2003)
(J/A+A/401/997)  Wilson-Bappu relation in late-type stars (Pace+, 2003)
(J/A+A/401/1063)  Evolutionary synthesis models. III. (Anders+, 2003)

(J/A+A/400/521)  Omega Cen XMM observations (Gendre+, 2003)
(J/A+A/400/533)  New infrared star clusters in southern Milky Way (Dutra+, 2003)
(J/A+A/400/659)  UBV(RI)c photometry of active stars. X. (Cutispoto+, 2003)
(J/A+A/400/791)  Stark broadening of Be III lines (Dimitrijevic+, 2003)
(J/A+A/400/877)  White dwarfs 3D kinematics from SPY project (Pauli+, 2003)
(J/A+A/400/891)  IZ photometry of Pleiades brown dwarfs (Moraux+, 2003)
(J/A+A/400/903)  The ISOGAL field FC-01863+00035 (Jiang+, 2003)
(J/A+A/400/917)  UBVI photometry in NGC 458 (Alcaino+, 2003)
(J/A+A/400/939)  Stellar parameters of 115 HQS sdB stars (Edelmann+, 2003)
(J/A+A/400/1043)  Spectroscopic atlas of Deneb 3826-5212AA (Albayrak+, 2003)
(J/A+A/400/1095)  1995-1999 CCD observation of Saturnian satellite (Veiga+, 2003)
(J/A+A/400/1145)  Celestial Intermediate Pole + Ephemeris Origin (Capitaine+, 2003)

(J/A+A/399/105)  Radial velocities of red giants in NGC 1817 (Mermilliod+, 2003)
(J/A+A/399/141)  Merged catalogue of reflection nebulae (Magakian, 2003)
(J/A+A/399/147)  JHK photometry of C-cloud IRAS sources (Massi+, 2003)
(J/A+A/399/271)  Oscillations in the PMS star V346 Ori (Pinheiro+, 2003)
(J/A+A/399/315)  sigma^2^ CrB radial velocities (Strassmeier+, 2003)
(J/A+A/399/351=IX/34)  The BMW-HRI source catalogue (Panzera+, 2003)
(J/A+A/399/365)  ROTSE delta Scuti stars (Blake+, 2003)  (ROTSE)
(J/A+A/399/457)  Warps in southern hemisphere galaxies (Sanchez-Saavedra+, 2003)
(J/A+A/399/469)  Parkes Quarter-Jansky Flat-Spectrum Sample. II. (Hook+, 2003)
(J/A+A/399/543)  Photometry and Coravel observations of IC 2488 (Claria+, 2003)
(J/A+A/399/795)  Co III electron-impact broadening parameters (Tankosic+, 2003)
(J/A+A/399/799)  Effective collision strengths for Fe XI trans. (Aggarwal+, 2003)
(J/A+A/399/813)  Multiple merging events in Abell 521 (Ferrari, 2003)
(J/A+A/399/919)  X-ray Luminosities in Blanco 1 (Pillitteri+, 2003)
(J/A+A/399/995)  SOFI and ISOCAM observations of Cha II (Persi+, 2003)
(J/A+A/399/1083)  Outer Galaxy IRAS sources and 12CO emission (Kerton+, 2003)  (IRCO)
(J/A+A/399/1135)  JHK photometry around Sh 217 and Sh 219 (Deharveng+, 2003)
(J/A+A/399/1167)  Hipparcos Variability-Induced Movers (Pourbaix+, 2003)

(J/A+A/398/L11)  Vinylacetylene millimeter-wave spectrum (Thorwirth+, 2003)
(J/A+A/398/49)  UBgRIJKs photometry in the FORS Deep Field (Heidt+, 2003)  (FDF,FORS)
(J/A+A/398/89)  Evolutionary synthesis models. II. (Schulz+, 2003)
(J/A+A/398/141)  Vertical distribution of galactic disk stars (Soubiran+, 2003)
(J/A+A/398/239)  RI differential photometry of CU Cnc (Ribas, 2003)
(J/A+A/398/363)  Statistical properties of exoplanets II (Santos+, 2003)
(J/A+A/398/479)  Local galaxy flows within 5 Mpc (Karachentsev+, 2003)
(J/A+A/398/541)  VI light-curves of the variable stars in M13 (Kopacki+, 2003)
(J/A+A/398/647)  Rotational velocities of F and G stars (Reiners+, 2003)
(J/A+A/398/721)  Temperature catalog of class IV-V stars (Taylor, 2003)
(J/A+A/398/731)  [Fe/H] catalog of class IV-V stars (Taylor, 2003)
(J/A+A/398/901)  VLA survey at 6 cm in the Lockman Hole (Ciliegi+, 2003)  (LOCK_6cm,[CZH2003])
(J/A+A/398/1073)  BP Mus Geneva 7-colour light curves (Carrier+, 2003)
(J/A+A/398/1121)  Abundances of A-F stars (Erspamer+, 2003)

(J/A+A/397/133)  Star-forming complexes in the Galaxy (Russeil+, 2003)
(J/A+A/397/147)  Activity-rotation relationship in stars (Pizzolato+ 2003)
(J/A+A/397/177)  IR star clusters and stellar groups catalog (Bica+, 2003)
(J/A+A/397/213)  Galactic HII regions (Paladini+, 2003)
(J/A+A/397/257)  Chemical compositions of four barium stars (Liang+, 2003)
(J/A+A/397/361)  15-color BATC photometry of Landolt SA95 field (Zhou+, 2003)
(J/A+A/397/421)  r' photometry of Abell 1367 and Coma (Iglesias-Paramo+, 2003)
(J/A+A/397/431)  Redshifts of ABCG209 galaxies (Mercurio+, 2003)
(J/A+A/397/463)  The Hamburg/SAO Survey for BCGs. I. (Ugryumov+, 2003)
(J/A+A/397/473)  HST photometry of M51 cluster (Bik+, 2003)
(J/A+A/397/527=VI/109)  Population Synthesis Models at very low metallicities (Schaerer, 2003)
(J/A+A/397/575)  Liverpool-Edinburgh high proper motion survey (Pokorny+, 2003)  (LEHPMS)
(J/A+A/397/711)  Comptonization and reflection in GRS 1915+105 (Rau+, 2003)
(J/A+A/397/899)  Proper motions of field HB stars (Sakamoto+, 2003)
(J/A+A/397/921)  VBLUW photometry of HD 93205 (van Genderen, 2003)
(J/A+A/397/997)  Hipparcos red stars (Platais+, 2003)
(J/A+A/397/1035)  Atlas of B6-A2 hyper- and supergiants (Chentsov+, 2003)

(J/A+A/396/125)  Proper motions and BV photometry in NGC 1513 (Frolov+, 2002)
(J/A+A/396/143=IV/33)  Master Catalogue towards the Magellanic Clouds (MC2) (Delmotte+ 2002)
(J/A+A/396/397)  Deep cluster survey in Chandra archival data (Boschin+, 2002)  ([B2002c])
(J/A+A/396/449)  Halpha surface photometry in Virgo (Gavazzi+, 2002)
(J/A+A/396/473)  VI Photometry in M81 Group (Makarova+ 2002)
(J/A+A/396/503)  Spectra of blue compact galaxies (Kong+, 2002)
(J/A+A/396/513)  Stellar Rotation in the Orion Nebula Cluster (Herbst+, 2002)
(J/A+A/396/933)  Double star measurements at Nice Obs. (Morlet+, 2002)

(J/A+A/395/11)  BV(RI)c photometry of ON 231 during outburst (Tosti+, 2002)
(J/A+A/395/97)  RV and vsini of Ib supergiant stars (de Medeiros+, 2002)
(J/A+A/395/129)  Cyclotron lines in Vela X-1 (Kreykenbohm+, 2002)
(J/A+A/395/347=I/282)  The CMT CCD Drift Scan Survey (Evans+, 2002)
(J/A+A/395/431)  Line-strength indices for 148 early-type galaxies (Beuing+, 2002)
(J/A+A/395/499)  XMM observations in M8 and NGC6530 (Rauw+, 2002)  ([RNG2002])
(J/A+A/395/587)  GR Tau BV light curves (Zhang+, 2002)
(J/A+A/395/753)  Spectroscopy of Coma early-type galaxies. II. (Wegner+, 2002)
(J/A+A/395/813)  Alpha Per faint stars photometry (Barrado y Navascues+, 2002)
(J/A+A/395/823)  CCD Deltaa-photometry of 5 open clusters (Paunzen+, 2002)
(J/A+A/395/885)  Radial velocities of HD 553 (Duemmler+, 2002)

(J/A+A/394/59=VIII/69A)  The WISH catalogue at 352 MHz (de Breuck+ 2002)
(J/A+A/394/97)  Johnson and Stromgren photometry of V784 Cas (Kiss+, 2002)
(J/A+A/394/151)  Multiplicity among chemically peculiar stars II (Carrier+, 2002)
(J/A+A/394/187)  gamma Ser + 101 Her elemental abundances (Caliskan+, 2002)
(J/A+A/394/225)  JHK photometry around RAFGL 7009S (Zavagno+, 2002)
(J/A+A/394/395)  Spectroscopy of Abell 222 and Abell 223 (Dietrich+, 2002)
(J/A+A/394/479)  uvbybeta photometry of h and chi Per (Capilla+, 2002)
(J/A+A/394/505)  UBV photometry of LQ Hya (Berdyugina+, 2002)
(J/A+A/394/617)  UBVJHKLM photometry of R Corona Borealis (Yudin+, 2002)
(J/A+A/394/753)  IRON Project. LI. (Storey+, 2002)
(J/A+A/394/927)  Age-metallicity relation for nearby stars (Ibukiyama+, 2002)
(J/A+A/394/943)  V light curve of V567 Oph (Kiss+, 2002)
(J/A+A/394/975)  OH 5-cm line survey in late-type stars (Desmurs+, 2002)

(J/A+A/393/57)  Velocity field in the Local Group (Terry+, 2002)
(J/A+A/393/115)  86GHz SiO maser survey of late-type stars (Messineo+, 2002)  ([MHS2002])
(J/A+A/393/167)  Mean Spectra for upper AGB stars (Lancon+, 2002)
(J/A+A/393/183)  Catalogue of calibrator stars for LBSI (Borde+, 2002)
(J/A+A/393/225)  Starspot cycles of six young solar analogues (Messina+, 2002)
(J/A+A/393/389)  Halpha in HII regions in spiral galaxies (Marquez+, 2002)
(J/A+A/393/425)  Spectral analysis of Lockman Hole (Mainieri+, 2002)
(J/A+A/393/439)  Catalogue of galaxies towards Abell 496 (Durret+, 2002)
(J/A+A/393/887)  SMC Be stars candidates (Mennickent+, 2002)
(J/A+A/393/897)  Rotational velocities of A-type stars II. (Royer+, 2002)
(J/A+A/393/965)  Intrinsic frequencies of slowly pulsating B stars (de Cat+, 2002)
(J/A+A/393/1053)  18-cm OH lines in comets (Crovisier+, 2002)

(J/A+A/392/1)  Spectrophotometry of simulated Stellar Populations (Schulz+, 2002)
(J/A+A/392/215)  The CORALIE survey for extrasolar planets. IX. (Santos+ 2002)
(J/A+A/392/239)  IR survey of outflows in Orion A (Stanke+, 2002)
(J/A+A/392/395)  Ks-band magnitudes of the K20 sample (Cimatti+, 2002)  (K20)
(J/A+A/392/491)  Galactic abundance gradient. III. (Andrievsky+, 2002)
(J/A+A/392/741)  Stellar Catalogue in the Chandra DFS (Groenewegen+ 2002)  (EIS)
(J/A+A/392/795)  Multi-wavelength study of 2 galaxy clusters (Valtchanov+, 2002)
(J/A+A/392/851)  QSOs in the M3 field (Meusinger+, 2002)
(J/A+A/392/971)  Catalogue of bright YSO candidates in ISOGAL (Felli+, 2002)  (ISOGAL-P,ISOGAL)
(J/A+A/392/1129)  Automatic observation rendering (AMORE) (Ng, 2002)  (AMORE)

(J/A+A/391/L11)  Lyman alpha forest in HE 0515-4414 (Janknecht+ 2002)
(J/A+A/391/35)  Compact Groups in the UZC galaxy sample (Focardi+, 2002)
(J/A+A/391/159)  A search for Compact High-Velocity Clouds (De Heij+, 2002)
(J/A+A/391/179)  UBV CCD photometry of NGC 1220 (Ortolani+, 2002)
(J/A+A/391/481)  R-band photometry of SBS1520+530 (Burud+, 2002)
(J/A+A/391/519)  Warps of galaxies (Castro-Rodriguez+, 2002)
(J/A+A/391/547)  Binary and multiple clusters in the LMC (Dieball+, 2002)
(J/A+A/391/641)  Spectroscopic study of sigma Geminorum from IUE (Ekmekci+, 2002)
(J/A+A/391/767)  CCD observations of Phoebe in 1998-1999 (Fienga+, 2002)
(J/A+A/391/775)  Uranian satellites in 1995/97 (Shen+, 2002)
(J/A+A/391/809)  HII regions in NGC 5457 and NGC 4395 (Cedres+, 2002)
(J/A+A/391/857)  HST UV,V,I photometry of NGC7673 star clusters (Homeier+, 2002)
(J/A+A/391/887)  Redshifts in the Hydra/Antlia Extension (Kraan-Korteweg+, 2002)
(J/A+A/391/945)  HST photometry of 74 galactic globular clusters (Piotto+, 2002)
(J/A+A/391/967)  H2O and SiO masers in the Galactic center (Sjouwerman+, 2002)
(J/A+A/391/1039)  Effective temperature of metal-poor A-type stars (Kinman+, 2002)

(J/A+A/390/39)  HEGRA AIROBICC gamma radiation above 15 TeV (Aharonian+, 2002)  (AIROBICC,HEGRA)
(J/A+A/390/173)  RR Lyrae GCVS and TYC2 identifiers (Mennessier+, 2002)
(J/A+A/390/179)  Study of FK Comae Berenices. IV. (Korhonen+ 2002)
(J/A+A/390/235)  OI and FeII equivalent widths in metal-poor stars (Nissen+ 2002)
(J/A+A/390/267)  The CORALIE survey for extrasolar planets VIII (Udry+, 2002)
(J/A+A/390/491)  DENIS new nearby stars (Reyle+, 2002)
(J/A+A/390/501)  Millimetre observations of carbon stars. I. (Groenewegen+, 2002)
(J/A+A/390/511)  Millimetre observations of carbon stars. II. (Groenewegen+, 2002)
(J/A+A/390/585)  Light curve of R Cygni (Kiss+, 2002)
(J/A+A/390/707)  Hemispheric Sunspot Numbers 1975-2000 (Temmer+, 2002)
(J/A+A/390/717)  Solar Velocities of the Sun in 1989-99 (IRIS++) (Salabert+, 2002)  (IRIS,IRIS++)
(J/A+A/390/863)  CCD R Photometry of WHISP Dwarf Galaxies (Swaters, 2002)
(J/A+A/390/931)  VI photometry in Pismis 23 and Stephenson 2 (Ortolani+, 2002)
(J/A+A/390/961)  VI photometry in NGC 188 (Andreuzzi+, 2002)
(J/A+A/390/967)  Carbon-rich giants in the HR diagram (Bergeat+, 2002)
(J/A+A/390/1023)  uvby photometry of 4 CP stars (Adelman+, 2002)
(J/A+A/390/1033)  The ISO-SWS post-helium atlas (Vandenbussche+, 2002)  (ISO-SWS)

(J/A+A/389/149)  EROS II periodic stars towards Galactic spiral arm (Derue+, 2002)
(J/A+A/389/439)  Photometry in field of RX J004404.8+411820 (Nedialkov+, 2002)
(J/A+A/389/641)  Colors of Minor Bodies in the Outer Solar System (Hainaut+, 2002)
(J/A+A/389/716)  Oscillator strengths for Li-like ions (Nahar, 2002)
(J/A+A/389/787)  VRI Photometry of Galaxies in AC118 Field (Busarello+, 2002)
(J/A+A/389/795)  Vertical structure of edge-on galaxies (Bizyaev+, 2002)
(J/A+A/389/845)  Spectra of blue compact galaxies (Kong+, 2002)
(J/A+A/389/871=B/ocl)  Optically visible open clusters and Candidates (Dias+ 2002-2014)
(J/A+A/389/931)  uvby photometry + radial velocities of R 81 (Tubbesing+, 2002)

(J/A+A/388/1)  Redshifts of five EIS clusters (Hansen+, 2002)
(J/A+A/388/29)  BR photometry of 25 southern dwarf galaxies (Parodi+, 2002)
(J/A+A/388/100)  ROSAT X-ray sources in LMC. II. (Kahabka, 2002)
(J/A+A/388/149)  CCD Vilnius photometry of M56 (Smriglio+, 2002)  ([SDB2003])
(J/A+A/388/168)  Absolute proper motions of 93 open clusters (Dias+, 2002)
(J/A+A/388/179)  BVI photometry of two open clusters (Piatti+, 2002)
(J/A+A/388/298)  BV photometry of RT Lac (Frasca+, 2002)
(J/A+A/388/632)  Radial-velocity of HD 108147 and HD 168746 (Pepe+, 2002)
(J/A+A/388/704)  Al I + Al II absolute transition probabilities (Vujnovic+, 2002)

(J/A+A/387/1)  DENIS galaxies behind the Milky Way (Vauglin+, 2002)
(J/A+A/387/26)  Surface photometry in 7 nearby clusters (Fasano+, 2002)  ([FBD2002])
(J/A+A/387/129)  IR observations of S stars (Wang+, 2002)
(J/A+A/387/240)  UBV photometry of V899 Her (Ozdemir+, 2002)
(J/A+A/387/479)  UBVI photometry of NGC 133 and NGC 1348 (Carraro, 2002)
(J/A+A/387/580)  UBV photometry of V832 Cyg (Harmanec+, 2002)
(J/A+A/387/850)  Radial velocities of eclipsing binaries (Imbert, 2002)
(J/A+A/387/1135)  NII effective recombination coefficients (Kisielius+, 2002)
(J/A+A/387/1146)  M1 and E2 emission lines in K-like ions (Charro+, 2002)

(J/A+A/386/97)  The Parkes quarter-Jansky flat-spectrum sample (Jackson+, 2002)  (Quarter-Jy,1/4Jy)
(J/A+A/386/140)  HI survey of polar ring galaxies. IV. (van Driel+, 2002)
(J/A+A/386/187)  Radial velocities in IC 4651 (Meibom+, 2002)
(J/A+A/386/237)  UBV(RI)c photometry of 7 symbiotic stars (Munari+, 2002)
(J/A+A/386/492)  Catalog of High Angular Resolution Measurements (Richichi, 2002)  (CHARM)
(J/A+A/386/709=IV/25)  HD identifications for Tycho-2 stars (Fabricius+, 2002)
(J/A+A/386/1001)  Thermal emission from low-field neutron stars (Gaensicke+, 2002)

(J/A+A/385/39)  13 and 22cm radio flux from A3571 (Venturi+, 2002)
(J/A+A/385/55)  Long-Term Polarization of BL Lac (Hagen-Thorn+ 2002)
(J/A+A/385/67)  HST VI photometry and proper motions in NGC 6528 (Feltzing+, 2002)
(J/A+A/385/87)  Speckle interferometry of nearby multiple stars (Balega+, 2002)
(J/A+A/385/377)  319 gamma-ray bursts BATSE triggers (Quilligan+, 2002)
(J/A+A/385/471)  UBVI photometry of NGC 7036 and NGC 7772 (Carraro+, 2002)
(J/A+A/385/488)  Search for duplicity in periodic Be stars (Carrier+, 2002)
(J/A+A/385/716)  N-like and O-like Breit-Pauli energy levels (Tachiev+, 2002)
(J/A+A/385/793)  Cepheids in Magellanic Clouds. II. (Antonello+, 2002)
(J/A+A/385/816)  LSB galaxies rotation curves (de Blok+ 2002)
(J/A+A/385/867)  CCD Deltaa-photometry of 5 open clusters (Paunzen+, 2002)
(J/A+A/385/884)  BVRIJHK photometry of 27 post-AGB candidates (Fujii+, 2002)
(J/A+A/385/986)  FUSE UV spectrum of HR 5223 (Fremat+, 2002)
(J/A+A/385/1014)  Magnetic field structure in W51A (Chrysostomou+, 2002)

(J/A+A/384/81)  ESO Imaging Survey. CDF-S point sources (Hatziminaoglou+, 2002)  (EIS)
(J/A+A/384/145)  Compiled catalog of Per OB2 star forming complex (Belikov+, 2002)
(J/A+A/384/180=I/276)  Tycho Double Star Catalogue (TDSC) (Fabricius+ 2002)
(J/A+A/384/371)  Kinematical data on early-type galaxies. VI (Simien+, 2002)
(J/A+A/384/383)  Halpha galaxies in Abell 1367 and Coma (Iglesias-Paramo+, 2002)
(J/A+A/384/473)  O, B and Be stars equivalent widths (Lenorzer+, 2002)
(J/A+A/384/491)  Fast-rotating nearby solar-type stars. I. (Cutispoto+, 2002-03)
(J/A+A/384/504)  Broadband polarimetry of novae in outburst (Evans+, 2002)
(J/A+A/384/650)  CCD solar diameter measurements in 1999-2000 (Penna+, 2002)
(J/A+A/384/879)  Galactic orbits of stars with planets (Barbieri+, 2002)
(J/A+A/384/890)  BVRIHalpha photometry of NGC 2244 X-ray stars (Berghoefer+, 2002)
(J/A+A/384/925)  Compiled catalog of stellar data of Miras (Kharchenko+, 2002)
(J/A+A/384/1012)  Variability of WR 86 (Paardekooper+, 2002)
(J/A+A/384/1030)  Orientation of orbits in triple stars (Sterzik+, 2002)
(J/A+A/384/1050)  Interstellar polarization. VI. (Berdyugin+, 2002)

(J/A+A/383/30)  New UBVRI color distribution in E galaxies (Idiart, 2002)
(J/A+A/383/188)  Spectrophotometric atlas of symbiotic stars (Munari+, 2002)
(J/A+A/383/197)  BV light curves of V511 Lyr in 1994-1996 (Lyytinen+, 2002)
(J/A+A/383/296)  Saturnian Satellites positions (1996-2000) (Peng+, 2002)
(J/A+A/383/398)  Cepheids multiphotometry (Paturel+, 2002)
(J/A+A/383/580)  BV polarimetric variability of 3 O-type stars (Clarke+, 2002)
(J/A+A/383/631)  Catalogue of dust clouds in the Galaxy (Dutra+, 2002)  (CDN)
(J/A+A/383/719)  Galilean Satellites mutual events 2002-2003 (Arlot, 2002)
(J/A+A/383/724)  1999-2000 CCD observations of inner Jovian moons (Kulyk+, 2002)
(J/A+A/383/823)  Radial velocities of UCOs in Fornax (Mieske+, 2002)
(J/A+A/383/1054)  Astrometry of Pluto and Saturn in 1995-2001 (Rapaport+, 2002)
(J/A+A/383/1062)  Optical positions of 55 radio stars at Yunnan Obs. (Hu+, 2002)

(J/A+A/382/60)  BVR photometry in Abell 1689 (Duc+, 2002)
(J/A+A/382/92)  Sco OB2 association (Shatsky+, 2002)
(J/A+A/382/118)  Spectroscopic sub-systems in multiple stars (Tokovinin+, 2002)
(J/A+A/382/184)  Crystalline silicates around evolved stars (Molster+, 2002)
(J/A+A/382/389)  CCD R photometry of 17 clusters of galaxies (Kopylov+, 2002)
(J/A+A/382/488)  Stellar and ionized gas kinematics in NGC 2855 (Corsini+, 2002)
(J/A+A/382/513)  Galaxy warps in the HDF North and South (Reshetnikov+, 2002)
(J/A+A/382/899)  BVI photometry in M67 (Stassun+, 2002)

(J/A+A/381/32)  Galactic Cepheid abundances (Andrievsky+, 2002)
(J/A+A/381/65)  BVI photometry of NGC 2099 (Nilakshi+, 2002)
(J/A+A/381/105)  Rotational velocities of A-type stars. I. (Royer+, 2002)
(J/A+A/381/420)  Group of Galaxies in the SSRS2 catalog (Adami+, 2002)
(J/A+A/381/446)  Astrometric Radial Velocities. III. (Madsen+, 2002)
(J/A+A/381/464)  Proper motions and membership in NGC 2548 (Wu+, 2002)
(J/A+A/381/500)  Eu abundances in F and G disk stars (Koch+, 2002)
(J/A+A/381/507)  Fe II emission lines of RR Tel (Kotnik-Karuza+, 2002)
(J/A+A/381/757)  List of extra-galactic radio jets (Liu+, 2002)
(J/A+A/381/884)  UBVI CCD photometry in NGC 2571 (Giorgi+, 2002)
(J/A+A/381/941)  HST photometry of stars in N160A (Heydari-Malayeri+, 2002)

(J/A+A/380/238)  Long-period companions of multiple stars (Shatsky, 2001)
(J/A+A/380/258)  V light curve of AzV 73 (Ostrov+, 2001)
(J/A+A/380/300)  Abundances of PN towards Galactic bulge (Escudero+, 2001)
(J/A+A/380/347)  BVRI photometry of 27 Kuiper Belt Objects (Delsanti+, 2001)
(J/A+A/380/441)  Galaxies behind Southern Milky Way. II. (Woudt+, 2001)  (WKK,WKK98)
(J/A+A/380/478)  BVI photometry in NGC 6101 (Marconi+, 2001)
(J/A+A/380/578)  Equiv. widths of 13 horizontal branch stars (Tautvaisiene+, 2001)
(J/A+A/380/590)  30 DENIS late-M dwarfs between 15 and 30pc (Phan-Bao+, 2001)
(J/A+A/380/609)  Southern emission-line stars multiphotometry (de Winter+, 2001)
(J/A+A/380/665)  Massive dense cores with ^13^CO J=1-0 lines (Wu+, 2001)
(J/A+A/380/727)  1995 Saturnian satellite observations (Vienne+, 2001)

(J/A+A/379/21)  Radio-optically selected galaxy clusters I. (Zanichelli+, 2001)
(J/A+A/379/35)  Radio-optically selected galaxy clusters. II. (Zanichelli+, 2001)
(J/A+A/379/54)  (S+S) binary galaxies BVRI photometry (Hernandez-Toledo+, 2001)
(J/A+A/379/90)  Candidate Planetary Nebulae in M81 (Magrini+, 2001)
(J/A+A/379/136)  UBVRI photometry of 3 young open clusters (Carraro+, 2001)
(J/A+A/379/162)  Binaries with post-T Tauri secondaries (Gerbaldi+, 2001)
(J/A+A/379/305)  Envelope Tomography of LPV stars (Alvarez, 2001)
(J/A+A/379/436)  EIS survey: selected stellar fields (Momany+, 2001)
(J/A+A/379/453)  CCD BVI photometry of 5 open cluster candidates (Piatti+, 2001)
(J/A+A/379/564)  Vega-type and PMS stars UBVRI photo-polarimetry (Oudmaijer+ 2001)
(J/A+A/379/740)  ESO Imaging Survey (EIS) (Arnouts+, 2001)  (EIS)
(J/A+A/379/755)  Radio data of X- and gamma-ray loud blazars (Venturi+, 2001)
(J/A+A/379/798)  ELAIS Halpha emitting galaxies (Pascual+, 2001)
(J/A+A/379/976)  Moving groups late-type stars eq. widths + fluxes (Montes+ 2001)
(J/A+A/379/999)  The CORALIE survey for extrasolar planets. VI (Santos+ 2001)

(J/A+A/378/30)  ROSAT-BSC galaxy identifications (Zimmermann+, 2001)
(J/A+A/378/113)  Ap stars periodicity (Catalano+, 2001)
(J/A+A/378/116)  Classification and vsini of Vega-type and PMS stars (Mora+, 2001)
(J/A+A/378/556)  UVES/VLT spectra of white dwarfs (Koester+, 2001)
(J/A+A/378/861)  Spectroscopy of Be stars (Chauville+, 2001)
(J/A+A/378/954)  CCD measurements of double stars (Gili+, 2001)

(J/A+A/377/123)  Equivalent widths of 6 binaries (Gratton+, 2001)
(J/A+A/377/361)  Fe II transition probabilities and loggf (Pickering+, 2001)
(J/A+A/377/428)  Abell 970 galaxies radial velocities (Sodre+, 2001)
(J/A+A/377/442)  Chandra Deep Field South: R-band photometry (Wolf+, 2001)  (COMBO,CDFS,CDF-S)
(J/A+A/377/801)  Fourth list of the Karachentsev catalog (Huchtmeier+, 2001)
(J/A+A/377/911)  Age-metallicity relation in solar neighbourhood (Feltzing+, 2001)
(J/A+A/377/925)  Radial velocity curves of Vela X-1 (Barziv+, 2001)
(J/A+A/377/945)  Variability and spectra of LMC giants (Cioni+ 2001)

(J/A+A/376/28)  Inversion of the HE 1122-1648 UVES spectrum (Rollinde+ 2001)
(J/A+A/376/144)  BV(RI)_C_Halpha photometry of NGC 663 (Pigulski+, 2001)
(J/A+A/376/158)  SV Cam BVR light curves (Albayrak+, 2001)
(J/A+A/376/325=I/272)  M2000: Bordeaux Carte du Ciel zone +11<Dec<+18 (Rapaport+, 2001)
(J/A+A/376/333)  Einstein A-coefficients for C_3_H_4_ (Sharma+, 2001)
(J/A+A/376/356)  Diatomic molecules collisional rates (Chandra+, 2001)
(J/A+A/376/441)  Absolute proper motions of 112 open clusters (Dias+, 2001)
(J/A+A/376/561)  Rc light curves of 7 variables in M37 (Kiss+, 2001)
(J/A+A/376/745)  CCD standards for U and I in NGC 7790 (Petrov+, 2001)
(J/A+A/376/775)  UBVRI and H-beta observations of 3C 390.3 (Shapovalova+ 2001)
(J/A+A/376/861)  1420MHz radio continuum survey of the southern sky (Reich+, 2001)  (Stockert)
(J/A+A/376/907)  Near-IR Sources in the Cederblad 110 region. (Persi+ 2001)
(J/A+A/376/982)  Near-IR observations of young binaries (Woitas+, 2001)
(J/A+A/376/997)  Galactic mass-losing AGB stars (Le Bertre+, 2001)
(J/A+A/376/1106)  Forbidden transitions in Co(16+) (Charro+, 2001)
(J/A+A/376/1113)  Line ratios for helium-like ions (Porquet+, 2001)
(J/A+A/376/1123)  Bright southern sub-mm sources (Adraou+, 2001)

(J/A+A/375/L27)  HD 80606b, a planet on an extremely elongated orbit (Naef+ 2001)
(J/A+A/375/1)  IR observations of Chandra Deep Field + HDF-South (Saracco+, 2001)
(J/A+A/375/30)  Radial velocities in open clusters (Mermilliod+, 2001)
(J/A+A/375/130)  New PMS spectroscopic binaries in Orion (Covino+ 2001)
(J/A+A/375/205)  The CORALIE survey for extrasolar planets V (Naef+ 2001)
(J/A+A/375/275)  Asteroidal I, J, K in the DENIS Survey (Baudrand+ 2001)
(J/A+A/375/285)  Photometric observations of 9 Near-Earth Objects (Szabo+, 2001)
(J/A+A/375/308)  Extension of ICRF for selected areas down to V=15 (Camargo+ 2001)  (VMCC)
(J/A+A/375/366)  Carbon stars from the Hamburg/ESO survey (Christlieb+ 2001)
(J/A+A/375/527)  JHKL' photometry of AGB stars (Kerschbaum+, 2001)
(J/A+A/375/539)  JHK photometry of compact HII regions in Cyg X (Comeron+, 2001)
(J/A+A/375/591)  SUMER Spectral Atlas of Solar Disk Features (Curdt+, 2001)
(J/A+A/375/614)  Astrolabe observations of the Sun in 1990-2000 (Noel, 2001)
(J/A+A/375/661)  Stability of VLBI reference frame (Gontier+, 2001)
(J/A+A/375/670)  Photographic observations of radio stars (Rizvanov+, 2001)
(J/A+A/375/739)  Hard X-ray properties of blazars (Donato+, 2001)
(J/A+A/375/863)  Photometry in NGC 2516 (Jeffries+, 2001)
(J/A+A/375/909)  RR Lyrae stars in the Sgr dwarf (Cseresnjes 2001)
(J/A+A/375/989)  JHK photometry of Praesepe low-mass stars (Bouvier+, 2001)

(J/A+A/374/92=VII/224)  Quasars and Active Galactic Nuclei (10th Ed.) (Veron+ 2001)
(J/A+A/374/132)  CCD photometry and astrometry of double stars (Lampens+, 2001)
(J/A+A/374/164)  BH Cas VRI differential magnitudes (Zola+, 2001)
(J/A+A/374/204)  V392 Car light curve (Debernardi+, 2001)
(J/A+A/374/227)  Radial velocity in multiple systems (Tokovinin+, 2001)
(J/A+A/374/265)  LTE spectrum synthesis in magnetic atmospheres (Wade+, 2001)
(J/A+A/374/394)  Gas and stars kinematics in disc galaxies (Vega Beltran+ 2001)
(J/A+A/374/504)  UBVI photometry of NGC 7654 (Pandey+, 2001)
(J/A+A/374/638)  RY Sct UBVR photometry (Djurasevic+, 2001)
(J/A+A/374/712)  Photometric observations of comets (Szabo+, 2001)
(J/A+A/374/861)  Positions of giant radio galaxies (Schoenmakers+ 2001)
(J/A+A/374/907)  The Hamburg/SAO Survey for ELGs. V. (Ugryumov+, 2001)
(J/A+A/374/968)  Photometric and kinematic properties of LPVs (Mennessier+, 2001)
(J/A+A/374/1049)  Photometry of FK Com for 1993-2001 (Korhonen+, 2001)
(J/A+A/374/1056)  V1162 Ori variations (Arentoft+, 2001)
(J/A+A/374/1085)  Mg II K line Wilson-Bappu relationship (Cassatella+, 2001)

(J/A+A/373/24)  Blue compact galaxies from SBS (Pustilnik+ 2001)
(J/A+A/373/63)  M31 second ROSAT PSPC survey (Supper+, 2001)
(J/A+A/373/153)  CCD Deltaa-photometry of 5 open clusters (Paunzen+, 2001)
(J/A+A/373/159=III/221A)  Catalogue of [Fe/H] of F, G, K stars (Cayrel de Strobel+, 2001)
(J/A+A/373/438)  X-ray view of M33 after ROSAT (Haberl+, 2001)
(J/A+A/373/536)  New galactic bulge PNe (van de Steene+, 2001)
(J/A+A/373/576)  Detection of Tycho variables stars (Piquard+, 2001)
(J/A+A/373/608)  Early-type stars towards the Galactic Center. II. (Dufton+, 2001)
(J/A+A/373/625)  uvbybeta photometry of lambda Bootis stars (Paunzen+, 2001)
(J/A+A/373/730)  The IUE Absolute Flux Scale (Gonzalez-Riestra+, 2001)
(J/A+A/373/757)  Lyman-Alpha Forest of 3 QSOs (Kim+, 2001)
(J/A+A/373/899)  New variables in M22 globular cluster (Kaluzny+, 2001)
(J/A+A/373/950)  UBV light cures of KW Persei (Galis + 2001)
(J/A+A/373/987)  Non-LTE Ga abundance in HgMn stars (Zboril+ 2001)
(J/A+A/373/1032)  Radio emission from planetary nebulae (Siodmiak+, 2001)

(J/A+A/372/L41)  NGC 2068/2071 protoclusters (Motte+, 2001)
(J/A+A/372/71)  King 5 and Berkeley 20 UBVRI photometry (Durgapal+, 2001)
(J/A+A/372/85)  Detected sources at 12mum in 47 Tuc (Ramdani+, 2001)
(J/A+A/372/95)  NGC 2439 ubvybeta photometry (Kaltcheva+, 2001)
(J/A+A/372/145)  Symbiotic stars UBV(RI)c photometry. II. (Henden+, 2001)
(J/A+A/372/173)  ISOCAM observations of the rho Ophiuchi cloud (Bontemps+, 2001)
(J/A+A/372/245)  Infrared properties of barium stars (Chen+, 2001)
(J/A+A/372/276)  Polarization catalogue for NGP area (Berdyugin+, 2001)
(J/A+A/372/364)  ISO FIRBACK Source Catalog at 170um (Dole+, 2001)  (FSM,FIRBACK)
(J/A+A/372/391)  Spectroscopic Survey of Cl 0024+1654 (Czoske+, 2001)
(J/A+A/372/477)  ubvybeta photometry of h + chi Persei (Marco+, 2001)
(J/A+A/372/588)  uvby light curves of V2154 Cyg (Rodriguez+ 2001)
(J/A+A/372/862)  Lithium abundances in IC 2602 and IC 2391 (Randich+, 2001)
(J/A+A/372/879)  JKBV photometry of NGC 2141 (Carraro+, 2001)
(J/A+A/372/1078)  IRON Project XLIX (Butler+, 2001)
(J/A+A/372/1083)  IRON Project L (Butler+, 2001)

(J/A+A/371/L5)  CCD Deltaa-photometry of NGC 1866 (Maitzen+, 2001)
(J/A+A/371/79)  NGC 5548 UBVRI phot. and Halpha, Hbeta fluxes (Dietrich+, 2001)
(J/A+A/371/497)  OB associations in the spiral galaxy NGC 300 (Pietrzynski+, 2001)
(J/A+A/371/579)  Empirical relations for cluster RR Lyrae (Kovacs+, 2001)
(J/A+A/371/833)  ROSAT Ultra Deep Survey (Lehmann+, 2001)
(J/A+A/371/908)  Havlen-Moffat No. 1 UBVRI photometry (Vazquez+, 2001)
(J/A+A/371/943)  Lithium abundances for 185 main-sequence stars (Chen+, 2001)
(J/A+A/371/986)  Monoperiodic pulsating stars in the OGLE database (Poretti, 2001)
(J/A+A/371/1078)  Elemental abundance of 4 normal B and A stars (Adelman+, 2001)

(J/A+A/370/78)  RATAN-600 NCP bright radio sources (Mingaliev+, 2001)
(J/A+A/370/409)  New sample of large angular size radio galaxies. I. (Lara+, 2001)
(J/A+A/370/426)  UVES Spectrum of APM BR J0307-4945 (Dessauges-Zavadsky+, 2001)
(J/A+A/370/468)  Variability of gamma-ray sources (Torres+, 2001)
(J/A+A/370/496)  Stroemgren by photometry of AI Aurigae (Kiss+, 2001)
(J/A+A/370/503)  BV(RI)c photometry of 7 symbiotic stars (Munari+, 2001)
(J/A+A/370/765)  HI synthesis observations in UMa cluster (Verheijen+, 2001)
(J/A+A/370/900)  BeppoSAX HELLAS survey. IV (Vignali+, 2001)  (HELLAS)
(J/A+A/370/931)  BVI photometry of 4 open clusters (Piatti+, 2001)
(J/A+A/370/974)  Radial velocities of UX Ari (Duemmler+, 2001)
(J/A+A/370/1071)  Fe XII UV line intensity ratios (Binello+, 2001)

(J/A+A/369/57)  Monitoring Mkn 279 in BVRI and Hbeta fluxes (Santos-Lleo+, 2001)
(J/A+A/369/178)  Effective temperatures of carbon-rich stars (Bergeat+, 2001)
(J/A+A/369/249)  T Tauri binary systems orbital motion (Woitas+, 2001)
(J/A+A/369/380)  CSS/GPS radio sources VLA observations (Fanti+, 2001)
(J/A+A/369/511)  Open star clusters. III. NGC 4103, 5281, 4755 (Sanner+, 2001)
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(J/A+A/342/881)  Uncertainties in r-abundance distribution (Goriely 1999)

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(J/A+A/340/371)  Quasar polarization (Hutsemekers+ 1998)

(J/A+A/339/34)  Bright galaxies from the WENSS minisurvey (de Ruiter+ 1998)  (WENSS)
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(J/A+A/338/340)  Asteroids as IR Standards for ISOPHOT (Mueller+ 1998)
(J/A+A/338/581)  Field 3 Palomar-Groningen survey. II. (Schultheis+ 1998)
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(J/A+A/338/1066)  Optical Spectra of DENIS Brown Dwarf Candidate (Tinney+ 1998)

(J/A+A/337/17)  Redshift survey between A548 and A3367 (Andreuzzi+, 1998)
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(J/A+A/335/L65=I/250)  The Tycho Reference Catalogue (Hog+ 1998)
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(J/A+A/334/609)  Carbon stars IR photometry (Guglielmo+ 1998)
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(J/A+A/334/987)  6 blue objects spectral data (Venn+ 1998)

(J/A+A/333/L35)  Magellanic Clouds Cepheids Fourier decomposition (Antonello 1998)
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(J/A+A/333/479)  NGC 1851 dynamical and evolutionary properties (Saviane+ 1998)
(J/A+A/333/619)  Upper Scorpius OB association Lithium survey (Preibisch+ 1998)
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(J/A+A/332/L53)  The PL relation of galactic carbon LPVs (Bergeat+ 1998)
(J/A+A/332/410)  Quasar polarization (Hutsemekers 1998)
(J/A+A/332/575)  Pleiades member list (Belikov+ 1998)
(J/A+A/332/586)  Cataclysmic variables light curves (Bruch 1998)
(J/A+A/332/721)  Planetary nebulae abundances (Perinotto+ 1998)

(J/A+A/331/70)  JKVI photometry of NGC 6553 stars (Guarnieri+ 1998)
(J/A+A/331/81)  Hyades membership (Perryman+ 1998)
(J/A+A/331/581)  Rotation and activity in field M dwarfs (Delfosse+ 1998)
(J/A+A/331/633)  IUE spectra of lambda Boo stars (Solano+ 1998)
(J/A+A/331/669=VIII/66)  IRAM observations in pre-star forming regions (Falgarone+ 1998-2001)
(J/A+A/331/949)  Wolf-Rayet and O-star runaways kinematics (Moffat+ 1998)

(J/A+A/330/108)  ROSAT detected quasars. II. (Yuan+ 1998)
(J/A+A/330/423)  Early-type galaxies kinematics (Rampazzo+ 1998)
(J/A+A/330/453)  Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy VI photometry (Marconi+, 1998)
(J/A+A/330/505)  Carbon stars IR emission (Blanco+ 1998)
(J/A+A/330/515)  RR Lyrae parallaxes + proper motions (Fernley+ 1998)
(J/A+A/330/676)  IRC+10216 Silicon and sulfur chemistry (Willacy+ 1998)
(J/A+A/330/881)  Radial velocities of Cartwheel Galaxy (Amram+ 1998)
(J/A+A/330/990)  VRIJHK photometry of the Serpens cloud core (Giovannetti+ 1998)

(J/A+A/329/101)  Masses of Pleiades members (Raboud+ 1998)
(J/A+A/329/219)  28SiO in O-rich evolved stars (Pardo+ 1998)
(J/A+A/329/329)  SMART97, rigid Earth rotation new solution (Bretagnon+ 1998)
(J/A+A/329/482)  ROSAT Deep Survey in the Lockman Hole (Hasinger+, 1998)
(J/A+A/329/579)  uvby photometry of theta CrB (Fabregat+ 1998)
(J/A+A/329/721)  Sensitivity indicators of Fraunhofer lines (Shenimova 1998)
(J/A+A/329/943)  F + G solar neighbourhood stars new ages (Ng+ 1998)

(J/A+A/328/83)  Globular clusters luminosity function (Chabrier+ 1997)
(J/A+A/328/167)  BV photometry in supergiant shell LMC4 (Braun+, 1997)
(J/A+A/328/175)  K + M giants equivalent widths (Aoki+ 1997)
(J/A+A/328/235)  AN Lyn light maxima (Rodriguez+ 1997)
(J/A+A/328/261)  Spectroscopy of Alpha Cen (Neuforge-Verheecke+ 1997)
(J/A+A/328/349)  Role of Convection in A, F, and G stars (Smalley+ 1997)
(J/A+A/328/551)  Spectroscopic data of 4 Herculis (Koubsky+ 1997)
(J/A+A/328/617)  16O18O isotopomer collision rate (Marechal+ 1997)

(J/A+A/327/61)  BV(RI)c photometry of S5 0716+714 (Ghisellini+ 1997)
(J/A+A/327/145)  Photopolarimetric activity of RR Tauri (Rostopchina+ 1997)
(J/A+A/327/191)  Spectrophotometry of southern symbiotic stars (Mikolajewska+ 1997)
(J/A+A/327/325)  Distances of molecular cloud (May+, 1997)
(J/A+A/327/522)  Molecular gas content of spiral galaxies (Boselli+ 1997)
(J/A+A/327/587)  Abundances of 9 solar-type stars (Tomkin+ 1997)
(J/A+A/327/736)  Planetary nebulae properties (Stasinska+ 1997)
(J/A+A/327/755)  OH maser emission from IRAS sources (Palla+ 1997)
(J/A+A/327/952)  Centaurus cluster velocities (Stein+ 1997)
(J/A+A/327/1017)  GO Cygni system (Rovithis-Livaniou+ 1997)
(J/A+A/327/1039)  Structure and evolution of low-mass stars (Chabrier+ 1997)
(J/A+A/327/1114)  Optical flares on EV Lac in 1967-1977 (Leto+ 1997)
(J/A+A/327/1177)  Kinematics and electron temperatures in Orion A (Wilson+ 1997)

(J/A+A/326/211)  T Tau Stars (Wichmann+, 1997)
(J/A+A/326/249)  Chromospheric models of dwarf M stars (Mauas+ 1997)
(J/A+A/326/614)  Terzan 2 VI photometry (Ortolani+ 1997)
(J/A+A/326/722)  HIPPARCOS Ba stars (Mennessier+ 1997)
(J/A+A/326/751)  Chemical composition of halo and disk stars (Nissen+, 1997)
(J/A+A/326/780)  Lithium depletion in CABs (Barrado y Navascues+ 1997)
(J/A+A/326/1044)  Eclipsing binaries uvbyHbeta photometry (Jordi+ 1997)
(J/A+A/326/1069)  Abundances in globular clusters (Russell 1997)

(J/A+A/325/159)  Companions to M dwarfs within 5pc (Leinert+ 1997)
(J/A+A/325/167)  Geneva photometry in NGC 6231 (Raboud+ 1997)
(J/A+A/325/255)  5cm OH masers survey (Baudry+ 1997)
(J/A+A/325/473)  HCG HI-deficiency (Huchtmeier 1997)
(J/A+A/325/647)  High-resolution spectra south of Taurus (Neuhaeuser+ 1997)
(J/A+A/325/693)  Quantitative spectral classification (Malyuto+ 1997)
(J/A+A/325/987)  UBV magnitude of NGC 884 B-type pulsators (Krzesinski+ 1997)
(J/A+A/325/1115)  Near-simultaneous ROSAT and Mt Wilson data (Piters+ 1997)
(J/A+A/325/1163)  330-360GHz spectral lines of G 34.3+0.15. II. (Millar+ 1997)

(J/A+A/324/91)  Melotte 71 red giants radial velocities (Mermilliod+ 1997)
(J/A+A/324/137)  Eclipsing binaries with candidate CP stars (North+ 1997)
(J/A+A/324/366)  Theory of motion + ephemerides of Hyperion (Duriez+ 1997)
(J/A+A/324/435)  Chemical composition of six K supergiants in the SMC (Hill 1997)
(J/A+A/324/505)  Core velocity dispersions of globular clusters (Dubath+ 1997)
(J/A+A/324/549)  Deep UVBRI photometry in IC 348 (Trullols+ 1997)
(J/A+A/324/904)  NGC 4151 line-continuum diagram sequences (Malkov+ 1997)
(J/A+A/324/915)  Blue stragglers in M3 (Ferraro+ 1997)
(J/A+A/324/949)  Properties of He-rich stars I. (Zboril+ 1997)
(J/A+A/324/965)  UBV photometry of V360 Lac (Hill+ 1997)
(J/A+A/324/1059)  C-rich stars IR and UBVRI photometry (Le Bertre 1997)

(J/A+A/323/L49=I/239)  The Hipparcos and Tycho Catalogues (ESA 1997)
(J/A+A/323/71)  Line spectra of Liners (Contini 1997)
(J/A+A/323/113)  YY Her photometric history over 1890-1996 (Munari+ 1997)
(J/A+A/323/139)  K magnitude of Pleiades low-mass binaries (Bouvier+ 1997)
(J/A+A/323/337)  Abell 851 morphological segregation (Andreon+ 1997)
(J/A+A/323/469)  Optical spectra of post-AGB stars (Bakker+ 1997)
(J/A+A/323/707)  Nature of the FHIL winds from AGN (Erkens+ 1997)
(J/A+A/323/739)  ROSAT detected quasars. II. (Brinkmann+ 1997)
(J/A+A/323/775)  Cepheids radial velocities and coordinates (Mishurov+ 1997)
(J/A+A/323/881)  Variations of HD 137509 (Mathys+ 1997)

(J/A+A/322/159)  H2O maser emission from irregular variables (Szymczak+ 1997)
(J/A+A/322/460)  NGC 3680 photometry and radial velocities (Nordstrom+ 1997)
(J/A+A/322/817)  Theoretical RRab light curves properties (Feuchtinger+ 1997)

(J/A+A/321/L33)  Terrestrial impact cratering rate (Jetsu 1997)
(J/A+A/321/L9)  Barium stars in the HR diagram (Bergeat+ 1997)
(J/A+A/321/29)  Star cluster evolution (Olofsson 1997)
(J/A+A/321/123)  Optical variability of QSOs (Cristiani+ 1997)
(J/A+A/321/236)  Reddening and fluxes of carbon stars (Knapik+ 1997)
(J/A+A/321/293)  SiO production in interstellar shocks (Schilke+ 1997)
(J/A+A/321/363)  NGC 4736 H II regions properties (Martin+ 1997)
(J/A+A/321/531)  Quantitative analysis of HD 93129A (Taresch+ 1997)

(J/A+A/320/74)  Radial velocities of Pleiades members (Mermilliod+ 1997)
(J/A+A/320/79)  Mass-luminosity relation of low-mass stars (Malkov+ 1997)
(J/A+A/320/185)  UBVRIcJHKL photometry in Lup (Wichmann+ 1997)
(J/A+A/320/405)  NGC 5548 continuum light curve (Sergeev+ 1997)
(J/A+A/320/631)  Meteor streams detected among 502TV (Jopek+ 1997)
(J/A+A/320/652)  Mass of (11) Parthenope (Viateau+ 1997)
(J/A+A/320/757)  M3 stars CCD photometry (Ferraro+ 1997)
(J/A+A/320/776)  Tidal radii of 7 globular clusters (Lehmann+ 1997)

(J/A+A/319/18)  X-ray sources <1 degree from Seyfert galaxies (Radecke 1997)
(J/A+A/319/33)  Identification of X-ray sources around Seyferts (Arp 1997)
(J/A+A/319/67)  HI observations of dwarf galaxies in voids (Huchtmeier+ 1997)
(J/A+A/319/184)  New WTTS in the Chamaeleon complex (Alcala+ 1997)
(J/A+A/319/235)  CN in circumstellar envelopes survey (Bachiller+ 1997)
(J/A+A/319/318)  PAH hypothesis (Pauzat+ 1997)
(J/A+A/319/401)  HI survey of polar ring galaxies. II. (Huchtmeier 1997)
(J/A+A/319/413)  ROSAT detected quasars. I. (Brinkmann+ 1997)
(J/A+A/319/481)  Radial velocities of 10 spectroscopic binaries (Mermilliod+ 1997)
(J/A+A/319/593)  [Be] abundances in low-metallicity stars (Molaro+ 1997)
(J/A+A/319/720)  Infrared transitions of SiO (Drira+, 1997)
(J/A+A/319/757)  Quasar and radio galaxies flux densities (Hoeksta+ 1997)
(J/A+A/319/850)  V, I , and Gunn z imaging of Terzan 4 (Ortolani+ 1997)
(J/A+A/319/867)  V436 Persei = 1 Persei byBV photometry (Harmanec+ 1997)
(J/A+A/319/881)  Ba II strength of barium stars (Gomez+ 1997)

(J/A+A/318/53)  UBV photometry of EG And (Skopal 1997)
(J/A+A/318/111)  ROSAT Galactic Plane Survey (Motch+ 1997)
(J/A+A/318/256)  Planetary nebulae properties (Gorny+ 1997)
(J/A+A/318/347)  Absorption lines in QSO 0000-2619 (Savaglio+, 1997)
(J/A+A/318/416)  Radial velocities + photometry of classical Cepheids (Pont+ 1997)
(J/A+A/318/680)  Cosmological distances (Kayser+ 1997)
(J/A+A/318/797)  Cepheid radii (Ripepi+ 1997)
(J/A+A/318/879)  IR photometry of L1551/IRS5 (Men'shchikov+ 1997)

(J/A+A/317/54)  Fornax cluster 1 and 3 photometry (Jorgensen+ 1997)
(J/A+A/317/328)  ROSAT PSPC survey of M 31 (Supper+ 1997)
(J/A+A/317/416)  Superclustering in the field of Q1037-2704 (Lespine+ 1997)
(J/A+A/317/423)  Revised photometry of SNIa (Patat, 1997)
(J/A+A/317/448)  BVRHalpha photometry of NGC 1818 (Grebel 1997)
(J/A+A/317/503)  Photometric + visibility data of IRC +10 216 (Groenewegen 1997)
(J/A+A/317/689)  Hot subdwarfs proper motions (Thejll+ 1997)
(J/A+A/317/712)  UV fluxes and electron density of AG Peg (Altamore+ 1997)
(J/A+A/317/761)  Miras temperatures, distances + magnitudes (Alvarez+ 1997)

(J/A+A/316/102)  JHK Photometry in NGC 6334 (Tapia+, 1996)
(J/A+A/316/123)  QSO absorber and galaxy evolution (Lindner+ 1996)
(J/A+A/316/147)  Catalogue of ROSAT White Dwarfs (Fleming+ 1996)

(J/A+A/315/40)  Photometry of the Tuc dwarf galaxy (Saviane, 1996)
(J/A+A/315/95)  Chemical compositions of 3 LMC B stars. (Rolleston+ 1996)
(J/A+A/315/348)  BVI photometry of two Orion galaxies (Karachentsev+ 1996)
(J/A+A/315/384)  Binarity among B-stars in NGC 6231 (Raboud, 1996)
(J/A+A/315/578)  CO Survey in Monoceros OB1 region (Oliver+ 1996)

(J/A+A/314/43)  NGC 5548 Profile variability (Kollatschny+ 1996)
(J/A+A/314/191)  Atmospheric parameters in metal-poor stars. I (Gratton+, 1996)
(J/A+A/314/312)  Galilean satellites mutual events in 1997 (Arlot 1996)
(J/A+A/314/448)  UBV photometry of a blue straggler in NGC 2354 (Lapasset+, 1996)
(J/A+A/314/491)  HD 59435 radial velocity + Geneva photometry (Wade+ 1996)
(J/A+A/314/541)  Long period Cepheids (Antonello+, 1996)
(J/A+A/314/585)  NaI/KI scattering in circumstellar envelopes (Guilain+ 1996)
(J/A+A/314/615)  Maps of the 36 GHz methanol emission (Liechti+, 1996)
(J/A+A/314/846)  Radial velocities of Gliese 692.1 (Duquennoy+ 1996)
(J/A+A/314/871)  V Hydrae (Kahane+ 1996)
(J/A+A/314/896)  IR fluxes and photometry of oxygen-rich stars (Le Sidaner+ 1996)

(J/A+A/313/129)  Positions and magnitudes of M30 blue stars (Burgarella+ 1996)
(J/A+A/313/377)  Near-IR photometry of 86 galaxies. IV. (de Jong 1996)
(J/A+A/313/841)  MACHO LMC No.1 microlensing event (Dominik+, 1996)
(J/A+A/313/924)  Relative fluxes in 11 type I PN (Costa+, 1996)
(J/A+A/313/949)  Solar chromospheric structures. II. (Bocchialini+, 1996)
(J/A+A/313/1008)  Slender flux tubes variational principle . I. (Achterberg 1996)

(J/A+A/312/74)  Proper motion of M 92 (Tucholke+, 1996)
(J/A+A/312/93)  Cataclysmic variables systemic-velocity (van Paradijs+, 1996)
(J/A+A/312/111)  [Fe/H] from RR Lyrae light curves (Jurcsik+, 1996)
(J/A+A/312/221)  Excess CaII H+K emission in active binaries (Montes+, 1996)
(J/A+A/312/439)  New T Tauri stars in Taurus-Auriga (Wichmann+, 1996)
(J/A+A/312/745)  SSRS groups of galaxies redshift neighbourhood (Ramella+, 1996)
(J/A+A/312/818)  NGC 2516 X-ray sources (Dachs+, 1996)
(J/A+A/312/879)  Beta Lyr radial velocities and UBV data (Harmanec+, 1996)
(J/A+A/312/1017)  Coefficients of rigid Earth nutation. I. (Souchay+, 1996)
(J/A+A/312/1031)  Positions + proper motions of radio stars (Argyle+, 1996)

(J/A+A/311/211)  X-ray flare of CF Tuc (=HD 5303) (Kuerster+ 1996)
(J/A+A/311/361)  Evolution models of elliptical galaxies. II. (Tantalo+, 1996)
(J/A+A/311/384)  ROSAT observations of BL Lacertae objects (Lamer+ 1996)
(J/A+A/311/484)  CH Cyg 1991-1995 UBV-JHKLM photometry (Munari+, 1996)
(J/A+A/311/523)  Photometry of W UMa (Maceroni+, 1996)
(J/A+A/311/710)  Faint Jovian satellites ephemerides (Rocher+, 1996)
(J/A+A/311/873)  Geneva Photometry of HD 34798 + HD 45284 (Waelkens+, 1996)

(J/A+A/310/8)  The ESO Nearby Abell Cluster Survey I. (Katgert+, 1996)  (ENACS)
(J/A+A/310/31)  The ESO Nearby Abell Cluster Survey. II. (Mazure+ 1996)  (ENACS)
(J/A+A/310/143)  Variability of classical T Tauri stars (Fernandez+, 1996)
(J/A+A/310/164)  Line profile variations in eta Ori (De Mey+, 1996)
(J/A+A/310/173)  TY Pyx IUE FES observations (Neff+, 1996)
(J/A+A/310/353)  Redshift of 97 spirals (Guthrie+, 1996)
(J/A+A/310/384)  Optical brightness of 3 ROSAT Seyfert galaxies (Greiner+, 1996)
(J/A+A/310/715)  Tucana dwarf galaxy VI photometry (Castellani+, 1996)
(J/A+A/310/879)  Hyades binaries (Barrado+, 1996)
(J/A+A/310/893)  C_2_ Phillips and CN Red bands in HD 56126 (Bakker+, 1996)
(J/A+A/310/933)  C isotopic ratio in N- and SC-type stars (Ohnaka+, 1996)

(J/A+A/309/81)  X-ray properties of AGN (Wang+, 1996)
(J/A+A/309/116)  10 globular cluster ROSAT observations (Johnston+, 1996)
(J/A+A/309/446)  HII Regions in M51 (Petit+, 1996)
(J/A+A/309/521)  55 UMa spectroscopic orbit (Horn+, 1996)
(J/A+A/309/581)  CO observations of clouds in IC 1396 region (Weikard +, 1996)
(J/A+A/309/655)  Solar chromospheric activity (HeI 10830A) (Shcherbakov+, 1996)
(J/A+A/309/749)  Fundamental plane of early type galaxies (Prugniel+ 1996)
(J/A+A/309/787)  DX Eri variability (Stefl+, 1996)

(J/A+A/308/481)  Metallic line doubling phenomenon in RR Lyrae (Chadid+, 1996)
(J/A+A/308/573)  Ammonia on YSOs IRAS sources (Molinari+ 1996)
(J/A+A/308/733)  NTT VI photometry in Terzan 5 (Ortolani+ 1996)

(J/A+A/307/33)  X-ray quasar spectra (Schartel+ 1996)
(J/A+A/307/80)  Velocities of red giants in NGC 2099 (Mermilliod+ 1996)
(J/A+A/307/215)  Spectrophotomety of planetary nebulae (Cuisinier+, 1996)
(J/A+A/307/869)  Nature of the peculiar supergiant HD 101584 (Bakker+, 1996)

(J/A+A/306/9)  PNe and HII in NGC 300 (Soffner+, 1996)  ([SMJ96])
(J/A+A/306/134)  Liller 1 (Ortolani+, 1996)
(J/A+A/306/924)  Optical spectrum of HR 4049 (Bakker+, 1996)

(J/A+A/305/74)  NGC 4565, 4656 + 5907 ROSAT observations (Vogler+ 1996)
(J/A+A/305/245)  Fe I in metal-poor stars (Magain+, 1996)
(J/A+A/305/551)  Chemical composition of the s-Cepheids (Andrievsky+, 1996)
(J/A+A/305/960)  Interstellar S isotopes (Chin+, 1996)
(J/A+A/305/989=I/219)  Cape AC Zone Data Reduced to ACRS (Urban+ 1996)

(J/A+A/304/235)  UBV Photometry of phi Per (Bozic+, 1995)
(J/A+A/304/347)  40 field red supergiants in the SMC (Meliani+, 1995)
(J/A+A/304/406)  Photometry and radial velocities of 16 Lac (Chapellier+, 1995)
(J/A+A/304/415)  uvby-Hbeta photometry of Eta Car 1992-94 (van Genderen+, 1995)
(J/A+A/304/563)  Cool X-ray flares of Sun with GOES (Phillips+, 1995)

(J/A+A/303/137)  EROS Variables: Cepheids in the bar of LMC (Beaulieu+ 1995)
(J/A+A/303/175)  Line spectrum of NGC 7027 (Baluteau+, 1995)
(J/A+A/303/420)  Radio galaxies and quasars (Chyzy+, 1995)
(J/A+A/303/468)  Spectrospcopy, IR-photom. in globular clusters (Minniti, 1995)
(J/A+A/303/661)  Star-forming galaxies in the Coma Cluster (Donas+, 1995)
(J/A+A/303/893)  Planetary nebulae with WR-type nuclei (Gorny+, 1995)

(J/A+A/301/396)  Photometry of NGC 1962-65-66-70 (Will J.-M.+, 1995)

(J/A+A/300/128)  ESO 96-SC04 and ESO 92-SC18 photometry (Carraro+, 1995)
(J/A+A/300/323)  NOT GL survey of multiply imaged quasars (Jaunsen+, 1995)
(J/A+A/300/726)  BH 176 and AM-2 (Ortolani+, 1995)
(J/A+A/300/751)  Metal-poor stars spectroscopy. II (Axer+, 1995)

(J/A+A/299/39)  Orion Trapezium area ROSAT PSPC obs. I. (Geier+, 1995)  (ROS-ORI)
(J/A+A/299/53)  Red giants in NGC 3680 and IC 4651 (Mermilliod+, 1995)
(J/A+A/299/89)  COYOTES II (Bouvier+, 1995)
(J/A+A/299/238)  Radio observations of PN candidates (Van de Steene+, 1995)
(J/A+A/299/347)  IRAS galaxies behind Taurus clouds (Chamaraux+, 1995)
(J/A+A/299/453)  OH/IR stars photometry (Lepine+, 1995)
(J/A+A/299/557)  Light variations on Beta Pic (Lecavelier des Etangs+, 1995)
(J/A+A/299/621)  Is Sirius a triple star? (Benest+, 1995)
(J/A+A/299/696)  Pleiades field Membership probabilities (Schilbach+, 1995)
(J/A+A/299/755)  Stellar evolution. II. Post-AGB (Bloecker+, 1995)

(J/A+A/298/115)  ROSAT study of Praesepe (Randish+, 1995)
(J/A+A/298/375)  Jet-disk symbiosis II (Falcke+ 1995)
(J/A+A/298/461)  Main sequence of NGC 6171 (Ferraro+, 1995)

(J/A+A/297/28)  Dynamics in E+E pairs of galaxies (Bonfanti+, 1995)
(J/A+A/297/49)  Supernovae spatial distribution (Petrosian+, 1995)
(J/A+A/297/61)  E+A galaxies in Cl0939+472 (Belloni+, 1995)
(J/A+A/297/359)  Eclipsing binary HU Tauri (Parthasarathy+, 1995)
(J/A+A/297/391)  T Tauri stars ROSAT survey (Neuhaeuser+, 1995)
(J/A+A/297/494)  OH maser from semiregular variables (Szymczak+, 1995)
(J/A+A/297/503)  HD 146850 atomic lines (Castilho+, 1995)
(J/A+A/297/617)  Hydra/Antlia extension redshifts (Kraan-Korteweg+, 1995)  (RKK)

(J/A+A/296/319)  Fornax cluster early-type galaxies (D'Onofrio+, 1995)
(J/A+A/296/643)  Low Surface Brightness galaxies in Coma (Karachentsev+ 1995)
(J/A+A/296/665)  Survey of optically variables QSOs (Veron+, 1995)
(J/A+A/296/680)  Globular Clusters Djorg 1 and Pal 6 (Ortolani+, 1995)
(J/A+A/296/727)  Semiregular variables H2O maser (Szymczak+, 1995)

(J/A+A/295/101)  Variable stars in field of NGC 7789 (Jahn+, 1995)
(J/A+A/295/206)  Meteor stream activity. II. (Jenniskens, 1995)
(J/A+A/295/585)  CO observations in NGC 1365 (Sandqvist+, 1995)

(J/A+A/294/135)  Rapid variations of Eta Cen (Stefl+, 1995)
(J/A+A/294/377)  Absorption systems of HS 1700+6416 (Vogel+, 1995)

(J/A+A/293/75)  Abundances in zeta Scl open cluster (Edvardsson+, 1995)
(J/A+A/293/347)  LMC F supergiants (Hill+, 1995)
(J/A+A/293/703)  Outflow in M82 halo (McKeith+, 1995)
(J/A+A/293/833)  Circumstellar silicate grains (David+, 1995)
(J/A+A/293/953)  IRON project VI. FeII collision strengths (Zhang+, 1995)
(J/A+A/293/967)  IRON Project VII. FeII radiative transitions (Nahar, 1995)

(J/A+A/291/110)  ER Vulpeculae (Olah+, 1994)
(J/A+A/291/121)  Study of star V9 in 47 Tuc (Storm+ 1994)
(J/A+A/291/155)  Rotating neutron stars models. I. (Salgado+, 1994)
(J/A+A/291/261)  H2O masers in HII regions (Cadella+, 1994)
(J/A+A/291/943)  Protostellar cores (Ossenkopf+, 1994)

(J/A+A/290/69)  M3 photographic photometry (Buonanno+, 1994)
(J/A+A/290/609)  Be stars near-IR excess (Dougherty+, 1994)
(J/A+A/290/885)  Abundances of very metal-poor stars (Primas+, 1994)

(J/A+A/289/101)  Orion OB1 association. I. (Brown+, 1994)
(J/A+A/289/137)  DK Cygni light curve (Awadalla, 1994)
(J/A+A/289/740)  Galactic abundance gradients (Kaufer+, 1994)
(J/A+A/289/871)  YY Eri + AE Phe (Maceroni+, 1994)

(J/A+A/288/413)  Massive stars in I Zw 36 (Deharveng+ 1994)
(J/A+A/288/601)  Dense molecular cores (Zinchenko+ 1994)
(J/A+A/288/713)  Star formation in galaxies (Firmani+ 1994)

(J/A+A/287/591)  UV Variations in spectrum of Abell 35 c.star (Jasniewicz+ 1994)
(J/A+A/287/769)  UV photometry of NGC 6397 (Burgarella+ 1994)
(J/A+A/287/817)  Period changes in RT Lac (Keskin+ 1994)
(J/A+A/287/927)  Abundances for lines of n-capture in 19 stars (Gratton+ 1994)
(J/A+A/287/990)  Meteor stream activity. (Jenniskens 1994)

(J/A+A/286/17)  21cm obs. of galaxies in Psc-Per Supercl. (Seeberger+ 1994)
(J/A+A/286/136)  Radial velocities of four beta Cep variables (Aerts+ 1994)
(J/A+A/286/444)  The globular cluster NGC 6652 (Ortolani+ 1994)

(J/A+A/285/1)  Spectrographic study of Kiso UV-excess galaxies (Comte+ 1994)
(J/A+A/285/247)  Molecules in O- and C-rich envelopes (Bujarrabal+ 1994)
(J/A+A/285/404)  Star formation in compact groups of galaxies (Moles+ 1994)
(J/A+A/285/459)  RZ Dra (Kreiner+ 1994)
(J/A+A/285/473)  Low-mass stars (Forestini 1994)
(J/A+A/285/785)  3C 295 BRri photometry (Thimm+, 1994)
(J/A+A/285/812)  Spectral properties of X-ray extragal. sources (Brinkmann+ 1994)

(J/A+A/284/233)  Association of HII regions and IRAS PSC sources (Codella+ 1994)
(J/A+A/284/515)  Long-term periodic variability in gamma Cas (Telting+ 1994)

(J/A+A/283/12)  Internal extinction at opt. and near-IR in spirals (Boselli+ 1994)
(J/A+A/283/319)  Iron Project III. B-like ions (Zhang H.L.+ 1994)
(J/A+A/283/759)  CIV QSO absorption systems (Petitjean+ 1994)
(J/A+A/283/779=VII/184)  Survey of 108 E-S0 galaxies (Michard+, 1993-94)
(J/A+A/283/805)  Integrated spectral properties of star clusters (Bica+ 1994)
(J/A+A/283/911)  Abundances in NGC 2243 and Mel 66 (Gratton+ 1994)

(J/A+A/282/L9)  "flip-flop" in FK Com (Jetsu+ 1994)
(J/A+A/282/137)  Vilnius Photometry of HD211853 (Annuk 1994)
(J/A+A/282/436)  Abundance gradients from disk PNs (Maciel+ 1994)
(J/A+A/282/663=VI/66)  Precession Formulae and Mean Elements for Moon and Planets (Simon+ 1994)
(J/A+A/282/831)  Spectroscopic orbits of three K dwarf stars (Tokovinin+ 1994)
(J/A+A/282/899)  Teff and angular diameters from IRFM (Blackwell+ 1994)

(J/A+A/281/L25=I/207)  Preliminary list from Tycho observations (TIC data) (Halbwachs+ 1994)
(J/A+A/281/15)  Asymmetries in radio source structures (Rys 1994)
(J/A+A/281/161)  Radio emission from stars at 250GHz (Altenhoff+, 1994)
(J/A+A/281/355)  X-ray AGN content of Molonglo 408MHz survey (Brinkmann+ 1994)
(J/A+A/281/375)  Small-size radio galaxies in clusters (Feretti+ 1994)
(J/A+A/281/465)  Chemical Composition of alf UMi and V473 Lyr (Andrievsky+ 1994)
(J/A+A/281/811)  Long-term variations in V471 Tau (Ibanoglu+ 1994)
(J/A+A/281/817)  Model atmospheres for Vega (Castelli+ 1994)

(J/A+A/280/365)  H-alpha Survey of SMC (Le Coarer+ 1993)
(J/A+A/280/581)  Chemical abundances of PNe (Pasquali+, 1993)

(J/A+A/279/61)  Extinction and star Clusters in NGC 1275 (Norgaard-Nielsen+ 1993)
(J/A+A/279/541)  Sub-mm observations of SNR IC 443 (van Dishoeck+ 1993)
(J/A+A/279/567)  Abundances of non-type I PNe in LMC (Freitas Pacheco+ 1993)

(J/A+A/278/6)  BL Lac objects and OVV quasars (Xie+ 1993)
(J/A+A/278/36)  M 31 new OB associations (Magnier+ 1993)
(J/A+A/278/379)  X-ray Emission from Abell Clusters of Galaxies (Briel+ 1993)
(J/A+A/278/449)  Long-term photometry of FK Com (Jetsu+ 1993)

(J/A+A/277/453)  OH maser survey of cool IRAS sources (David+ 1993)

(J/A+A/276/25)  ESO-SEST Key Program on CO in LMC and SMC (Israel+ 1993)
(J/A+A/276/142)  Compositional differences among the A-type stars (Hill+ 1993)
(J/A+A/276/345)  Photometry of variable LQ Hya (Jestu 1993)
(J/A+A/276/389)  The spectrum of FG Sge in 1992 (Kipper+, 1993)

(J/A+A/275/67)  Velocity Field of the outer Galaxy (Brand+ 1993)
(J/A+A/275/101)  Chemical evolution of the galactic disk I. (Edvardsson+ 1993)
(J/A+A/275/163)  Luminous Carbon stars in Galactic Plane (Kastner+ 1993)
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(J/A+A/275/484)  1990-1992 Photometry of UU Her (Zsoldos+ 1993)
(J/A+A/275/549)  Interstellar extinction curves (Jenniskens+ 1993)

(J/A+A/274/105)  UV to X bump of Seyfert 1 AGNs (Walter+ 1993)
(J/A+A/274/335)  Abundances in normal late-B and HgMn stars (Smith+ 1993)
(J/A+A/274/555)  Asymmetry of FeI lines in solar spectrum (Stathopoulou+ 1993)
(J/A+A/274/895)  Radio observations of South. PN Candidates (Van de Steene+ 1993)

(J/A+A/272/235)  Stars in the dark cloud L1251 (Kun+ 1993)

(J/A+A/271/515)  Atmospheric parameters of A and F stars I. (Smalley+ 1993)

(J/A+A/270/522=VI/63)  Earth Orbit, Precession and Insolation -20Myr to +10Myr (Laskar+ 1993)

(J/A+A/268/419)  HII Regions in NGC 4258 (Courtes+ 1993)

(J/A+A/267/515)  Very cold C-rich circumstellar envelopes (Omont+ 1993)  ([OLF93])

(J/A+A/265/32)  Radial structure of the galactic disc (Robin+ 1992)
(J/A+A/265/77)  VBLUW Observations of TT Ari (Hollander+ 1992)

(J/A+A/264/557=VI/77)  Theoretical Stellar Fluxes (Kurucz+Buser, 1994)

(J/A+A/258/217=I/197A)  Tycho Input Catalogue, Revised version (Egret+ 1992)
(J/A+A/258/243)  HRV of Abell 151 galaxies (Proust+, 1992)
(J/A+A/258/423)  Spectrum of KQ Pup (Muratorio+ 1992)

(J/A+A/256/121=III/191)  Radial Velocities of Nearby Stars (Tokovinin, 1992)

(J/A+A/250/370)  Far-UV excess object survey (Bixler+ 1991)

(J/A+A/243/386)  Hyades members distances (Schwan 1991)

(J/A+A/242/401)  Walraven photometry of WX Hyi (Kuulkers+ 1991)

(J/A+A/241/551)  Radio continuum in Cygnus X region (Wendker+ 1991)  (18P,19P)

(J/A+A/240/262)  UBVR photometry of the open cluster King 2 (Aparicio+ 1990)

(J/A+A/235/185)  OT 1809+31 quiescent candidates UBVR photometry (Motch+ 1990)

(J/A+A/230/307=III/212)  Spectra of V568 Cyg in Period 1982-1988 (Coluzzi, 1990)

(J/A+A/229/362)  Small-scale structures in HI hole of M33 (Deul+, 1990)  ([DD90])

(J/A+A/227/82)  JHKLM photometry of 'IRAS-discovered' stars (Epchtein+, 1990)

(J/A+A/222/69=II/180)  uvby-beta photometry of metal-poor stars (Schuster+ 1989)

(J/A+A/216/44)  Walraven photometry in Sco-Cen association (De Geus+, 1989)

(J/A+A/214/68=II/144)  Brightest stars in the field of M31 (Berkhuijsen+ 1988)

(J/A+A/202/309=VI/81)  Planetary Solutions VSOP87 (Bretagnon+, 1988)

(J/A+A/190/342=VI/79)  Lunar Solution ELP 2000-82B (Chapront-Touze+, 1988)

(J/A+A/186/1=VI/47)  ()

(J/A+A/177/131)  CaII and MgII excess flux density in cool stars (Rutten, 1987)
(J/A+A/177/217)  Teff and Luminosity from MK spectral class (De Jager+ 1987)

(J/A+A/171/261)  Radio Recombination Lines of Southern HII Regions (Caswell+ 1987)

(J/A+A/151/372)  Effective temperatures of F stars (Saxner+, 1985)

(J/A+A/130/191=I/169)  ()

(J/A+A/125/359=III/231)  The Tycho-2 Spectral Type Catalog (Wright+, 2003)

(J/A+A/124/50=VI/79)  Lunar Solution ELP 2000-82B (Chapront-Touze+, 1988)

(J/A+A/123/39=V/23)  ()

(J/A+A/114/278=VI/81)  Planetary Solutions VSOP87 (Bretagnon+, 1988)

(J/A+A/113/61)  HI data for 392 spiral galaxies (Bottinelli+, 1982)

(J/A+A/109/181=VI/87)  Planetary Ephemerides (Chapront+ 1996)

(J/A+A/108/256=VII/32)  ()

(J/A+A/85/329)  4.85GHz extragalactic sources (Pauliny-Toth+ 1980)

(J/A+A/82/253=II/63A)  Balmer Lines Photometric Data (Mermilliod+ 1980)

(J/A+A/78/687=III/46)  Ap and Am Stars (Bertaud+ 1974; Bidelman+ 1973)

(J/A+A/60/221=VII/50)  CO Radial Velocities Toward Galactic H II Regions (Blitz+ 1982)

(J/A+A/46/333=VIII/7A)  Hat Creek High-Latitude H I Survey (Heiles+ 1974-1976)

(J/A+A/41/413)  Coordinates and identifications in M24 (Moffat+, 1975)

(J/A+A/39/159=II/60)  ()

(J/A+A/35/393)  Westerbork Second Deep Survey (Katgert 1974)  (2W)

(J/A+A/18/271)  Photometry of bright stars in LMC (Dachs+, 1972)
(J/A+A/18/341)  Double stars of equal components (Stock+, 1972)  ([SW72])
(J/A+A/18/428=III/22)  Rotation of Evolving A and F Stars (Danziger+ 1972)

(J/A+A/17/47=II/63A)  Balmer Lines Photometric Data (Mermilliod+ 1980)
(J/A+A/17/326)  Positions of GV stars (Sanduleak+, 1972)

(J/A+A/14/164)  UBV sequences in Cen (Mcgruder+, 1971)

(J/A+A/8/315=II/260)  Ackermann red stars (Ackermann 1968)