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  UV spectra of the central star of Sh 2-216 (Rauch+, 2007)
The additional tables contain observed an synthetic spectra of LS V +46 21:
FUSE spectrum (table A2) and a comparison with the model described in the paper; (list of FUSE spectra from the FUSE log B/fuse)
HST/STIS spectrum (table A3) and a comparison with the model described in the paper; (list of HST/STIS spectra from the HST log B/hst)
synthetic spectra in the wavelength ranges λλ 1144-1730Å (table A3) and 910-1190Å (table A4)
    J/A+A/470/317/tablea1Positions of identified lines in the FUSE (Fig. A1) and STIS (Fig. A2) spectra of LS V +46 21, the white dwarf central star of Sh 2-216 (2607 rows)
  Far-UV spectra of PN central stars (Guerrero+, 2013)
    J/A+A/553/A126/stars(c)Sample of CSPNe with P Cygni profile with FUSE observations (from table1 of the paper) (44 rows)
    J/A+A/553/A126/refsReferences (26 rows)
  The Spectrum of IC 418 (Hyung+ 1994)
    J/PASP/106/745/table5Optical Region line Intensities (246 rows)

       (c)  indicates tables which contain celestial coordinates 
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