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The MASH-II Planetary Nebulae Catalogue
A supplement to MASH
The MASH-II supplement to the Macquarie/AAO/Strasbourg Hα Planetary Nebulae Catalogue (MASH) contains over 300 true, likely and possible new Galactic planetary nebulae (PNe) discovered in the AAO/UKST Hα survey of the Southern Galactic Plane. MASH-II involved a re-examination of the entire Hα survey in digital form to find the majority of the remaining PNe left after MASH. These latest discoveries largely comprise two distinction groups: small, star-like or moderately resolved PNe, and mostly large, extremely low surface brightness PNe.

Associated Institutes The authors:   Brent Miszalski, Quentin A. Parker, Agnès Acker, Jayne L. Birkby, David J. Frew, Anna Kovacevic

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