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VizieR help

VizieR FAQ

Short description of VizieR parameters for http requests.

NOTE: You can have more explanations for some parameters in the vizquery documentation:

Table of contents:

1. Note about parameters
2. Sources parameters
3. Target parameters
4. Output parameter
5. Others parameters

1  Note about parameters

VizieR steps : there are 5 differents steps to query VizieR:

VizieR-1  The begining VizieR form 
VizieR-2  Choice of catalogs|tables 
VizieR-3  Constraints form 
VizieR-4  Result output 
VizieR-5  Detailed pages 

-to=step  The VizieR step 
-from=step (internal usage) The previous step 
-this=step (internal usage) The current step 

Note: you can use the shortcut VizieR-X instead of use -to=X

The ASU parameters are available for VizieR, votable or asu programs. (see doc
Parameters described in folowing tables are tagged by (asu) when they belong to ASU.

Others tags used to descriebe parameters:

2  Sources parameters

-source=sources (asu) List of sources separated by blank (can be use many times) 
Value: catalog name or number,keyword,bibcode,author...
Ex: -source=2mass, -source=nebulae, ...
-words=keys (All) Use keywords keys only
unlike -source, -words use only keyword -kw.Wavelength=wave (All) Use predefined keyword for Wavelength -kw.Mission=mission (All) Use predefined keyword for Mission -kw.Astronomy=text (All) Use astronomical predefined keyword

3  Target parameters

-c=target  (asu) Target
Ex: -c=0+0,-c=sirius
Advanced usage: specify a list of target with <<; : -c=<<;0+0;m1;sirius
-c.eq=equinox (asu) Equinox
-c.geom=text (asu) Gerometry of box
Value: b (box size) or r (radius)
-c.u=unity (asu) Unity of target
Value: deg,arcmin,arcsec
-c.r=radius (asu) Radius (target dimension) -oc=out (asu) See -oc.form -oc.form=out (asu) Output Coordinates
Value: sexa (Sexagesimal) or dec (Decimal)
-c.b=value (All) (shortcuts) like -c.geom=b&-c.r=value -c.rm=value (All) (shortcuts) like -c.geom=r&-c.r=value&-c.u=arcmin (All) (shortcuts) like -c.geom=b&-c.r=value&-c.u=arcmin (All) (shortcuts) like -c.geom=r&-c.r=value&-c.u=arcsec (All) (shortcuts) like -c.geom=b&-c.r=value&-c.u=arcsec -c.rd=value (All) (shortcuts) like -c.geom=r&-c.r=value&-c.u=deg (All) (shortcuts) like -c.geom=b&-c.r=value&-c.u=deg (All) crossmatch usage

4  Output parameters

column=value (All) Set a constraint to column column with value value
Advanced usage: specify a list of target with <<; : recno=<<;1;2;3
-out=column (asu) Specify a column to display -out.all (asu) Display all columns -out.add=type (asu) Add a computed column
Value: where type equals
_r: distance
_x,_y: position
_Glon,_Glat: coord in galalctic
_RAJ,_DEJ: coord in J2000
_RAB,_DEB: coord in B1950
_Elon,_Elat: coord in Ecl.J2000
_t,_etime: time in MJD converted in TCB/barycenter with its related error
_tiso,_etime: time in ISO converted in TCB/barycenter with its related error

Other usage: type -out.add=_RA*-c.eq,_DE*-c.eq to add coordinates
-sort=column (asu) Sort table with column
Ex: -sort=_RAJ,_DEJ to sort by computed _RAJ,_DEJ columns
-order=column (asu) Specify a column to order the result -out.max=max (asu) Maximum of tuples -out.form=out How to present the Result
VOTable (bin-64)
XML + CSV (Astrores)
FITS (ascii) Table
KMZ/KML - Google Sky
HTML Table
HTML with Checkboxes
Detailed results
| -Separated-Values
; -Separated-Values
ascii text/plain
ascii table
ascii - small
ascii - tiny
ascii - with Checkboxes
ascii - small with Checkboxes
ascii - 999'filled
Echo Parameters
-joincol=column (All) Column name used for a JOIN
Note: Currently only tables which have some columns with the same name can be joined together
Ex: tables I/239/hip_main I/239/hip_va_1 (-source=I/239/hip_main I/239/hip_va_1)
to join on column HIP: -joincol=HIP
to join on column HIP and display I/239/hip_main.HIP: -joincol=I/239/hip_main.HIP
to join on column HIP and display I/239/hip_va_1.HIP: -joincol=I/239/hip_va_1.HIP
-outjoin=column (All) Column name used for a LEFT JOIN
Note: You have to use -joincol and specify columns to display (-out) to use this parameter
Ex: -joincol=I/239/hip_main.HIP&-outjoin=I/239/hip_main.HIP&-out=...
-smedia=media Display catalogues with selected media
Value: spectrum,spectrum/fits,image,image/fits,timeSerie,cube/fits,...
-meta.foot=value Display footprint (for step=2,3)
Value: 1 display footprint
-meta.ucd=value (All) Display ucd (for step VizieR-3)
Value: 1 display ucd
-meta=value (All) Display all columns
Value: 1 display all columns else display default columns only or columns specified by -out shows the list of Keywords -meta.what -meta.* usage -meta.max=max (All) Maximum of catalogues returns (not availbale for step4) -corr=value (internal usage) Correlation with an object -ucd (internal usage) Display the UCD form in the first VizieR page -ucd=value (All) UCD search

5  Others parameters

-pos   Ignore the search when no position available 
-meta.all  see -meta=all 
-meta=...  all (or -meta with no args) (votable): display description only
0,1,2,3: 0: display the minimal columns, 1 display all column, 2: display default column only,3: all without 'recno'
aladin (internal usage)(votable): for Aladin usage
portal (internal usage)(votable): for CDSportal usage -file=value (All) Attach a file in the http request.
File is used to add a list of parameter.
Note: File has to be attached in the end of the http request
Value: name of parameter
-c for a target list
column for a list of constraints of the given column
Ex: -file=-c for a target list
-file=-sort for a list of constraint on one parameter
-out.add=_1 When a list of constraint (-file=-sort) is specified
and the attached file is a asu.tsv file.
In that case, this is the first column which give the list. -ignore (internal usage) to ignore a previous parameter -plus -quit (shell) end of program -go (shell) execute query -go/ (shell) execute query, and closes the current catalog (in votable output, the current <resource> is closed) _1 For list usage, specify content of the first column -info Info for statistics (tsv) map mapping expression e.g.
-ref (internal usage) Id of http session -box Target box defined by 'IAU-like' name -mime -more=constraint (internal usage) Table Correlations (passed as supplementary condition) -join=constraint (All) Table Correlations (passed as supplementary condition)
Ex: -join=recno=1
-unique (All) No repeat Value in result
Ex: -source=METAtab&-unique&-out=catid
-nosurvey (All) Ignore catalogues marked as 'Survey' -obsolete (All) Keep the obsoleted cataloguesr. Currently not available -related (vizier) increase the search by word (-source) to all related catalags

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