VizieR help - FAQ - Tutorial
This panel permits to choose among several possible presentations, and to set up a few parameters regarding the submitted query.

1  Maximum Entries per table

defines the maximal number of records that will be returned by the query; this limitation applies to each table, i.e. a query involving four tables may return 200 retrieved rows. Note that there is a default limitation of 9999 entries – see a trick to overcome this limitation in the FAQs.

2  Output layout

proposes a choice between different presentations of the query results:

3  Output Order

proposes to present the resuts, either in the increasing order of the sorting parameter (e.g. the distance to a designated target), or in the decreasing sequence. The default sorting parameter is the distance to the target is a target was specified, or the original ordering.

4  Output Positions

The positions of the objects studied in the astronomical catalogues may be found in a large variety of coordinate systems – equatorial coordinates for various equinoxes and epochs, galactic positions, etc. The computed positions allows to present the results in the user's favorite system(s): just check the boxes corresponding to the desired coordinate system. The system entitled Position stands for the system used for the Target definition, i.e. is defined by the menu of coordinate systems in the part of the form dealing with the definition of the Target.

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