VizieR help - FAQ - Tutorial

The goals of the VizieR navigation bar are:

The navigation bar is cut into two differents areas in the left of your page.

navigation bar

The navigation bar is a dynamic bar: for instance, the section "Computed Column" is displayed only if a table selected has positions.

You can modify the behaviour of the bar with clicking to the images int the top right of the bar area.
You can hide this area or fix it.

If a list of constraintsor a crossmatch is in used, you must return to the Search Page before modifying your choice. In that case, the navigation bar only displays an alert.

1  History of the navigation

This section called Search Criteria displays an history of the main criteria used.

We can cut the Criteria Search into four parts:

2  Modify the current page

The button Submit int this area will take in account all inputs of the page (except the table list in the Search Criteria area). You can add, "Computed Column" with clicking on the named link. So, make your choice of added column.

The "Computed Column" link is available only if at least one table has coordinates.

last update: 13 Feb 11:18